2013 for GTA 5 release date? PS4/Xbox Ten

Take-Two has now released their Q2 earnings report and while they have stated release dates for a number of games, CVG says that next to Grand Theft Auto V there is a TBA. While a TBA release date can mean many things including a launch that will be added sooner rather than later. We must consider the thought that GTA 5 not being on the product launches before March 31, 2013 could mean a PS4 or Xbox Ten launch title (XBox Ten could be the new codename for the 720)

It’s not hard to see why Rockstar would take longer to develop GTA V, especially when you consider the huge task that they are undertaking. We have heard a few suggestions that the world will be much bigger this time, maybe even with an endless experience like that of Skyrim?

There’s also talk about Rockstar bringing in some other technology to help improve the upcoming game, as well as allowing the player to jump into houses. If this is the case, then we have to wonder if the PS3 and Xbox 360 are up to the job? How many times have we heard from a game developer to say that they are pushing the limits of the hardware that is currently available to them?

To get a better insight into what we can expect from GTA V, we have embedded a video for you below, which we believe to be the best analysis of the launch trailer yet. However, we cannot understand why they did not point out that a possible release date of May 24, 2012 was pointed out – although this would go against all what we said above?


  • Bigjmgriff

    you are both geeks

    • GTA 5 mad fan

      If GTA 5 is not released by 2012 , I will become mad and kill every one 

  • Kopa

    damn i hope its not in 2013 thats waaaaaaaaaay to long

  • Quaishaun Colbert545

    2013?! That’s a damn waste of time!! I want the game to be realease on May 24 next year.

  • Ironmike

    People who speculate this sort of rubbish clearly don’t thiNK before they write.

    HOw exactly an it be developed for consoles that haven’t been developed?? Have you not SEEN the trailer?? I don’t know how much you know about the design process but 85% if not more of the core has been completed. It’s 100%evident it’s running on the same engine as gta 4 is it not? So why would you make such a pathetic point?? The game is DONE more or less go write about something else

  • humbuckeroo

    apparently there  scrapping the los angeles idea all together and are re setting it to london

    • Raulgetmoney

      noooooo get the F outta here are you drunk they would never do that soo shut your mouth kid

    • Reece

      Why would they do that when they have already released the trailer? If they did that people wouldnt want to buy the game

    • frecklefart90

      hahahahaha pretty sure this dude is being sarcastic.. dickheads

  • Dan

    It would be commercial suicide to launch as a next gen title, the install base will be non existent in the hundreds of thousands compared to over 100 million in this generation. Take two are business afterall and have investors to keep happy, so stop writing nonsense.

  • fish61324

    There will also be fairies and unicorns in GTAV…. see, I can rubbish about a game too. I should write an article for this website. 

    GTAV’s release date will most likely be announced at the Spike VGAs. My guess is that will be May 24th 2012. Or at least that’s what they’ll tell us. But really there will be several delays and more likely a release in November 2012. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t released until Spring 2013, but NOT for PS4, the person writing this article is not very bright.

  • Forensicskiller

    2013 is way too long, and am i the only one that realises this site is not very good with some of their reports? lol when they actually thought that there was a chance of GTA V being a PS3 exclusive? come on! i will inform you that this game will not be launched with the new consoles, know why? because the consoles would be announced first! not only that but the xbox 360 and ps3 have not even been out long enough yet! SO UPGRADE YOUR BRAIN

    • Planetcrh

      Ps3 and Xbox 360 have been out for nearly 6 years, that’s how long ps1 and ps2 were out before the next generations were released

  • Dave

    had to switch this off half way through.

    Love GTA. dislike the two commentators. I mean really bad.

  • Tommufc99

    when they discuss the homeless guy with the sign in the video, i noticed the freeway sign had “erro fwy” which may suggest rockstar are creating multiple cities

    • Tommufc99

      Meaning this could be San Fierro aswell

  • As

    i can’t mentally comprehend why people are thinking it will be out on new consoles, would it not be economically and socially stupid to advertise a game before any console has been thought of and/or advertised. i genuinely want to think that it will be out in may 2012 but as stated below there will defo be some excuse for a delay it has happened in the last 2 GTA’s has it not? i think autumn 2012 is realistic in the sense that it wont clash with any other rockstar releases, however i do think a date will be set for may 2012 but i just can’t see it being sustained. whatever happens it will still come out none the less so as long as its a good game then couldnt care less

  • GTAV!

    How can you possibly say it could be for new consoles? neither ‘ps4’ or ‘Xbox ten’ have been confirmed yet which means rockstar don’t know what hardware capabilities those things will have and by the looks of the trailer its obviously well past half way production so it would be a but stupid to create a game not knowing if it will be even ‘compatible’ with new hardware, like gta IV on ps2 it just could not happen, and by going with rumours that “allowing the player to jump into houses” i don’t think i will be using this site again unless its got hard evidence to back these things up…

    • Adrian premici

      haha thats exactly what i was thinking

    • Planetcrh

      Of course rockstar will know the power of the ps4 and 720 Microsoft and Sony will tell them so they can get games ready for when they announce the consoles

  • realisticnotafanboy

    Wii U? Idc about 720 or PS4 because A) I can almost guarantee neither will be out in 2013, and B) They wouldn’t announce it if the hardware’s sketchy, meaning it could launch at any time. They way I see it is 720=2014, PS4=2015-2016. I want Wii U the most of the 3, and can safely say a Wii U port would be better than waiting for a 720 or PS4. There’s no tech that would be feasible to put in either PS4 or 720. All I can see is a BluRay player for 720, that’s it. And a browser. PS4, I can’t think of any significant piece of technology a person needs to have that PS3 doesn’t offer at this point. Wii is lacking severely at this point, and a Wii U is necessary. So, put it on Wii U!

  • Jack26993

    On the beach shot there were two posters, you failed to talk aboutthe other one which advertised a shop in Los Santos again hinting the map will be huge

  • Blankmodewill

    GTA 5 needs to bring back the gang action and a person like Carl Johnson (CJ) i also would like to see customizations come back and Co-op should be on thereas well if possible and i think everyone who plays the GTA games agrees.

    • Kennyimpala89

      everyone is way over the “gang” action, and that moron copycat cj, would you stop saying cj you retards.

  • thaRealTJay

    if gta v doesnt come out till 2013 then that means its not coming out at all the workd is supposed to end december 2012 remember LOL

  • Ricardo

    wonder if they could make it move and kinect compatible?? i would like to see what cool stuff they could do with that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3AXWJ4T2ZWD556H72VX5FKROGY jdaboss

    they havent said ANYTHING about GTA5 coming out in 2013.. stop puling stuff out of your ass.

  • Same

    FYI: Every GTA since 3 has been released in October. The exception is GTAIV, but even it was originally scheduled for an October date before it got delayed. I expect them to try for October of next year. That would also follow the patter of GTAIV with the game being scheduled for release about a year after the first trailer.

  • Eliandrotavares9

    the pedestrian cars look a lot better

  • Pillowfighter

    Everyone is talking about the ‘May 24th’ easter egg in the video (FOR SALE 2405) but nobody has considered that it might be a reference to the 2013 release date. That would make sense in light of these new revelations.

    And if you want convincing…

    May 24th 2012 is a Thursday. May 24th 2013 is a Friday. Which is more likely…

    • Kennyimpala89

      do you think R*N specially dan houser or should i say sam houser whose both birthdays coincide on may 24, but just a different day would care about it being friday or monday? no, stupid argument.

  • Bill

    it never said anything about 2012 in that trailer it might be may 24, 2013

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X6USDLQ3LWZQKPAN433UH6LZS4 Lennon

    I say it would be a stupid move.  Why release it for the next gen consoles and lose their profit?  PS4 and Xbox 720 will cost TONS of money.  I’m talking around $600-$1000 for one of them.  People aren’t going to update that quick, and they will lose a lot of money.  When if they release it on the ps3 and 360 they will make TONS of money since most people have them already.  Get my drift? 

  • Thillak

    plz relese it in 360 and ps3

  • MxBob

    dont see it myself

    why release a trailer over a year before the game? its not like GTA needs the hype and as others have said there are no guarantees there will be a ps4 and new xbox by then

    if its not released in 2012 i will be amazed

  • William Jones

    Please please please Rockstar launch the game! At least near the start of 2012. Not 2013.
    I want to be the 1st one to buy it. I will buy it for £200 if i have to. lol :) GTA is amazing!

  • furius91

    i will not buy another console expecially my ps3 is new!

  • Snailsmail

    they can’t release another system, especially in this economy…a lot of people like myself have only had a next gen console for only a year or less.  I was very disappointed with L.A. Noire, I got my hopes up too big for that, this seems very similar.  Technology has a ways to go to fulfill a lot of these wants in a game like this.

  • http://twitter.com/NateGaines19 Nathan Gaines

    this new console thing is… not 100% true, at best. Why release on in this economy? which will be with us for a few years yet, and more importantly, what advances will be made, there will be no major advances to make to the current consoles. HD gaming and online gaming has been done. Only thing left is 3D, maybe that is it, There will not be a PS4, at mose it will be a PS3 with 3D capabilities, and I think there was a firmware update for tha last year, so no there is nothing, no reason to release a PS4 from a technological point of view, therefore nobody with any smarts will buy it, therefore no real financial gain. At best it will be another new model or some crap like that.

    • Niall Lennon

      There will be a PS4 you moron, otherwise how can they possibly advance on gaming graphics with the tiny disk space and crappy processors of the Xbox 360 and PS3?! Look at LA Noire for example, it is such a graphically advanced game that it had to be put onto 3 different disks for the Xbox360!

      However, I think GTA V will be on this generation of gaming ie. PS3 and Xbox360, because GTA IV didn’t push the console to it’s limits… and more recent rockstar games look similar to this like LA Noire and RDR

      • Mslice96

        No the Xbox changed to where instead of having some game data on the hard drive they spread it across 3 disks to save space however it does cost more and is “less eco-friendly” however which is causing the game companies to get aggervated for example look at Battlefield 3 when Dice tried out the 32vs32 multiplayer on Xbox it crashed right away when they tried it on PS3 it ran as well as a good gaming PC would run it but yet Dice didnt let ps3 and PC be different then Xbox, but just because LA Noire is a great game both graphically and in the story mode the game was spread across 3 discs to save space considering the fact that it took up lots of space on the ps3.

  • http://www.facebook.com/GTAVFans Nick Stone

    So far, every time they released a new console, it had a new disc format. To my knowledge, they haven’t had anything newer than Bluray, which PS3 uses….so I would think a new console would be a bit far off. And I’m in agreement with the other commenters below; gaming technology seems to have slowed down a lot…maybe I can see a faster processor and more RAM, but that’s it. I don’t see how the graphics can get any more sleek, smooth and life-like. We’ve come a long with from the pixelated Nintendo characters…but I think it’s pretty much hit the ceiling.

    • Ianhumphreys11

      Guys you know and I know they will release grand theft auto v when they’re good and ready
      Which in my experience is normally around Xmas time when the Market is at it’s peak
      And when most game productions feel it more financially viable to make shed loads for a just before Xmas release.
      And yes like you all I’m excited at the thought of a release date but these gaming labels love to hype it up to get tongues wagging this is what sells games to us lemmings.

      • Badsmel

        “in your experience” huh Ian? The rest of us live in a parallel universe where the game is released on the 24th of feb.  how do i get to live in your world?  Do i need to grow angel wings and dance in the moonlight while singing whimsical incantations about “Jarrow, King of the Parsnip people?”

  • Ted_mongel

    Ehh, graphics can certainly get better, but we will never see a great leap in graphics again since we are certainly to the point where graphics cannot get much better without looking odd. I like the digital look to games; I wouldn’t want games to fully look like reality.

    I’d assume if the new consoles are within a couple years of release, they will both use Blu-ray, and have greatly updated processors etc. This game could truly shine if released on a next-gen console. I’m afraid the current consoles, especially the 360, will hold it back too much from making any huge improvements over GTA IV.

    They need to release games on usb drives; hell, you can buy 128GB usb drives. Imagine all that room for developers to use while having new age processors, harddrives and graphics cards etc.? Dang.

  • mark

    Who gives a damn when it comes out….ill still be playing skyrim regardless. Lol. Lots of good games oit now. Sr3, rage, skyrim, bf3, mw3, Batman. not to mention the games coming out like ghost recon, mX payne and such. I will wait for another trailer. And place my preorder once i read up on it in my gameinformer….( trust me it will make the cover before it comes out)

  • James

    Second shot – No fishing sign which suggests there are areas you can fish potentially as a mini game?

  • Hacefuego420

    hey james i think you are fishing lol 

  • Liam

    At 8:26 – You can see a sign in the background. Well the last few letters say: ‘erro fwy’

    Possibly this is San Fierro FWY? Maybe San Fierro is in the game also! 😀

  • joey

    it be gud if u had a speed limit on cars and if u go over the top cops chase u wer u get a on spot fine or busterd and so on or catch fish

    • Badsmel

      yeah, that would be a great game, driving round, stopping at traffic lights. Maybe instead of being a gangster you should have a shitty mundane job in a shop, or in an office.  Photocopying simulator, wow, you should design games. That would be much more fun you f*cking idiot.

  • Guesty Guest

    umm.. are you retarded? look at the trailer. they’re clearly making this game for 360 and PS4, no question about it.

    • An angry MF from Manchester.

      shut up you massive spazz, A) why would it be on Xbox 360 and (next gen) PS4? Are you trying to say that the Xbox 360 is already a generation that PS3? LOL, if anything the PS3 is ahead of the 360, because of processing and disk speed. And B) don’t be so sure that this game will be released on next gen, because why/how would they create a trailer when the next gen consoles haven’t even been rumoured yet!? They are set to release in 2015/16 you idiot.

      Arrogant dickheads like you piss me off… ‘clearly making this for 360 and PS4’ FACEPALM

  • dackie

    i have got 2 say you all go on about 2405 on trailer its on the mail van it could be the van number most companies with loads of vans the same have certian number just stating apoint and for my opioin gta v will be out between sept and nov..

  • Scott_91_

    a supermarket in the uk has put the release date for gta 5 as 28th december 2012???????

  • Mike

    They announced the Grand theft Auto V on October 25, 2011 and a year after games are announced is when they’re usually released so sometime in October 2012 is a more realistic date.  Just enough time to do Grand Theft Auto IV all over again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1069103230 Chris Jackson

    there is a Futo in there at 7:48 :)

    and a Huntley and a Feltzersame cars as IV 

  • Joel Subban