MW3 Golden Guns explained

It has only been two days now since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released to the public, and already there are lovely unlocks available within the game. You can unlock ‘Golden Guns’, and thanks to a few videos below you can see how you can get them.

Thanks to Pinoytutorial, they have a few tips on how you can get your hands on the guns in gold. As you are aware these golden guns were in the first Modern Warfare, but not MW2. However in the first MW game there were only 6 including the gold desert eagle according to the source above.

Well, Infinity Ward is stepping up its game and decided to supply MW3 with more than 35 golden guns. These guns include: MG36, PKP PECH, MK46, M60E4, Barrett, L118A, SCAR-L, CM901, Type 95, G36C, ACR 6.8, MK14, M4A1, M16A4, UMP45, PP90M1, P90, PM-9, MP7, L86 LSW, Dragunov, AS50, RSASS, MSR, USAS 12, KSG 12, SPAS-12, AA-12, Striker, AK-47, FAD, MP5 and Model 1887.

The clips below are courtesy of TmarTn, the golden guns explained videos are titled “ALL Gold Guns in MW3 and how to get them” and “Tips with TmarTn – How to get Gold Guns in MW3.” Well worth watching, very interesting to watch the player itself.

In Black Ops, gamers needed 50,000 points and prestiged 14 times to unlock the gold guns. However, in MW3 it is a lot easier. Please watch the video below on how to get the golden guns, let us know if you have unlocked your ones yet?

Whilst on the subject of MW3 golden guns, you might be interested in reading about the dynamics of MW3 primary and secondary guns here.


  • Joshlmnt3

    i got gold scarhL at level 39

  • Gullyy Bones

    ump45 gold leavel 52

  • MRla

    Gold m4a1 36

  • Arsenalbaseball

    gold l118a at level 36

  • Moneyman200060

    Gold car lvl. 27

  • Moneyman200060

    Gold acr I mean