Skyrim jobs: 5 hardest listed

Seeing as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is being released November 11, or today at 9:01 PM if you are from the West Coast in America, we thought we would let you know about the 5 hardest jobs within the game.

There are five very hard jobs in Skyrim, and thanks to 360 Magazine they explain them in detail. However, we will break them down it bite size chunks for you to sink your teeth into. It is easy to go into the game and start playing as a warrior apparently, but how about challenging yourself by picking a career and actively level your character, using a small skill set.

The source talks about five non-martial jobs, suggesting that Skyrim players will find very hard and should not try these the first-time round.

Number one hardest job is said to be “Cook”, this does not require any skills, and life will be spent looking for leftover kills, scavenging, picking berries, and stealing vegetables from gardens, creations of a tasty dish.

Number two is apparently the Blacksmith job; skills include ‘Smithing’ and ‘Enchantment’. Number three is “Alchemist” – skills (Alchemy, Speechcraft), and Number four is “Thief” – skills (Pickpocket, Lockpick, Sneak). Number five is claimed to be “Hunter”, skills for this one is Archery and Sneak.

Once you get your copy of this game, we would love to know if you think any of the above are hard jobs. Are they the hardest or are there harder jobs?

Skyrim has had one of its first reviews, the game has been given a 9 out of 10 rating, see what you think of the review right here.

  • Rob

    If it’s anything close to Oblivion, Alchemist will likely be one of the easier jobs…everywhere I went in Elder Scrolls: IV I looked for plants to pick, and Alchemy was my first level 100 skill.