Skyrim Steam release time established

There has been some confusion regarding the release time of Skyrim on Steam. We knew that it was always going to be on November 11, 2011, but in a recent article we looked more closely at the countdown to when the service was going to go live, and for some time zones you will be able to access Skyrim on Steam a day earlier. If this is the case, then it’s perfect for those who already have the game.

In an effort to clear this issue up, Peter Hines has issued a tweet, and a release time has now been established. For those of you on the West Coast of the U.S. you will be happy to know that Steam will unlock The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim today at 9:01 PM.

We have to wonder if those on the West Coast will be able to get hold of the game three hours earlier than the official release? If you were one of those who pre-ordered Skyrim from a digital video game distribution service then we would advise for you to download the game now and take advantage of it once it becomes unlocked in your region.

We have yet to learn if anyone has been able to play Skyrim yet, but we do have one of the first reviews for you, which has been given a 9 out of 10.

  • Simon Phillips

    So if I am in India then it will be about this time tomorrow then? (I am +5.5 hours from UK).

    Also if you used an IP cloaker and changed your steam location to West US then I wonder if it would work …

    • Eggs Lich

      i think you are joking, but incase not – 00:01 EST is the same exact time for everyone.  there is no timezone that will get to play it early

      • Louisa Moseley

        yes east will get the gam first becuase thay are closer to micorsoft.

  • Cdr80nz

    Just installed the game and Steam is downloading the update (before it will start) at a whopping 14.5 kbps, thats right… Steam has gone back to dial up speeds. Steam, you are pathetic, Bethseda, you are no better for partnering with them.

    • Daftcash

      you realize it’s because everyone is downloading the game at the same time, right?

  • Cdr80nz

    Actually, my settings weren’t correct. Just downloading an update to Direct X and it will start shortly… excited!

  • asdsdfsdfsdf

    9:01 pm ET?

  • Hellidol

    says I can play but its not letting me play….wth…

  • Phantonicmedia

    Seems Skyrim is failing to download the patch+final files at 9:01 Western. 😛 Maybe it’s just me.

    • Phantonicmedia

      Small 5 minute delay. it now works. 😀

  • No

    How big is the patch?

  • Billy_carter_2012

    Ok, am still confused. What time… in EST… will the game be released. I cannot even install from the DVD, let alone play. (Steam was a mistake Bethesda.)