Skyrim: Riverwood Trader level up cheat

We managed to enjoy a good four hours playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim today, and thanks to being graphics hungry our first impressions were of a little disappointment when it comes to how good the game looks, but being open minded we continued with optimism.

Choosing our race took a little longer than we thought, spending a good 15 minutes playing with the look of our character and trying to decide the race to be, which ended up being a Wood Elf.

Within the next 30 minutes the last thing on our mind was graphics, the story pulled us in and on the journey into the world of Skyrim we went. Now a few hours on we’re totally sold on the new Elder Scrolls game, and looking forward to exploring the Skyrim world and map.

The reason for this quick post was to highlight an issue we found in Skyrim at Riverwood, and specifically at the trader hut. While we hate the idea of cheats overall in games, especially when it ruins the online gameplay, we couldn’t help but repeat something a few times just to see if we’re right in thinking you can level up fast.

When we met the Riverwood trader it seemed fun to pull out our two-handed warhammer and beat the trader, and what we found is he would not die. So once he starts crouching, as you can see in the photo above that we took, he cannot be hurt. After a little while he will get back up and you can attack him again, only to find this process can be repeated over and over.

The good news is you still get your level up for weapons, and as such you can keep upgrading skills etc. This is a cheat, and now we know it’s possible should we carry on leveling up? What would you do?

Have you found any other cheats or glitches in Skyrim?

  • Dav21

    Does it work with all weapons or just 2h warhammer?

    • Noble_spartan

      wonder if I shud do this and max out all skills lol I am sure that will ruin the game though..

      • Akjames788

        ….I’d be happy with finding a way to get money. …Thats all I ever really care for in games, I can’t count how many times I’ve had issues from being cash strapped.

        • Saru No Ichiban

          It’s easy to get money in this game. I’ve gotten thousands and spent it all. Best way is killing dragons (they always have gold) and pretty much just killing all the bandits and forsworn you come across and taking their armor and weapons. It’s a bit time consuming but you make good money. plus you can lvl you smithing up by upgrading those armor and weapons and lvl your speechcraft by selling it to the blacksmiths and merchants. I’ve gotten my smithing up to 79 just from doing that. I didnt even think about the iron dagger exploit someone mentioned earlier. I think i will do that tonight when I get home from work.

  • Asdf

    Its probably because he is “essential” and can’t die by any means short of the console on PC, so its less of a cheat and more of an exploit.

  • Pollracker

    i might do it later but for the first time im just gonna quest it out when i beat the main quest who knows

  • Alfellis

    when you find a follower (1 in riverwood ) you acn open thier inventory and relieve them of their cash :) 500g on first one.

  • Jimmy

    If I remember correctly in the last ES there was a leveling cheat and I’m pretty sure the game adjusts to your level ie. If you went to the store and it sold armour with let’s say 25 and you did the leveling cheat and opend the store up again, the same peice of armour would now have a 300 rating. Could be wrong tho

  • Ntbarton

    its because that npc was part of a main storyline quest, anyone that you can not kill is important at some point for story progression, besides theres easier ways to level your skills, and your way should add to your bounty, so its got a drawback if it does.
    i cant remeber exactly where it was, but i found a tiger in a cage, i was able to just sit back and hit it, then heal it, over and over again. if i had not gotten bored with it i would have maxed out my magics on it.

  • Ssdg

    you can do that in the beginning as well with the guy who you escape from prison with…also, if you hit the guy as he is getting back up from being crouched he will return to full health so u dont have to wait for him to heal.

  • Joe

    I noticed if you get level 50 illusion You can shoot detruction spells at the jarl in dragonreach without having the guards attack you. Didnt try it enough to see if you can level up like that though.

  • M to the K

    Isn’t cheating in single player games kinda like cutting off your own genitalia?  No one else knows or really cares.

    Why would you cut off your own genitalia?

    • Elora Johnson

      if people want to cheat in a single player game who r we to say that they r wrong?   I say if you want to cheat go for it. its up to you if you want to spoil the game.

    • Yido_steven

      haha very true, genetalia are usefull.. might aswell buy the game and snap it.

  • me

    lol does not work with magic

    • Lvillanueva5

      Only spell that works with magic is Muffle

  • L0rdmag1us

    The console commands from Fallout New Vegas work on this game as well.
    (ex. “player.forceav carryweight 3000” put into the console using ~ will raise your carry limit to 3000)

  • DragonBorn

    its not what would you do, its what im going to do right now

  • Elora Johnson

    sorry this post did not work for me i ended up killing him!   LOL

  • Dragoon998

    HELP! I attacked the riverwood trader because of this glitch. I leveled up pretty quick until his sister came in and attacked me. I ran out the house and the whole town wanted to kill me lol.
    How do i stop them from attacking me? also I killed his sister … :( i’m really sad i did that

    • Yido_Steven

      you will have to pay off your bounty, when the guards come to attack you press square to sheath i think its called then either go to jail or pay them..

  • awsomerasengan

    dont work on ps3 they have patched it

  • Eisele7966

    Same sneak cheat applies in Skyrim as did Oblivion. Use a rubberband on controller and go into sneak mode where there is an enemy near by who is in range but cannot see you. I set this up and come back in about two or so hours. Then you should be at level 100 for sneak. Sleep and you will level up about twenty times. Have fun!

  • Coltonj16

    I just got Faendal from Riverwood to follow me. Then asked him to train my archery, then asked to see his inventory and took the gold I just paid. Then Repeat.

  • DasNilpferd

    Found a glitch involving  Windhelm Murder investigation once you go to the guy to sell the amulet for 500 gold if you have a decent amount of pick pocketing you can steal it back and sell it again infinitely just remember to save every now and then between pockets since there is the 10% chance to fail even when your maxxed out.

  • Anonymous

    My husband found a big one in the spell area. Its a illusion spell called muffle. you just keep casting it on your self and in like 30 min you will have your lvl 25 illusion to lvl 100 and yes he did it. it was also on the PlayStation. 

  • Shattubatu

    This isn’t a cheat, you’re just practicing your two-handed weapons on a target that can’t die. It’s not like it levels you up ludicrously fast or anything, leveling to 100 like this would take almost as long as leveling it legit, by going adventuring and killing monsters etc. Nothing newsworthy here.

  • TheDon

    Beating the helpless and innocent for self gain.   Don’t have children

  • Armanac

    So I tried this. Killed the guy with one hit. And I was so hopeful for this one. 

    • Decruan

      You probably did the golden claw quest for him first? He might become killable after completing his quest and thats why he died on you?

  • Kjobin13

    this isnt necessarily a glitch but it pretty much power levels your skill, with smithing if you just keep making iron daggers, your skill is boosted tremendously, you can make them with only 1 iron ingot and 1 leather strip, overall i would say i spent about 10,000 gold on this boost, but hey, i got dragonplate armor with a armor rating of 418 and my dual wield legendary daedric war axes both have a attack rating of 59

    • thom

      418 armor is great but i have daggers that can best your war axes.

  • Dhman22

    Go to the bee and barb inn in Riften and go into the basement. Crouch down and hover over somethnig that says ur going to steal it. One of the workers sprints downstairs just to stare at you. Stealth walk behind him and get your 15x dagger assassinations on him every time he gets up. Your stealth level goes up insanely fast.

  • Rob48481

    If you help the elf Faendal in Riverwood you can ask to come along to help you. At thjis point you can trade items with him. He is also an archery Trainer. Train your archery, then trade items and take back the gold you just paid. I leveled archery to 50 in about 10 minutes for free

    • goober2899

      Not possible unless you had some other cheat on. You can only train 5 times per level. Training 5 times will only increase your level about a quarter to a third of the way to the next level. How did you do the rest of the leveling up to get to new levels so you could train again? What ever it was it would have taken waaay longer than 10mins

      • Herman

        I did that level up before and it absolutely works in 10 minutes your archery is 50

  • mexican

    does the duplicating trick work in skyrim??with the scrolls

    • Gabemihelich

       idk i was wondering the same thing… one way to find out!

  • jeremy216

    i found the same thing in the rift imperial camp…the leader wont die. long story short im all ready level 12 :)

  • Rook

    Thats not a “cheat” thats an exploit. It has it’s respective consequence and harms your characters standings with the law. Costing money by breaking the law as any assault on a towns person outside of your own fists will do. So quick to call something a “cheat”, if you want to see a real one, the skeleton and deadra book cheat on youtube is a real cheat involving duplicating. 

    Good day.

    • Brandon Ramos

      link pl0x
      must knoe

  • Philpot

    level 21 :) and heavy armor 90 looooooooooool just put it on really easy let 2 or 3 morons attack you ……………. few hours later massive boost :) same with light armor…. block aswell but gotta hold block…. and sneak like some 1 said go on the powl at dark of night in peoples houses being a goelm lol

  • Philpot

    also any magic (which ive not done yet) get the weakest spell in the set…… cast over and over and over ….. to up level … also if there are sleep on the game when no 1 is about …. flick to hardest level …. 2handed single handed or bow … hit sleep over and over…… to up level… more training on the way……………..

    • Lvillanueva5

      The magic only applies if you do damage or actually damage. The only spell that works that you can chain cast to level is muffle.

  • Robert0987654321

    The quickest way I found to level up is to buy all the iron ignots and leather/leather scraps you can and make looooooads of iron daggers and hide bracers. You level your smithing up really fast as well and can get 3-4 levels from a few 1000 gold.

  • Yrgf7548

    100 restoration – The easy way

    You’ll come across a spell (equilibrium)  that gives you 25 mana per 25 hp every 1 second. Wield equilibrium with a healing spell (fast healing is best). Start channeling equilibrium, and when you need too, heal with fast healing.

    You can do this while moving between quest locations, and such. Enjoy :)

  • anon

    you can level up your light armour ,heavy armour,one handed,two handed,sneak,archery,block and restoration and destruction etc all with this guy

  • Houchinash

    this did not work on my ps3 lol the guy died almost instantly and guards tried to arrest me… i ran of course who has time for the pokie

  • AlmightyJoygasm

    To level up conjuration fast – get bound sword – go find some mudcrabs – find a rock that they cant reach u on – constantly cast bound sword and sheath – rinse and repeat – I got from level 25 to 100 in about 1hr 1/4 ish – also had mage gaurdian stone activated.  Already had about 300 magic at this point too.

  • AlmightyJoygasm

    Boost illusion by finding the rally (i think? target wont run for 60 secs and health boosted by 30) spell – cast at companion over and over

  • Vgarcia113

    This isn’t a cheat I hit him with my wuuthrad axe and with one hit he died. He’s the brother of the woman I married lol. So I guess if u are a higher level this doesnt work.

  • Bob

    Find the lady that teaches pick pocketing, train 1 time, then pick her pockets to get the money back and repeat this process until you get bored.  I gained 2 or 3 levels and got pick pocketing up to lvl 50something before I got bored of doing this.  Just make sure you only train once before picking her pocket for the coin.  If the coin amount is too high, you’ll have a lot less chance of being successful.

  • Bruce

    Alot of NPC’s have this :/

  • Koobra Frank Crosley

    all the grey beards have this so if you beat all of them it works faster, I haven’t tried this but hopefully it works

  • Zack

    At the Helgen keep part, where you are supposed to open the chest and get the armor if you chose to follow Hadvar, you can instead grab the two swords hanging off the walls and start attacking him. He will also get up after you attack him, and he will never notice you while you are sneaking. He will also never attack you back. You can level up One Handed and sneak as such. Also, if you are a high elf, you can cast fury on him, and work on Illusion, light armor, and block (take the light helmet from the other chest), and also, if you use healing, you can get restoration. I have a level 18 guy after coming out of Helgen, but I do warn you, the Dragur Overlord you fight to get the dragonstone will have the Disarm Thuu’um, which is deadly if you do not have multiples of almost all your weapons and shields.

  • Ffsadfsd

    its not a glitch he plays a part in the plot…

  • thom

    im not sure if i really need cheats with this game. im about lvl 52 and at about 40 i changed the setting to master. maybe i shouldve started the game on master cause its just too easy. i have noticed that i can practice magic, weapons, and armor skills on my house carls and other npcs. i also noticed that i can sneak around towns and such and lvl that up. im a stormcloak and ulfric told me if i find any imperial camps i would know what to do. so i guessed the thing to do was storm them. didnt think that every camp had an indestructable commander thats so weak with a blow that i put my controller down in mid fight and had myself a bowl of cereal before deciding to run off and find another.

  • Adamarmit

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    speech craft cheat based in riften at the black briar meadery speak to ungrien ask about marven black briar to start with you will need to bribe him then after level 25 in speech craft you can persuade him all the way to level 100 in speech craft

  • Poop


  • jgcxhcg

    Okay there is an easteregg in riften. Take a plate in the raggod flagonand go through the door CHESTS ARE EVERYWHERE your welcone