GTA 5: Valid points

When Rockstar finally announced that they were working on Grand Theft Auto V, we finally had something to look forward too. Okay, there is a huge choice of games available, but none that offers the freedom like GTA V will do – well apart from Skyrim that is. There has been a huge amount of discussions over the past week or so concerning the upcoming title, all of which are valid points.

On a number of occasions we have made reference to the fact that GTA 5 might not release in 2012 like suggested and instead wait until the PS4 or Xbox 720 (aka Ten, Loop). However, 360 Magazine has thrown something into the mix by saying that the release of this new game from Rockstar could actually delay the next-gen consoles.

There’s no denying that Grand Theft Auto V will aim to become the pinnacle of gaming, and while Skyrim fans might disagree with it, it’s hard to argue. The Elder Scrolls V is a great game, but when it comes down to it, it’s a game more at home on the PC.

However, they also look at the fact that a game like GTA V needs to be on a next-gen console, because of what the game represents to people. You can see both points of view here, but in the end we believe that the next GTA needs to be the best that Rockstar can offer, and if that means waiting another year for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called, then it’s worth the wait.

So we know that Grand Theft Auto V will be a much bigger game, but it’s hard to say if it will be better graphically. We had high hopes for Skyrim, but the graphics is a huge issue for us. Granted you forget about them once you get into the game, but to truly appreciate the game, then it has to be on a PC.

360 Magazine concludes that although it’s a nice thought to see GTA 5 on a next-gen console, Rockstar is not in the habit of launching a new game the moment a new console comes to market. So this would mean that the new game would be released in 2012, maybe on May 24th for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

  • Alanharper4

    I dont agree with much in this article

    • As

      same, a lot of stirring going on, they would never ever advertise a game before any new console has been even thought of. The new xbox hasn’t even had its name confirmed, yet were talking about GTA waiting another 3 years after the first trailer… 

      GTA will be out next year in my opinion

  • RulerL0rd

    Grand Theft Auto shits on Skyrim.

  • Dylans1o

    Saints Row would have alot of freedom in my opinion… And that’s coming out next week…

  • Really

    It’s not going to be May 24. Have you even done any research? Lets look at these release dates:
    GTA2 (PS1): Oct. 25 1999
    GTAIII: Oct. 22 2001
    GTA:VC: Oct. 27 2002
    GTA:SA: Oct. 26 2004
    GTA:LCS: Oct. 24 2005
    GTA:VCS: Oct. 31 2006
    GTAIV: Originally scheduled for Oct. 16 2007 but delayed to Apr. 29 2008
    GTA:CW: Oct. 20 2009

    Hmm. Do you see a pattern there? I will be very surprised if we don’t see another Oct. date, or at least an attempt at one.

    • Moonlightdreams

      So do you think that we will see GTA V next year? It would be fantastic if it were to be released early 2012

      • Really

        I expect it to be Oct. of 2012. Some are saying it won’t be 2012 because it wasn’t listed on the Take-Two 2012 fiscal year report. However, their 2012 fiscal year ends in March 2012, meaning Oct. 2012 would be in the 2013 fiscal year.
        Honestly, the proof is in the previous GTA release dates. IMO an Oct. release date seems to be a tradition at this point. If you consider the time between the first GTAIV trailer and the first planned release date, it’s very possible they will try for Oct. 2012.

      • Justin

        Late 2012( October or November) or early 2013(April or May).

    • sanjay

      u r so spot on im a big gta addicd

  • Hobodealer

    Skyrim’s consoles graphics are amazing. I’m a huge fan of both GTA and Elder Scrolls, I don’t want any competition between the two… Both look outstanding, gameplay and graphics wise.

    • David Cervantes

      there should be no competition. GTA series are current era games. Elder Scrolls(i haven’t plaid it) are from like I guess 1000 years ago.

  • Ljmakinofoedu

    Bunch of nonsense, why would the rumors say “push PS3 and Xbox360 to there limits”?Why show a detailed trailer of the game? They started developing at 2008 and its obvious its coming out anytime next year. 

  • Bracke

    I don’t get how people think it could be on a new system.  The trailer already came out, look at the graphics.  That’s clearly current gen, just looks like a cleaner, more updated version of GTA IV.  If it was next gen graphics you’d know it the second you saw it.  It wouldn’t be subtle, it’d punch you in the face (plug in GTA: SA on PS2 and compare it to GTA IV for further confirmation).

    Now let’s all enjoy playing GTA V on the 360/PS3 next year, whatever month that ends up being..

    • David Cervantes

      would be stupid if they released it in the “xbox 720 or ps4” <— lame names
      Their sells would be bad because not everyone is going to buy them in the moment they come out. Like lets say you create a hover car that only works in an specific surface. Then you would have to wait until more cities adopt that and it would take time. 
      Hover car = GTA V
      Surface = "next gen consoles"
      cities = consumers

  • Rigo

    when does grand theft auto V come out?

    • David Cervantes


  • Chad

    How can you take this article seriously when there is a spelling mistake in the first sentence. “When Rockstar finally announced that they were working on Grand Theft Auto V, we finally had something to look forward too.” to*

  • Moonlightdreams

    So do you think that we will see GTA V next year? It would be fantastic if it were to be released early 2012

    • gta 5 mad

      that would be very good and cleaver from rockstar id buy 2 copys incase 1 didnt work lol

  • Tail-whip

    ok all i have to say is WOOOOO GTA5 !!!!! and on the other hand SHUT UP ABOUT PS4 and XBOX 720, maybe xbox will come out with a new one cuz there console is a low power computer but ps3 will not they said 10years, and if they do come out with a ps4 and xbox 720 i will piss on them both 😛

  • uzurhed

    There are MILLIONS of current gen consoles currently in homes all over the world. Why would Rockstar make a game for a couple of consoles that aren’t even close to being produced yet? Even if they released next gen consoles Christmas next year, it may be another two years before there is a significant number of owners to warrant something like that. They are planning on making big bucks on his game before end of business day March 31, 2013. My guess is that they will want to use a few months to make that number really big.

  • big daddy

    why would anyone WANT new console to come out, that just means you have to sink more money into something when the current ones are fine, not only that but what would be the tactical purpose in releasing it on a new console, no one will be able to afford it

    • Dan

      you obveously haven’t seen games on pc. There is a 100x better graphics that would wow people and many people would buy a new ps4 or xbox 720 if they came out today. Ps3 came out when XP was around and it has 512mb of RAM! Which was good for a PC durring that time. Now most PC’s have 4-8GB of ram! and dont get me started on processor speed or graphic card. If a person tried to sell you an old xp computer for $300 bucks you would laugh at them cuz you can buy a new windows 7 pc for that price. But people are suckered into buying these mashines everyday. Sorry about bad spelling…

  • Coufa

    This Dude is tupid pulling lies out of his anus

  • Justin

    Rockstar would not show a trailer for Grand Theft Auto V this early if they did not plan on releasing the game in 2012 or 2013.   My guess is that Max Payne 3 is a game to play until May 24th, 2013(speculation of course) or possibly Summer of 2013.

    • Justin

      Until GTA V is released.

  • CUJO420

    GTA 5 is coming out for xbox 360/ ps3. Gta 4 made alot of money when it was released but the amount of people that have ps3 or xbox 360 now is alot greater which would mean more sales for GTA 5 and more money for rockstar, it would be stupid of them to wait for the release of new systems because they would only be losing money. 

  • David Cervantes

    waiting for a new console would be stupid. Only a small part of people would buy the next gen console when it is released and that means low sells.

  • Joshuamendoza51

    I don’t think they should wait for new systems not a lot of people would buy it… I think It should just be for the systems people are using now.

  • baris123

    NOOOOO!!! why would they do that! i think they should release it on january the 5th or in a day in january, and i think it should be on ps4 anddd PS3!

  • Steviered

    What a rubbish article. Absolutely pointless. It’s going to be this generation!

  • Engin_1337

    I doubt they will release it for next gen console, Sony and Microsoft are still planning on milking customers with the current gen consoles. Xbox is going to have a dashboard update with web browser etc meaning they want to continue it for atleast a year (otherwise they could have waited and put browser on new consoles)

  • Marlen_95

    GTA 5 Came for Xbox 360 Or i’m thinking Xbox 360 IS best in the world PS3 Is No good

    • Robbie_95

      I don’t really want to start an argument, but Rockstar would have an easier time fitting a better game into a PS3 disc, as Blu-Ray Discs have larger storage. You’re argument is now invalid. 

      • Mr Anonymous

        And alot of new games released on the 360 that have lots of content (Forza 4, battlefield 3) use content discs to install much of the game onto the 360’s HDD.. Thus making your argument invalid..

        • Robbie95

          You’re right.

        • Hahaha

          Doesn’t change the fact the Xbox wouldn’t be able to handle a game like GTA5 if Rockstar made it a PS3 exclusive. There were rumors flying around about GTA5 being 4 times bigger than GTA4, which would put the required space for just the city at around 20GB. There’s obviously no way the Xbox can handle that on just DVD format when the space for the city alone requires more than a DVD can hold, the HDD wouldn’t make a difference when the amount of space is that big; making your argument more than invalid, just dumb.

          • Cowlick

            Someone’s never heard of compression. Even if there are multiple discs for the 360 version, so what, just swap them when you need to, no dramas.

            PC FTW!!

          • luke prince

            well rockstar would never make gta 5 just for ps3 u fool think of the money they would lose! the 360 is going to make them more money than the ps3 FACT

    • Letbonist

      I love how Xbox fanboys get on forums making empty claims about how Xbox is “better” than station 3. Storage is a big selling point in gaming. While Xbox fans are having to download huge files or use multiple disks, us ps3 fans will have seamless gaming experience, so take that.

      • Abc

        *Cough* PC *Cough*

      • luke prince

        lmao dont make me laugh u fool xbox 360 has millions more people online=millions more fun;)

        • Jammers

          sorry what was that? …ps3 has more registered online users than xbox live? yea I’m never going to find anyone to play! dumb-ass  

        • Method Man

          77 million PSN users Vs 35 million Live members …yea xbox has millions more than ps3 

    • Mar93ward

      PS3 is better than Xbox 10 times over… PS3 uses blu-ray which has better graphics, and way more space. Movie quality on blu-ray is MUCH better, and in order to even watch anything in HD on an Xbox, you have to download software… SERIOUSLY???. Also Sony charges for the entire system up front unlike scamming-ass microsoft where they charge you “less” for the cheap half assed built system, but then go on to charging you for things like; online gaming, internet adapter, rechargeable battery packs etc… all which come free with ps3. So in the long run your paying more for a cheaper product. ps3 is obviously much more reliable because it is Sony… thats just common sense. The failure rate for Xbox is 33%… thats just horrendous… PS3 failure rates, 1% rofl suck on that Xbox fanboys. Also ps3 has way more, and better ps3 exclusive games. xbox’s home interface is bullshit, and dumbed down. it just looks like something for little boys. looking at a ps3 you can take it more seriously, and it looks and feels like a much more powerful system… because it is. Xbox 360 uses AA batteries…. seriously? wtf is that? fuckin AA?? also you realize that GTA IV was limited by Xbox’s capabilities. if it was only for the ps3, it would have had much more content and would have been bigger. I dont understand why people defend microsoft over sony. all microsoft has ever done is look at something someone else thought up first, and then went “o hey, lets copy their idea, and call it our own. lets only do it half assed and cheaply though!” Microsoft is to Sony, as Ford is to Mercedes.


    Just stop debating…. There’s time to wait until grand theft auto 5 is released. Why rush when gtaIV is still a great game to play….!

  • Ryan Whyte

    Teenagers that have no money and cant get a job do you really think they will have enough money to spend on a new Xbox Console that could be £400 or more we cant even pay our bills never mind buy an other console if this is true Rockstar prepare to lose a few Millions cause i wont buy it.

  • Scott

    I agree with Ryan White’s comment on this. Sales will be so much stronger for an Xbox 360/PS3 release. Compare the amount of people who have a PS3 or Xbox right now (and new people are still buying them), and put that up against a new console where maybe 1/10th of the people (just a guess) would buy the new system. Imagine all the sales lost from doing that. If I were Rockstar, I would get the game finished and released for the current systems. Everyone will buy it. Then release the expansions for it (you know there will most likely be). About after that time, a new generation of consoles will be out. This is when Rockstar could release a Complete Edition of the game for the new system a year or so after the new console (for time to port it over or whatever they have to do) and then not only will people own 1 copy of GTA5, but will have 2, because who wouldn’t want to buy a better looking copy for the next consoles. Imagine that compared to waiting for the next console, that not everyone will buy immediately, or even buy at all for a long time for when they get cheaper.

  • Brandon Stevens

    I went in to my game shop near me and pre-order gta v and the guy said it would be released sometime in the summer 2012

  • leighton

    grand theft auto iv is cool

  • Wahidur

    how do you know its goin to be may 24th?

    • Great Skin care cosmetic blog

      It’s been discussed on several blogs and stuff… Google ” gta5 may24th ” and it’s the first result :)

  • Cmon

    Since we are just making up dates here, let me try. Oct. 23 2012, or maybe Oct. 16 2012. Much better guesses than May 24 2012…

  • Skyderpants

    May 24th comes from the trailer, the address on the house being sold 2405 so they’re assuming that relates to the release date……Seems a bit silly to me though!!!

  • none

    First, it won’t be for a next gen console, because it was announced already. If next gen consoles had already been announced and then GTA V followed afterwords, then maybe. Why start building a game if the consoles it’s going on don’t even exist as of yet?

    Second, the speculation of date is off the charts.. May 24th??! seriously? GTA V hasn’t even made it’s way to E3 yet people..

    • I_got_shot_and_im_not_alot

      Dude, Rockstar never show off there games at E3, they even said it themselves, did they show GTA IV off at E3? No. Red Dead? No. And they were both released April-may the following year prior to the announcement. So tbh with you, May 24th is on time if not late considering GTA IV was released on April 29th 2008, and it was announced at E3 2007 (I am not contradicting myself here it was ANNOUNCED, not shown off) while Red Dead was released 18th May 2010 and was announced late November 2009. So you are completely wrong on the second point. I agree with you on the first but boy do you need to get your facts right :)

  • pdiddy

    PEOPLE, at 1.05 (ish) in the trailer, look at the back number plate of the police car and in the top left hand corner are the words OCT…october

  • Deathking0

    Both Games are awesome though, Skyrim and GTA 5

  • mark

    Use your brains people. Just because they release a new console dosnt mean they will just abandon the last one. How long did they continue to produce ps2 games while the p3 and x360 were out…?

  • joey

    i agera mark coz we not all millinares

  • Tootynathanp

    gta 4 is sick. cant wait 4 v

  • aclaiborne

    why would rockstar come out with a trailer showing deep stages of development when the next gen consoles haven’t even been announced? i could see it coming for next gen if the trailer was a quick overview of the map and short in general (such as the “things will be different” trailer from gta iv). But this trailer showed a lot and was very beefy, leading me to believe its very close to finished and that now they are just working more on the story and cleaning things up such as bugs and glitches. As in that it will be coming sometime soon, and not for next gen consoles