MW3 patch v1.03 fixes matchmaking on PS3/Xbox 360

We already discussed how further DLC for Modern Warfare 3 might contain a rehash of older maps, which for some believe that it is an easy way to make money. There is no timescale for how long we will have to wait for the first DLC, but we won’t have to wait long for MW3 patch v1.03. We are being told that this patch fixes the matchmaking issue found on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Don’t worry about missing out on valuable game time, as the file size is just 4MB, which will be downloaded in an instant. For those of you who received out of memory 14 errors on the PlayStation, then once you have installed this patch that message will no longer appear.

MW3 patch v1.03 fixes matchmaking on PS3/Xbox 360

Those with an Xbox 360 will also be pleased that not only is there a fix for matchmaking, but also for the video uploads when running the game on an SD TV – not too sure how many of them are around these days?

Gamepur did learn from the developer that if you have issues joining a match with your friends following patch v1.03, then it would be down to the patch itself, as they need to have it installed as well. The best thing to do is make certain that you all have the new patch running before you try matchmake together.

  • Rockburg

    Thats great, I was having trouble joining matches, I would never find a match no matter how long I waited in the lobby searching, so I had to see which of my friends were in a match and join their session. Hope this patch fixes this.

  • Navajo

    got the new patch also took upto 10 tens to join a match before installing it up to now no issues joins straight away…. still seem to get a lot of lag still..?


    It worked fine with NO LAG on 1.02 and now it can’t find games until ping is < 150ms AND LAGS LIKE HELL! GAMES TIMEOUT AND IT STUTTERS A LOT…

  • Alwayslooking615

    How do you get this patch?

  • Kilicoco85

    didnt work !!!!! come on activision

  • Kalel0607

    I didn’t have any problems till I downloaded it now games unplayable with lag and freezing. Well done activision.

  • Spproductions61

    this games multiplayer sucks. Very lopsided small crappy maps, and on elite it tells your spawn points for every map. So u get a bunch of campers and the game sucks. I thinks this multiplayer is the worse of the cod series. But the other game play is great.

  • Nitin Bhosale

    u are right worst cod ever made
    mw2 is better than this far better
    i have bf3 and mw3 both but i dont like mw3 a bit played 1 hour for testing but i dont impressed rating 1/10

    9/10 multiplayer only.

  • TEH MAN!

    I agree. if I wanna play a modern warfare I’ll just play MW1 the very best of them all and BF3 I am going to give its Multiplayer an 8.5/10 even though it is probably the best multiplayer i have ever played

  • Kylie N Dean

    i have not been able to join my friends since the game came out never mind the patch come on this needs fixing

  • Kylie N Dean

    i emailed activision two days a go and no reply :(

  • rich

    I have no problems whatsoever and enjoy this game much mroe than previous installments.

  • Miguelnoggy

    A lot of patches are out, MATCHMAKING IS STILL THE SAME!!!
    We can’t play in Europe (save a few) it simply doesn’t work for thousands, who post on fourzerotwo’s twitter, with NO REPLY for 4 weeks.
    FORTHE LOVE OF GOD, bring some awareness to this!