Skyrim review: Sets you free, ties you down

Skyrim will blow your mind, and if you’ve never played any Elder Scrolls game then you’ll love the experience, which we can tell you first hand after being a first timer with this franchise.

The pure size of the Skyrim world is just amazing and in our review we found out how immersive the game is, which makes GTA look like your backyard. The developers have really got to grips with the little things, and if you play the game like we did, exploring every item in each area of the game looking for hidden items to pick up, then you’re going to take many months and maybe years playing Skyrim, also unlimited quests will make this even more possible.

Every player will do it their way, and while it would’ve been good to connect with others in an online world, the offline experience just grows with you hour-by-hour and you totally forget about connecting with others as you’re drawn into Skyrim. It’s pretty scary that you can lose hours playing Skyrim, we just blew 5 hours, which seemed like 5 minutes. One gamer we heard from had played for 24 hours in the last 48 hours, which just shows you how the game will tie you down and pull you in.

In terms of the virtual world you’ll be set free with the pure freedom in Skyrim, which reminds us a little of Second Life, and we’re sure that many gamers will spend more time in Skyrim than the real world. How many hours have you committed already in Skyrim?

Bethesda created a world that has to be one of the immersive RPGs to date, and the way the world unfolds and changes with your every action has shocked us so far. Going off the rails in Skyrim and becoming nasty will change the way everything and everyone reacts to you, and has its benefits and downsides. We decided to kill everyone we met for one hour, and while we managed to get some really nice steel armor, gold coins and an Elf sword in this time, the amount of hostility we met after being a rebel for an hour made the game really hard after this time, although it was a lot of fun.

The graphics have improved since Oblivion, although they could be better on this current generation of games consoles, but this is no big deal as after a couple of hours nothing matters but the gameplay. The slow motion kills are really cool, and add a nice touch to each hostile encounter.

When we watched the making of video, Bethesda said it’s about the little things, and they are spot on here. When you play Skyrim you need to take a moment when you are walking through woods, exploring a new cave or Keep, and take in the little things that Bethesda add. We’re not only talking about animals and people going about different jobs, it’s the little items you can explore everywhere and the scenery. What little things have you noticed in Skyrim, which really make a difference to the gameplay?

Seasoned Elder Scrolls players will love the new inventory system, which breaks down the items you’re holding in more categories than Oblivion. We love adding our favorite weapons to the easy access menu, and while there has been a lot of new features added that might make some players think it could get confusing, it’s not. The menu system and almost everything about Skyrim has been thought out to make it easy to use, but at the same time offer a lot more complexity.

This is only our first impression of the game, and we’ve already posted a few details on cheats and glitches in Skyrim. We have found certain issues in the game like characters moving through walls and other bugs, but this is expected and we’re sure fixes are already being worked on by the developers.

If you decide to buy Skyrim then be ready to lose a lot of your real life, and let this become your second life, or maybe first if we’re talking about time spent playing. At one point in the game we spent a few hours playing with two giants, and letting them chase us to a group of imperial soldiers, as we couldn’t kill the giants or the soldiers alone, which in the end they all died by playing them off against each other. We finished them off from a distance with arrows and then close up with a Warhammer when they were almost dead….great fun.

Let us know your first impressions of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the comments. It’s hard to give Skyrim an overall score, but if we had to it would get 9/10: It’s not perfect, but almost there.

  • Dazzle666

    Little things i’ve noticed are dragon flies hovering around water areas, a flutter of bats when entering a cave which first time made me jump a bit!. i saw a fox getting chased by two wolves. i was in a cave and couldn’t find which way to go but i noticed some mist escaping through a hidden hole and followed it. It’s just so much better than Oblivion and best of all the enemies don’t level up when you do! 

    • The Correct One

      My experience in Skyrim has been a wonderful journey. Just when you think you have pretty much seen most things in Skyrim, something else completely surprises you. Its such a dynamic world, and the dragons are awesome to fight. One of the greatest experiences I have had so far was when I embarked for Dawnstar early in the morning. The night was clear, and the sky was filled with beautiful green & blue auroras (mind you, you get different variations of them depending on where you are i.e. Riften vs. say Solitude.) I willl always remember the seen of a Frost dragon swooping down on the town below it as I approached from the distance. Yes, the dragons won’t only attack you, they will attack everything from citizens to frost trolls. Great stuff.  Coming into Solitude from the south on a sunset is a must see. It will leave you agasp.

  • Jason Smith

    Curse you November for being loaded with gaming awesomeness.

  • Quimby

    Oh man  what a game!, I love the sense of epic-ness that the mountain vista’s portray, particularly in the morning when the mist enshrouds them, 

    Bethesda have really captured the sense of mystical grandeur conveyed by Tolkien etc. 

    Descending into a valley and seeing a dragon circling in the distance, framed by the setting sun, and hearing it roaring with Jeremy Soule’s fantastic music serving as a backdrop, This game is worth the wait for any fan of high fantasy and is utterly inspiring in every way. 

  • Mr. Breakfast

    I’ve noticed some bugs/clunkiness in gameplay, but frankly the little things they got wrong are endearing! For instance, have you noticed that doors change what side their hinge is situated when you walk in/out of the same door? (always the left side as you’re facing it). 

    It doesn’t get better than wading through bandits with a greatsword impaling them like you were william wallace.. well – so far…. Well done Bethesda!

  • Sudipta-saha

    Spent around 5/6 hours so far has really felt like 20 mins lol

  • Steman1971

    This is my first experience with an Elder Scrolls game and I now know what I’ve been missing! “Call myself a gamer…Pfff!” Anyway, it’s damn right addictive and exciting. You just want to explore everything because every inch of SKYRIM has something new to offer. It’s quite awe inspiring at times. I was wandering through some woods last night and bumped into 2 giants and a Mammoth… WOW!!! I quickly learned though not to tackle giants until I’ve seriously ranked up LOL!!!

    The only glitch I’ve seen at the moment is that currently my character is walking round with an arrow through his head… Seriously! Not sure when it will go away, it looks painful.

    Anyway… best game I’ve played in years!!

    • Nanjikage

      if you press the back button and sleep it will fix that 

  • David-broom

    Ive never played the elder scrolls before but skyrim looks really good, is it worth getting or will i not understand?

  • Luke Coxon1178

    Nothing short of phenomenal. Currently trying to work out how to best ascend the throat. Feeling a bit like Edmund Hilary… where’s my Sherpa?!?

  • Steman1971

    Hey David-broom…

    I’ve never played before either and find it easy to follow and believe me.. it plays and feels better than it looks. It totally draws you in like a good book. It has atmosphere, excitement, wonderment… just brilliant!

    • David-broom

      Thanks mate im definatley getting it , cant wait!

  • Jack_Popay

    Stenan1971.. the arrow in the head isn’t a glitch its where you have been shot by another archer after a few hours in game or a sleep it will disappear, i played elders scroll: Oblivion and this game has alot to live up to

  • Anonymous

    Skyrim is a wonderful extension of the Elder Scrolls story. I have been playing avidly since Morrowwind was first released and after 20 hours playing Skyrim I am happily immersed in a delightful experience. Skyrim is sufficently similar to the previous releases to feel like the same world, though the AI, scenery detail, and realistic simulations of speech, movement, intelligent activity and interesting story is more than I expected. I ran into one glich, where I had to backtrack to find out what action I had missed, but once I retraced my steps the quest characters returned to normal behavior. So, if things get screwy, either reload and try again, or retrace your steps to see what you missed. It is a bit bizarre to have half of the guards being dubbed by Arnold Swartzennegger (sp?) but it is part of the charm once you get used to it. I might add that using the Strategy Guide, I have only gotten to level 8 and haven’t finished the third main line quest. So expect progress to be slow. i got sidetracked by two side quests. I have just joined the Dark Brotherhood and the characters in the Sanctuary are a riot.

  • Mybandit15

    excelent game one of the best games in role playing in a while love the open world would rate the game as 10 only thing is if it was a 2 player game without a split screen it would be even better

  • Anonymous

    I think the parts I like the least about skyrim are the few seemingly reasonless crashes, nigh-impossible bosses (no, I don’t want to change the difficulty from Adept, it would feel wrong to go easy now) and  the fact that I have it in Fullscreen and can’t do anything BUT Skyrim without closing it first. (It looks like windowed mode with no video, though sound works….) Besides that and how relatively few perks you can get, (which I suppose is minor), the game transcends epic.

    How much time I spent on Skyrim? Heh. Got it last Friday when it came out at 4 (when it finally arrived from UPS) and played until like 2 AM (well, I did pause and have dinner. It said 9 hours when I went to sleep). Saterday….still till 2AM, it said 23 hours. Went easy Sunday and had 30 hours for the weekend :) I do know someone who claimed 60 hours, which is absurd.

    Skyrim’s going to ruin my life, and I’m even going to enjoy it.

    There should be an achievement for the stupidity I had. I didn’t know you started with spells. Chose Breton, got the Mage Stone, and after showing up in Riverwood I beat Bleak Falls Barrow….without magic. On Adept. On my first time playing an Elder Scrolls game. Stupid? Yeah….but I also feel some sense of achievement!

    PS: My rating is a 9.5/10. The thing auto-set to Medium video settings, and while it does lag sometimes, it’s very good. (I once accidentally walked through a wall. Didn’t see a way back. Never fear, falling through eternity is impossible, was very brief drop before it said “Dude.” and put me back at the entrance of the hallway.)