Studying Nintendo 3DS sales

Since Nintendo dropped the price of its 3DS, we thought that we would take a closer look at its sales. While studying these sales we have seen that they have increased more than we had assumed, which mirrors what happened with the PS3 when that was in the early stages of its life cycle.

Nintendo took a big step when they introduced the 3DS, and because it was new technology it was always going to come at a premium. Because of the price drop sales of the 3DS in October were 304,000 and have been topping the hardware charts for months now. However, sales of the games have not, which has confused VGChartz. Sales of the software have topped just 122,000, it’s the PSP that beat Nintendo in terms of software sales with 1,298,000 titles being shifted in the same month.

We should not worry too much, as the 3DS has not had a big iconic game release yet. However, Super Mario 3D Land is finally here, so we should expect to see sales on par with rivals.

The Nintendo 3DS has given 3D a perfect platform to show us what the technology can do, and while it has been slow to get off the ground, we do expect things to start picking up now. I still cannot get on with 3D, as watching it for too long gives me a headache, which affects my choices at the cinema.

Those considering a new gaming handheld should consider the Nintendo 3DS, as you not only see the games in a different way, but you can also take 3D photos, which you can share with friends who also has the device. Nintendo has shown that they will not sit around and wait for rivals to catch-up, yes the PS Vita will be released soon, but the price of that device will surely hurt sales?