Summarizing PlayStation 4 release, graphics and price

Having already looked at what hardware the PS4 could come with when released in 2013/2014; we felt that there were other areas that were just as important that needed to be discussed. So we will now be summarizing the things that Sony need to do to make the PlayStation 4 a success – although not everyone is always going to agree.

The first is that release date; let’s get one thing clear right now, don’t expect a new console next year, as it’s not going to happen. Okay, we know Sony has acknowledged that a new console is in development, but this is likely to take them a couple of years at least. Having said that, we could see a tweak to the current PS3 before the year is out, which could help improve sales further – just like the Slim model then.

The biggest feature of any console is its graphics, and with some developers now complaining that they have hit a wall – well its obvious that Sony needs to get very inventive in this area. We have already established that graphics will be that of what we witnessed on the big blockbuster movie Avatar, but are we there yet? It’s easy for someone to make claims like this – which AMD did – but making it happen is something completely different. Crave were impressed with the visuals of what the Unreal Engine 3 will look like, see for yourself below.

The final area that we need to discuss is the price, which is one of the most important things regarding the PS4. So Sony spent years developing their next-gen console, got the design and the hardware spot on, but all that hard work can be let down by one simple decision – price. They had this issue with the PlayStation 3, as they released it with a price tag that was way out of reach for millions of families.

Sales were poor to start, but with a few price drops and a slimmer model sales started to pick up. We know that Sony lost a great deal of money with the PS3, so they need to get the balance right in terms of affordable hardware and how much they will charge the consumer – good luck with that one.


  • Brentjohnson30

    If the ureal engine 3 is the standard for ps4 (those graphics are f**king sweet) i say keep it coming the more real the graphics are the better.

  • Swagg

    AMAZING graphics