First Skyrim mods and giants on video

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mods are starting to show up online now; female characters are getting new underwear and bikinis. It is always good to play a game with new mods being added, and only after a few hours some were coming to light.

For example, you can download the first skyrim mods, which includes images and textures “Bikini Models”. The face textures look brilliant, if you visit PC Games (Translated) you will get to see many screenshots, you can also get the first Skyrim mods for download on the website called skyrimnexus.

We would also like to talk about the giants on video in Skyrim, they will attack you, and they are very fast indeed according to many gamers. These giants are sort of like large humanoid’s that roam around High Rock and Skyrim, and they are armed with clubs that will batter the hell out of you. They are around 15 to 20 feet tall apparently, if you watch the two videos below you can see these giants in action.

The first video with have embedded below courtesy of mrmincus is rather interesting; this video has been titled “Triumphant Mud Crab”. The player comes up against a ‘Giant’ and flees whilst firing arrows at him, the player fires a few more times only to see him being saved by a giant crab that kills the giant troll.

The second video shows a player getting battered, the giant hits him with a club and knocks him sky high, “Literally”. Is it true, that the best way to kill a giant is from a distance?

Have you come up against a giant yet, if you have could you please let us know the best way to kill them?


  • A Spwizzle

    teh giant s are er mad they kock me lods of miles in teh air i was like O-o ookkk is that a glitch or?

    • Masonarhelger

      Same with meh!

    • guest

      heh learn to type plz hehe

  • Oudeis Zero

    What I did to kill a giant was stood in water and shoot him in the face with arrows. They seem to not like water for some reason. Glitch possibly?

  • Karahashianders

    Best way to kill a giant without glitches is to get Faendal from Riverwood to follow you and basically you keep the giant focused on you, wait until he’s recovering from his hammer and hit him.  Faendal will shoot him while this is going on and it can take a while if you’re not careful but it’s definitely one way to do it.

  • Jack Hodgson

    The best way to kill a giant is level up more and them rip it to pieces with your daedric sword in hand. :) I can take down one of those things in seconds at level 37.

  • Ambnibdai

    Giants won’t attack you unless you attack them. I walked up to one and it ignored me. However, the Mammoths he was herding saved my rear from a sabre tooth cat that ambushed me while I had my bow out.

  • Silver Eclipse

    Get sneak high and get assassins dagger get dark brotherhood armor (gloves double backstab) attack boom 30x damage.

  • Nerevarinevivec

    Easy, get impact in the destruction tree and just double cast firebolt.  Impact is so overpowered, you can just stunlock him to death.  Use mana potions if you run out.

  • narcofishy

    Just use the first word of Unrelenting Force when he lifts his hammer up to swing, easy stagger, then hit em, rinse and repeat.

  • Junglebarry

    I could take them on my own at lvl 8 – mind you my archery skill is at 52 – so sneak and attack at range, also a mountain to run around is usefull as are a few healing potions.  there main weakness is the slowness between attacks, takes a while to swing that club!

  • nathan cooley

    Giants are actually non hostile. I wandered into their camp and they just waved weapons and roared at me to try and scare me off…… It worked.

  • Dubplates Hrz

    I massacre giants by using a shout or two (slow time is nice) and spamming the dual wielding attack power attack (hold both attack buttons simultaneously for a second)

  • SeekersLegacy

    Umm, hey OP, they giants knocking you sky high isn’t a mod. It happened to me on console. Get your facts straight.