Best race in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has many features, and one of them includes “Races”, altogether there are 10 of them. Choosing the best race is very critical within the game as this influences your gameplay, each of the races has different strengths, abilities and weaknesses.

Each one also has a unique racial power, have you chosen the right race to compliment your game style? Now we do not want to go on and on and give you every single detail about Skyrim races, because many gamers will already know about them, but if you do not know all the details please visit UESPWiki for the full guide.

The 10 races include: Argonian, Breton, Dunmer – Dark Elf, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, and Orc – Orsimer, Redguard, and Bosmer – Wood Elf.

Now we do not know what races are the best, but a few gamers have said Imperial is ok, it has been said that Imperials are educated and very good at communication, they are well known for their great armies. There skills and abilities include “Voice of the Emperor” and “Imperial Luck” – Earn more gold from looting. Skill bonuses include +10 Restoration and +5 Block, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, Destruction and One-handed.

We are asking all the real gamers of Skyrim, to let us know what the best race in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is? Please give us the name of the race and why, that would be great if you could let us know.

  • Stile

    Skill bonuses don’t mean much in the long run…the Breton magic resistance is the only thing that will really make a difference throughout the entire game. The Nord frost resistance is useful in a game where there are a lot of frost enemies, but Bretons resist it half as much, and they also resist the other schools of magic.

    • Claycox89

      I think an orc assassin is the hardest hitting in the game of skyrim. With the baserker rage and one handed damage tree and stealth tree got the right point in it you cant hit any harder.  You can one hit almost everything in the game

  • Paynus Weebly33

    Depends on what kind of character you want. Orcs are the best pure warriors now no doubt. Redgaurds kinda got nerfed but I think it seems more fitting that orcs are the best warrior since thats like there entire “culture”.  The new berserker rage might be the best castable racial in game now.

    Stealthy character wise I still really like argonian. Histskin has proved immensely useful for when you end up in a toe to toe fight without getting your large stealth bonuses in play. 50% resist disease is always nice too since diseases are one of the most annoying thing in elder scrolls games. Though its debatable which one is actually best.

    • Amen Nakhti

      Yeah Redguards did get changed , but I think the developers was trying to turn them into spellswords or something, because alteration?,destruction? on a redguard as favorites? I thought Redguard from Hammerfell hated magic….OH well I love it anyway…Redguards FTW!!!

  • Charlie937

    I love the race mechanics don’t get me wrong but I usually choose what race I’m going to play based on the game’s theme – for example I was a Dunmer in Morrowind as I didn’t think the Nerevarine should be anything else, and an Imperial in Oblivion. Obviously I’m a Nord in Skyrim and even though my playstyle is a mixture of sneaking, one-handed and destruction I don’t think my choice is a negative impact too much.

  • TrololTroll

    I would say Wood Elf, since they are experts in archery, and I completly adore archery in every way. I use the longbow c:

  • Paulkinson

    orc, strong and awesome in pub brawls to earn $$$ fast 😀

  • Dragon God9

    argonians have the best racial ability in my opinion breathing underwater and not having to worry about disease nor poison is pretty good

  • Asd

    I played the game to lvl 50 with 5 diferent characters, and Bretons are just overpowered, in skyrim u just need to cover ur magic resistence and bretons have it (a lot) u dont need anything else to win the game u can just dodge the melee atacks or block/dodge the arrows, and ur armor ll help u with that, but dragons and mages can take u down stupidly easy so bretons and his active power once a day makes u an op char, im on a robe stealth/alteration one handed assasin as a breton, and… so… GG

  • YouFailures

    No one noticed they forgot Altmer?  Failures.  

  • Annaisjesus

    I have an Imperial female character and I like it a fair bit. I play mainly using one handed weapons, destruction spells and archery. I also have a Redguard character who is much more resilient in combat, and levels up all the warrior skills far quicker. Killing things takes a lot more out of me when I play Imperial than when I play Redguard. There’s definitely a difference. 

  • Alex

    Well I’ve found (in both ES VI and V) that Redguard is best for my playing style -that being an Archery-based assasin – as I know that, should my stealth and archery fail me, I can rely on my Redguard’s natural fighting abilities to get me through any scrapes :’)

  • DOOD

    My main is a Warhammer wielding Orsimer brute. >:)