MW3 Easter eggs revealed: Teddy Bear and Samantha

Modern Warfare 3 has come under a great amount of criticism of late, but there are now a few reviews that are beginning to defend the game. Having said that, if you are a fan of FPS games, then it has to be in your collection, and if it is you will be pleased to know that some Easter eggs have been revealed.

How would you like to learn the location of Teddy Bears and Samantha in MW3, if so then Pinoytutorial has done the legwork to find these for you? Some of you may just go about the game shooting the bad guys, but there are those who like to explore, just to learn the location of all those Easter eggs. Okay, lets get one thing straight, you will not get anything extra for finding them, but it’s all part of the challenge.

Teddy Bears have been used in Call of Duty games since 2004, and in previous version the bears have done something like play a tune, but this time they will not do anything – hardly seems worth the trouble. The locations of these can be found in three videos from our source.

As for Samantha, you will find this Easter egg in the level when you go to Paris; if you then head down to one of the subways you will see some graffiti on the wall, just look opposite and you will see Samantha holding a teddy bear. Oh, you will also notice that she is holding a Sledgehammer, zooming in will reveal SHG, so we all know what that means.

Have you found any other Easter eggs in MW3?

  • Tim Durocher

    I have battlefield and Skyrim, I’ll pass on MW 2.5

    • Guest

      why? you already purchase bad company 2.5

      • Gunflame434

        Battlefield 3 makes vast changes from Bad Company; you should do some homework before you pop off at people.

        • BossStatus

          Do some research yourself. MW3 has many improvements from MW2 and BO

    • Lopezhs7

      Nobody cares. Activision is doing just fine without you. You keep supporting a second place game.

    • John


    • guest

      Wow, i haven’t heard that one before…

  • Jreismiller

    sales show which game is better so lopez is right its a 2nd place game and in this industry 2nd olace is nothing less but failier

  • Bewttjknf

    Guess ppl just bitching cuz they wasted their cash on battlefield

  • guest

    They are all really great games. you should all get over it.