Skyrim: Best weapon – sword, bow and more?

When you start Skyrim you’ll have limited armor and weapons, although once free from your binds it’s easy to start picking up weapons, which includes daggers, maces and swords.

You can get some decent swords and shields very quickly in Skyrim, especially if you defeat certain soldiers and search them, which is how we worked our way up to some nice steel armor, shield and sword.

Some really special weapons can be found in Skyrim but these are a lot harder to find. One article, found here, gives you some nice insight into the locations of unique weapons, and the guide explains what quests you must do to find these axes, swords, bows, and other unique weapons. Sometimes you’ll come across these special weapons when fighting others in the world of Skyrim, although the guide makes it easy to find most of them.

Over the last week we’ve reported the latest news on the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, although the idea of this short article is to help you find the best weapons, and also let us know what your best weapon in Skyrim is?

We’ve heard from a few of our readers already, and the Imperial Bow of Ice has been mentioned a few times as the best weapon in Skyrim. Let us know what weapons you’ve found so far, and your best weapon?

  • Miroslav

    “When you start Skyrim you’ll have very limited armor and no weapons”Have you actually played this game? What of the two-handed steel hammer you find in the first 5 minutes of game – that can one-shot most mobs?

    Jeez reviewers today, think it’s so easy.

    • Daniel Chubb

      At a guess, I have most likely played more than you and there are a lot better weapons than that to find, although well noted.

      • This guy is mad


      • G293nine

        Sorry but I doubt that you have played that much, not saying you have not played just saying you might have only played a little. I can agree that there are better weapons later on but he/she was saying that you can get it right off the start not in the middle or end. Understand before you try and prove someone wrong.

  • Dragoniel Iskaliri Silverwing

    Wait what? Limited weapons at the start? Like 2 minutes in the game you are literally buried beneath a pile of swords, axes, maces, bows and all sorts of furs, leather and plate armor. 

    And each of those will last you a long while, as upgrades are very minor until you are a lot higher level.

    • Kall95

      yeah first game i went with the imperial guy, crappy studded armor, second time, went with the rebel guy, straight away i have plate armor from the imperial officer you kill…

    • Drsren

      I believe he (The Reviewer), is trying to say limited to weapons meaning enchantments on weapons. Which he is correct. i’m a level 81 1/2 Imperial MY OPINION! Sword: ebony/daedric if truly Evil then Ebony Blade. Everytime you kill a friend the stats increase. Armor: tie between Ebony Mail, Daedric, and Dragon. There is a level cap on the armor also. At level 81 Daedric and Dragon have same stats. Ebony Mail is not as strong but the enchantments are awesome on it ie why I only use it, also when you crouch you turn all Black. How cool is that! Bow: Daedrc. Dagger:Mehrunes Razor. (Duh) Hammer: Daedric. Staff: Skull of corruption or signus Rose. Mace:Daedric. Sorry about spelling.

  • Bittner

    I have a ton of  enchanted swords/ bows etc. but right now my favorite weapon is the staff of mangus that you get from doing the college of winterhold quests. Drains 20 magicka per second as long as they still have magicka and if they dont it drains health. Peferct for making other mages inable to preform.

    • Coolguy65

      inable to preform in bed

  • This-dude-is-a-fuck-head

    Did you open your eyes?
    If not, take the dicks out of them

    • uMadBro?

      you’re a moron

  • Anonymous

    My claws. I think my Khajiit was arrested for mauling people.

  • Bczu

    Blade of Woe from the Brotherhood quests. It was in the last game too.

  • Flashtone

     Imperial Bow of Ice? where is that from? cant find anything about it. 

    • Skylaronfire

      u can find it some places

  • Mill

    the best weapon by far 15-20 mins in the game is” skyforge steel_________” (all are great)

  • Stallion

    Most weapons I’ve come across are leveled.  So you need to wait until your character is a higher level to pick up unique enchanted weapons and get the most out of them. 

  • Monkfishy

    The best bow you can get early on is the suptle ancient nordic bow with 40 damage which is only beaten by the glass bow at 43 damage but which can also be improved up to twice as much with a high smithing turning it into a legendary glass bow and improved furthur still with a passive damaging effect from an enchantment like ice or lightning.

    • Ryan

      my conjured bow does like 50 damage

    • Museman05

      My smithing is at 100, Dragon Bow does about 90 damage + you can upgrade it with more dragon bones to make it legendary dragon bow, and that’s before even enchanting it… you get the idea 😛

      • jdub21788

        how do you make a dragon bow all i can make is the dragon armor

        • CalciumWaste

          You can’t make a dragon bow, or any weapons for that matter…I don’t know wtf he’s talking about…maybe he meant Daedric?

      • Skylaronfire

        Dragon Bow?????? their is no dragon bow only dragon armour

  • Wango_bass

    Legendary daedric war hammer 110 damage best one Ive got

  • Watters01

    Meridias daedric shrine quest gives you an amazing sword.

    • JCElliott

      the “Dawnbreaker” is my new baby

  • Ravy9810

    you cant make dragon weapons, the guy that said that is stupid. you can make dragon shields however. my character is dual wielding legendary daedric swords at 50 damage a piece, not counting the high crit chance.. also legendary light dragon armor as well as a legendary daedric bow. i love skyrim :)

  • GV

    mace of molag bal is sick… i dual weild that with dawnbreaker.

    • GV

      get one handed up high enough, and you just destroy with either one of these weapons.

  • Rtdavies1981

    My improved Ebon Blade 1h hits for more than the Dawnbreaker.

  • Iminihj

    legendary dual daedric blades enchanted with ice maximum with grand soul gem. hold both trigers and its pretty much 1 hit on anything

  • Iminihj

    also daedric armor beats dragon armor easy. dragon has like 50 total points less on defense than daedric

  • Ryanmw3

    I personally dual wield the Mace of Molag Bol and Dawnbreaker. Both have attacks of over 110+ Add that with my dual enchanted dragon gloves/boots with one handed + 37% x2 on each, you get an incredibly high damage output.

    • Jama-khin

      My mace of molag bal only has 28 damage… Whats up with that??!!

      • Agent Orange 227

        Increase Smithing, to improve weapons higher. Increasing their dmg.

        Increase One-Handed to increase weapon dmg. And obv. use perks on it helps increase the weapon a lot as well.
        And increase Enchanting to have the enchantments he’s got. Using an Enchanter’s Philpher (however it’s spelled) helps you get the max enchantment, and One-Handed bonus. Which is actually nothing! No damage cap. So you can enchant all armor with “fort one handed” and make any weapon destroy. Of course, you’d want other enchantments.

  • Anonymous

    Steel Sword (Superior) – first sword I ever got, it’s mine and always will be. I call it Steven.

  • Cmauthement

    daedic armor all double enchanted with 120% bow damage +120% sneak, muffle, and other various enchantments.. makes my legendary daedric bow have 350 damage and th bow itself has both +28 fire and ice damage, i can 2-3 hit kill any dragon except ancient

    • tend

      where did you find those enchantments?

  • Austin Low2320

    Wuuthrad is a pretty good weapon

  • Jboarder42

    I got a legendary dragon slaying sword that does +419880 fire damage I don’t know what happened but when I was enchanting it my Xbox must have glitches or something but it’s easily the best weapon in the game:)

  • Khalthul

    Volendrug is amazing for a 2 handed character. The drain 50 stamina on hit enables you to do some amazing damage output. Plop that on a Orc with Berserk or a Redguard with Adrenaline rush and it destroys.

  • skyrimsuperdude

    blade of woe (upgrade to epic, but only shows legendary) and sneak attack with 30x damage, my one handed isn’t even 100 yet but my blade does 70 damage times that by 30 thats 2100 damage right there…

    • Agent Orange 227

      The game is no fun with sneak dmg bonuses. One hit kills remove the entire battle aspect of the game. Leaving running around like everyone’s little errand boy. Why play the game? lol

  • Vengeance1111

    Daedric Mace is the best weapon i got 140 dmg

    • Agent Orange 227

      Strange. My Daedric sword is 160. ;P 

      Try increasing your enchanting. It’s worth the time and perks. (:

  • Skylaronfire

    i have all dragon amour and i have a daedric helm my dude looks bad ass

  • Skylaronfire

    have any of you all assassnate dragons… its pretty badass not kidding 

  • Skylaronfire

    assassations  with bein a werewolf is beast how you get it is with the campions you get it firther in with them and then the leader dies and you take over…. 
    if you want to know more about becomeing a werewolf message me at

    • Coolguy65

      you souldth tell people ending you gonk i am suprised no one has raged at you

    • Troll



  • Chris

    Chillrend <33333

  • Kyle

    My best sword is Dragon Bane (flawless) it is a one handed sword that when upgraded at a grindstone, does 41 damage. When you get it the sword already has an enchantment of +30 damage to dragons and +10 shock damage. This sword is found in the Blades new hideout Sky Haven Temple on one of the tables in the side rooms to the main room.

  • Yourmom

    Iron dagger is the best weapon.

  • Gorath


  • Doomcard

    Scimitar, as with a little bit of work into smithing and enchanting, the swords power can be extreme. Mines just as strong as a daedric battleaxe.

  • Jacobwurtzler

    my best weapon is my shout…..and a cliff

  • Andrew

    Daedric Mace (legendary) with Fire and Frost damage enchantments added to it. 194 damage points! Pretty much an instant kill with the right enchanted armor!

  • Sam

    My Daedric Bow (Legendary) does 327 damage as well as 52 fire damage and 52 shock damage. If you get your smithing and enchanting up high enough you can make crazy weapons.

  • Luke_1corinthians13

    LIGHTNING STORM FTW!!!!! kills dragons in like 20 secs n u dnt even need em to land 

  • guest

    Chillrend FTW!

  • Sheogorath

    Use your Wabbajak! Huh? Huuuh?! Didn’t see that comin’, did ya?

  • wolfy449

    Dragon Bow is in DawnGuard