Skyrim PC texture mods impressive, Xbox 360 needs patch

The debate has now started when it comes to running Skyrim on the PC, Xbox 360 or the PS3. We can tell you that the game is not perfect when it comes to graphics, with some suggesting that it’s a little dated. However, we do know that it’s so much more than that. It’s no secret that running the game on the PC is not perfect, but the texture mods are pretty impressive, which is why the Xbox 360 needs a patch so badly.

We already know that Microsoft’s console has texture issues and this has been confirmed by Bethsoft, and the best part is the fact they are now working on a patch to resolve these issues. Textures have been scaling down, but not going back up. There is a quick fix, which we explained for you in a previous post. Bethsoft have yet to update us on the progress of this patch.

There are a few different settings to help improve the textures of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC, which makes slight adjustments to how the graphics card handles the textures. However, there is not that great a difference to worry too much. Gamers seem to be in support of GameFront, when they talk about the whole feel of the game on PC, as they feel that developers don’t seem to care about them much anymore.

There could be some truth to this, as we know the industry is motivated by money, and they know that there is more revenue in developing games that work better on a console. Having said that, some of the PC mods that have now started to appear will make for a more enjoyable Skyrim. You can see one or two of these mods in action here.

  • Ggfdg

    PC textures are hardly great. You gave to tweak the .ini just to get the most out of shadows and scenery. When it comes to actual textures on weapons and up close…on ultra…it’s like a console.

  • Benm82

    Yea, the textures are so blocky and horrible.  How can they allow the graphics to bee like that?

    • Anonymous

      “How can they allow the graphics to bee like that?”
      I don’t know how they allow anything to “bee” like that. With an annoying buzzing sound, perhaps?

      It all looks fine to me…

  • Ch1ef885

    Get a SkyrimNexus account and download a few of the tweaks, it’s not a major difference but you’ll notice it

  • Anonymous

    “Some of the graphics look dated”
    Dude, I’m running Medium settings on my laptop. I’m not going nit-picky on “I can’t see every leaf on that tree with perfect detail”, because I can see a mountain from around a mile away (and sometimes go and climb it). And no, I’m not using mods. But it looks great to me. (Yes, it does sometimes seem that the graphics were scaled down a bit on parts, but when it seems to be rendering half the province anytime you’re outside, can you really blame it? I think sometimes it’s going a bit harsh on itself inside, and water/dust needs some downscaling, because I notice it run a little quicker when that mini-waterfall falls out of view.)