Skyrim review difficulty when game endless

Whenever a game is about to or comes to the market reviewers cannot wait to get their hands on it – well most of them. Take games like Gear of Wars, Call of Duty, Battlefield or Batman, they all have reviews that follow a strict guideline; this is really nothing new. However, we already know this, but a recent review of a new game has had issues with following that same format, and that is because it’s Skyrim.

We, as well as other gaming websites have all said how big of a game Skyrim is, but it has taken Blast Magazine to confess the difficulty of a review when the game is endless. However, they did have a go, and it led to it being the best video game experiences ever, one that might only be topped 6 years down the line when The Elder Scrolls VI is released.

We have already told you how Skyrim sets you free but ties you down, as you really need to try the game for yourself to see what all the fuss is about. There are no rules in this world; you set off on your own missions. You get tasks along the way, but it’s up to you to take them. However, you can do many other things on your journey, which is so different when compared to GTA.

The character creation tool can take you in as well, so try not to spend too much time there, although you want to get all the details right. What we like about this review is how it’s different from the norm, never before have you been asked to just go out and explore. The game has only been out since Friday and as of yesterday Blast Magazine has racked up 60 hours already. Can you say that you could do that same amount of game time with Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3, and we are only talking about the offline solo campaign – we thought not?

  • Samantha

    It certainly sets a new standard for RPGs. Haven’t had more than 3 hours sleep since it’s release, and we got the game a day early.

  • Misaelbouttarat

    It is beautifully created in terms of graphics and character interaction it really feels like the world exists!

  • Rafael Vazquez

    It’s ok. =]

    • Dean Parry

      egg ed

  • Experience Hendrix


    as for many reviews saying that the graphics could be better (???)
    im playing in 720p and they look standard, still great. but on my friends tv in 1080p the graphics look UNBELIEVABLE. literally THE NEW STANDARD! btw im on ps3 and hes on x360. i know this well as we played the game side-by-side the day it came out.

    rest assured if you have the best possible tv THE GRAPHICS IN SKYRIM WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. LIKE NOTHING YOUVE EVER SEEN BEFORE. i am heavily convinced that this amount of detail will become the new standard for all future videogames to come.

    • Experience Hendrix

      btw while i said the graphics look “standard” on my tv in 720p, i really mean the graphics look incredible, up there with such graphical power-houses as Killzone3 and Crysis2. however in 1080p they will blow you down and you will NEVER look back

    • Joachim N

      I agree with u on the graphics side – unbelievable well done. joachim

  • Guest

    Garbage review. I dont understand why people can’t just play through, strictly playing the main storyline, rate that, play through rating the extra content, and then rate the graphics and sound. It’s not that hard people.

    • hso4

      yeah! why can’t they play skyrim the right way!

  • Kyle Knocke

    11.11.11 was storming hard  in the Pacific Northwest..( US ) and the first day of winter frost, a perfect setting which is in parallel with Skyrim’s salmon filled waters and and frozen land. This game is setting the bar, for many concepts and ideas in our nation..

    While i was worried the game would destroy my productivity, it is quite the contrary…
         Besides the Initial,  Blunt Smoking 10 hour straight play through…
             Only got to level 8…. Only one Dragon Slayed, but an epic  experience that is uniquely mine, thus… the concept of Elder Srolls…

         Each play-through uniquely an experince for the person playing through…
            Skyrim is a large game, but only a concept matrix..


  • Saru No Ichiban

    I had Arkham City and BF3 before I got my hands on Skyrim… now there are no others. There is only Skyrim. I’ve killed 10+ dragons, found maybe 50-60% of the map locations done 50+ quest and still really have only scratched the surface. There’s so much to do and I totally love the new smithing system. If only I could find a damn fire wood axe.

    • Rafael

      theres a fwood axe on the table next to the mill in riverwood

  • Kenneth W Scott

    I have to say, I’m a little disappointed… I hate the controls… movement feels mushy… The movement animations are sub par… people slide around on the ground… the character art is ‘sharper’ than the environment art, so they look like they’re photoshoped in… and they often don’t walk On the ground.

    Just not living up to what I’d been led to anticipate.

  • Estavares

    It’s true about the enviroment adding to the experience – I too live in the cold Pacific Northwest, and our house gets chilly with vaulted ceilings. As I played with a blanket over my shoulders, feeling a little cold and uncomfortable, I realized I hadn’t checked my clock for over two hours because, in a sense, it felt immersive as I walked across the icy tundra.

    Skyrim is colder and more dangerous than Oblivion…mostly becasue those Oblivion Gates seemed so toasty warm. :)

  • Noll9173

    Myself and friends are of the Old school D&D gen. We all lost our Vet day weekend to this game and loved every minute of it. It would be great to have this world and able to form “parties” along with it. I think the next step would be able to go to an on-line closed world where you form parties with small groups and do the quests.

  • Poop

    best video game ever and they haven’t even put out the patches!

    • Joachim N

      Oblivion cheats that work here. Activate comma type ttm 1 press enter all maps shown.
      Type tgm press enter god mode activated. Try some other Oblivion cheat some do work. The gold unlimited also. I am not telling further.  U try Oblivion cheat yourself.
      Cheers. jm

  • sam

    haven’t got Skyrim yet… but hopefully will be getting for christmas :(

    Skyrim is INCREDIBLE!!!

  • Dillardsally

    i started playing it a day ago – brings back memories of the prior entries. ie: you just discovered a cave… lots of fun, and dont  try to steal something in front of other people!

  • Joachim N

    I am Joachim South Africa. I started on Skyrim 11th and am playing offline – hope it is allowed because internet connections in my area sometimes does not exist even for the cellphones.
    I have played Oblivion for six years daily and could not find something beter until Skyrim.
    I have installed with Steam anyway and some times play online and there is no difference in any thing I can see in offline playing. 

    I also used 3 pages of cheats or rather actions as I prefer to call it for Oblivion and some of them can be activated in Skyrim. 
    You can active god mode. Activate millions of gold. Open all maps and instant travel there as well. The attributes and magick activation’s does not to work here. Nor does level-up work.

    With the three activation`s that does work I need nothing further. My 

    great game as must admit.

  • Joachim N

    Sorry type tmm 1 all maps visible.

  • Joachim N

    Sorry open by comma and type tmm 1 all maps visible. luv