Best armor in Skyrim: List of unique items

Over the past few days we have been trying to offer you as much Skyrim news as possible, only because we know how much excitement the game has been bringing to millions of gamers. Having already updated you on an imminent patch and asking if you will marry, we thought we would follow up on our post discussing the best weapons by looking at the best armor in Skyrim.

Strength Gamer has come up with a list of unique items, which also covers that all-important armor. We don’t have to explain to you about how long it would take to find such items, so you will be pleased that someone has done all the hard work for you. However, some of you will enjoy looking for these, in which case happy hunting.

The different armor is not just important for protecting yourself in battle, but for carrying extra items and other bonuses. This does show how the little things in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim help you advance much better in the game. How annoying would it be to try and pick a lock without having the carrying capacity for a set of unbreakable lockpicks?

We will not list all of these items, as we will be here all day, so it’s much better to visit our source. However, we can tell you that they explain all you need to know, such as the name of the item, the location, description and also what you need to do with them. What are your thoughts on Skyrim 5 days in?

  • Jeff53z

    Skyrim, is by far the best game in the elder scrolls series imo

  • Jordanpadgett95

    best armor is deadric as far as i know

  • Jdsnf

    best armour is dragon plate, upgrade that then enchant it and your practically invincible..

    • H4l0n00b

      daedric armor is the best, upgraded and enchanted, it rocks the socks off the dragonplate

      • H4l0n00b

        plus, imo, it looks way cooler

    • Dcoz9999

      no its not daedric armor is it has better stats.

  • aranthos

    skyrim is ahmazing…i had a nerdgasm just opening the box XD anyone agree?

  • Fathers1988

    Actually ebony plate mail armour has the best stats an is already enchanted

  • Ben

    Daedric armour is only available as heavy armour and therefor a bette option for those people who do use heavy amour, however if you do use light armour dragon bone and scale armour is best

  • Max Greenfield

    upgrade your perks and amour will be better 

  • Dmlittle44

    The best armor in the game can vary. For rogues it’s nightingale armor or guild master armor. For warriors it’s drastic armor. For Mage it’s arch Mage robes and other enchanted items

  • Dmlittle44

    Meant to say deadric

  • Soulofthasun

    best set of Armor i use is Daedric artifac Ebony Mail, with Daedric Gauntlets & Boots, & a Switch Between the Nightingale Hood & Daedric Helmet. I Used the steed stone Along with, 100 in stealth, and 1/5 perks invested in 20-40% more undetectable & filling up the perks all the way to Shadow Warrior, and this make the “Heavy” Ebony & Daedric Armour Light armour, making you nearly undetectable even when wearing heavy Armour.(Gaurds will Comment on you wearing light armour instead of Heavy, saying things like Light Armour means Quick on your feet, Smart. or something like that). If you Have any Questions u Can Email Me at I wont help with Shouts Though. Just Ask About Main Questlines, Daedric Artifacts, & Some Very Usefull n unique items, Locations, hints, nd tips. I Have Completed The Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Mages Guild, And The Companions, i have also completed the Main Main questline, but have not completley helped the blades. Skyrim for Xbox Questions Only.

  • Soulofthasun

     I have not Played the Ps3 or PC Version of the game yet, waiting to Buy a kickass Comp, that’l let me Fully Experience Skyrim like it was ment to be, With me as the true God of their Puny little world Making Drastic Changes that’l Alter the Very Fabric of Their “Reality”. haha but Seriously I plan on making Some Sik Mods, most likley revolving around Better Looking nd Higher powered Weapons n armour, Also a more Realistic Enviroment with Tougher enemies. Basicly Visual n Buff Mods.