PSN goes down for Korean law

PSN is to go down in the evenings for players under the age of 16 in Korea, and will stay down for a 6-hour period. The law had been passed for PC users, so this Korean law spreading to PS3 users is a bit of a shock to some, but not for others. However, we are also told that this law will also affect Xbox 360 users as well.

The reason for this decision is to try to impact the amount of time those under sixteen can gain access to online gaming between midnight and 6am, which to us is a great idea. Some of you may think that this is taking your rights of freedom away, but at those times people under the age of 16 should be in bed, as they have school the next day.

Kotaku report that the extension for this law to cover consoles as well will happen on November 18, 2011. However, Sony and Microsoft have said that they do not know how they will implement the 6-hour ban, which could mean that there will be teething issues for a while, as they have not had enough time to make this law work.

The reason why the enforcement could be hard is due to the fact that Microsoft of Korea does not collect age data, although Sony does for their PSN. This will mean that Xbox Live might be shutdown for all ages between these hours, which will cause something of an uproar. There is nothing that Microsoft can do in the short term, as they have to abide by the law, so if it means a complete shutdown for Xbox Live for 6 hours so be it.

How do you feel about this new law?

  • Henmcleod

    I feel the playstation should shut down for six hours for all ages too

  • Wsavon11

    i feel xbox should only be shut down for six hours for all ages

  • ReCTax

    am 16 and it is a great idea

  • Daniel Roll

    so this is just happening in korea right ?