Useful Skyrim mods

The desire for Skyrim mods had been shown before the game released, and following its launch a few showed their face in the form of texture improvements for the PC version of Skyrim.

We know first hand how Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can help you spend an extreme amount of hours immersed in the virtual world, which has taken well over 40 hours of our time since its release. The game is not perfect, although it gets a lot more right than wrong and when it comes to gameplay, it’s second to none in our opinion.

No matter how good Skyrim is, there will always be mods wanted with the PC version, and this need will always be filled for the PC gamer. Not all of them will be useful, although one we’ve seen today is pretty cool. This latest mod lets you create a Google style street view, which will let you zoom into the map and see details that Xbox 360 and PS3 users can only dream about.

You can see a video below that shows the enhanced map view in action, and we’d love to hear what you think of this mod that gives you Google maps for Skyrim. More details can be found here.

What useful mods have you seen so far for Skyrim?

UPDATE: We wanted to list a useful Skyrim mod and ask our readers about the best mods they’ve found. For those of you that want more than this we’ve found what seems to be the 11 best Skyrim mods so far, and also another article that lists what they found as the top 5 mods so far. Hope this helps, and feel free to give us feedback on your favorite mods.


  • mike

    So i like how this is called useful skyrim mods, but it only has one mod and a question asking about the ones we’ve found. 

  • trent

    another waste of time article

  • Wasteoftime


  • JO

    Not so much a mod as an ini file adjustment. It messes up the map for interiors. People should simply enjoy the playing game until he Creation Kit arrives. All of the rushed out mods are simply curiosities and not worth the bother. I looked and uninstalled what I tried.

  • Maculo

    You don’t have time to Google mods yourself?