Skyrim: PC perks include console for cheats and spells

We’ve already touched on a few perks for owners of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, which ranges from the possibility of better graphics to a testing hall only found on home computers. Another benefit of this platform includes the console for custom commands, which lets the PC user do a lot more than the Xbox 360 and PS3 can.

While game consoles make it easier for players to jump into a game, well at least this is the way they were designed, the PC has always allowed for more customization, from graphics to mods and extra commands as with the command console.

Skyrim PC users can use spells like “sexchange” and other commands like “tgm” that gives the player invulnerability, then we have the ultimate lockpicking with the “unlock” command, no chest is safe anymore. These Skyrim cheats may be frowned upon by some players, taking the easy way out will never make you stronger, but then can all PC users resist this temptation to use the command console?

You can see a full list of commands in this article. You’ll find many ways to rank up from finding characters you cannot kill, as they are important for some reason, to using stealth attacks with massive multipliers for extreme damage.

PC users: Have you used the command console to gain an upper hand?

  • Maartenolijve1

    yes i have.. i ended up deleting my lvl 50 save and starting over :)
    but i did learn alot from the game by using a the command “tcl”!!

  • Anonymous

    I used “TCL” a few times, mostly on quests were I found my self blocked by rocks or something. Who in the right mind would want to spend 20 minutes going around an entire mountain, when a noclip cheat is available? It’s a cheat, yes, but it saves allot of time.

    • Gazzy

      I too have found myself not doing this but just getting stuck somewhere i can’t get out of and “tcl” has saved my save many times, i really shouldn’t get stuck so often but whatever.