GTA 5: Working together in co-op

While everyone would have played GTA IV different, we spent hundreds of hours just roaming the streets finding things to do and exploring all the fun you can have in a pretend world that is for over 18s, and we never had a thought of playing the game with anyone else.

Our last week has been taken up with a game called “Skyrim“, and this very game is single player only, although we still haven’t noticed the lack of online play, especially considering how massive the game is, even though we’re heading towards 100 hours of gameplay it seems as if we haven’t scratched the surface.

The thoughts we have for GTA 5 are very different this time around, and while the game will surly keep us busy for many hours, the idea of committing crime seems like it could get boring much quicker.

Some blogs feel that adding team based co-op and other features so you can work together will make Grand Theft Auto 5 the biggest co-op game yet, and this is exactly the line of thought by GameFitNation. They’ve listed the benefits this could have on the next GTA, have a read and let us know if you agree with them.

Do you have an innovative idea for the upcoming game, which could release GTA’s full potential? We have to agree that playing real humans in any game adds a touch of unpredictability to gameplay.

  • Christopher

    You should be able to customize your cars. Similar to gta San Andreas. House burglary/ rob people for money. It becomes fun when you have to work for every dollar.

    • Carson J Gallo

      Those are the basic requests, they’re asking any new ideas not really mentioned a lot.

      • Ashishcw

        Probably they can add Pets along with the main charactor which can go along with the main charector anywhere he goes….and when the main chareacter calls for help the pet should appear…:-D

  • Youngjamie83

    Here’s a thought lol .not syain copy skyrim but make the gta5 version where you can slimb to the highest mountain and stuff like that , like you said above . join gangs ? when you crash into a building or shoot rockets , or somthing blows up by a building have the effect like modern warfare has blow pieces of it off or a whole staright through it.real realisic like . just a thought though . thank you for your time .

  • Basedddswaggg

    A zombie mode or maybe even a ZOMBIE MODE?

    • Dannye27


  • Ows7s

    One problem I had with gta games is once you have thousands of dollars what do you do with it?? Buy more overpriced guns and ammo? Even in vice city once you purchase property or business you earn more money but for what?? There’s nothing to spend it on and thaT becomes boring

    • Peter Kim

      well that is just money. Money absolutely has no value once you have a lot of it just like anything else.

    • Hunter714

      there will probably be many things to buy. rumors are: cars, car mods, guns, gun mods, property, drugs and alcohol, hookers, food, and tons and tons of clothing

  • JR

    Not for the main story. 

  • Davidsantos

    I think adding kids in some cutscenes would be cool, not during the actual game because u shouldn’t be able to kill kids but to have the main character have a kid would enrichthe plot. I also think that dogs should be added to the game, like certain areas have attack dogs like junkyards, etc… Or the main character could have a pet germs shepherd or something, a big tough dog that fits the GTA scenery.

    • Dannye27

      stray dogs knocking about down alleys where the tramps are and they try to attack you when you run past

  • Anonymous

    i think you should be able to customise your vehicles, and im sure everyone will agree with me. and add so many side things to it, like buy your own house, do your house up. things like that.

  • Scott

    They should include midgets. Midgets that live forever and never grow old. They may look like kids, but really would be in their 30s. They should add a lot of animals too. You should be able to kill the neighbors pet dog Rex, and make a coat of it’s fur, then wear it to randomly generated PETA protests around Los Santos, where you would cook the dog meat as BBQ for all the protestors and yourself to regain health.

    • Your Mom

      you are one fucked up individual

    • Wellexperienced

      I hope your “reality” is limited to the games console!

    • Hunter714

      hahahahahhaha you are a genius. little midgets that happen to look like kids. classic

  • NINO1O

    Grand theft auto V should make everything up for grabs during online play. For example, if i own a club in the game it should be up for grabs to another online player who has more money or bigger guns,or if someone just goes on a rampage hunting online players! Bring the reality of real life crimes to online play. Let online players become kingpins by their dedication and intelegence to manipulate the virtual streets of GTAV!

    • Thisisosiris

      Like GTA sa servers?

    • Xoxlavxox

      let there be alot of women and you could take any girl on the streets you like as a girlfriend let your self build muscle by working out only after all the missions let the be like a dream job you could do after like be a football player or baseball player or hockey player and make sure it’z like NFL 2012 NBA 2012 so it could be more realistic keep most things you could do in San Andreas the same just add alot more like customize your charater with more cloths and you actually need rest have a wife at home you could get robbed basically like the sims enough said

      • Hunter714

        not too much, but playing street sports would be fun as hell. playin hoops with your boyz

  • Stef11navy

    Make it like battlefield in the case where every thing is destructible.

  • Yevin

    Make Like all new models of cars n you can customize it n you can own clubs n fly planes n have different type of jobs…..make it like a virtual realistic life that we live today…n make it like we have dogs n play co-op in the campaign mode…make it like midnight club n saint row n call of duty all together………..n it will be the number 1 game ever!!

  • ColbyJohnson

    make this game have more details, being able to controll the top of your convertable, being able to turn your car off, and sit in it, then start it
    pop the trunk put stuff in it, take off clothing whie walking around, little stuff like that, smoke a cig or  have a drink while on the street,
    little side adventures, like when you steal a car, you have to actually hot wire it. make it so that the cops get leads on you when you shoot someone instead of them instantly knowing its you. anything like that, just brings out the realism in a game.
    small details are the best details.

    • Scott

      Also car blinkers would be cool, those always add a lot of detail. They should also make every building so you can walk into it, even if you can’t do anything inside, it would still be cool. I think also for small crimes like crashing a car or anything small, (having 1 star) the cops should just pull you over for a ticket instead of automatically shooting. Then if you run and stuff it goes up to 2 stars and they chase and shoot. And, if you escape with a car from police, it would be cool if that vehicle was tagged, so any cop you drive around would know its a stolen car until you modify the car in some way.


    Take a look back n that scarface game .. Travel diff islands . Get robbed by gangs .. If u get caught pay lawyer fees and loose alot of money while ure in jail. Buy anyhing thats for sale .
    Put san andreas and scarface game (ps2) theme !

  • Moy Catalan

    Maybe having to call your buddies during missions like on salandreas

  • Moy Saga

    Having friends like on Assassin’s Creed that have specialties that can teach you different things…for example how to hack into police radio station so that you can listen while being in a regular car for crimes…i dont know thats a lame example but please add something new that will blow our minds.


    Idea .. Like call of duty . Demolition . 8 vs 8 – Hold down drug turfs .
    Idea .. Drug smuggling . Cops vs dealers – Cops try to stop Dealers from bringing in drug/guns
    Idea .. Swat police vs Bank robbers – Bank robbers must excape with money , swat is to stop Them . 10 online players cops vs 10 online players robbers .. Last man standin wins

  • Texas


  • Niceguy Welch95

    I hope gta5 has all the things from gta San Andreas but graphics from gta4! That would be awsome!

    • Jamo

      if you watch the trailor, you will see the graphics already surpass that of GTA IV, Remember how good SA was? well it will make that feel like the MW3 Campaign mode!! epic times ahead ppl. stay tuned…


        those graphics were just for the trailer, doesnt guarentee that the actual game graphics will be the same

  • Carlhosten

    Are they saying that there will be no crimw AT ALL? If YOU know, PLease let me know. Thanks!

  • Dannye27

    showing the health of another player online that is in your car, its going to be the little things that will make a difference. being able to go in more buildings, shoot from the windows, jump from the windows. not just a CITY like 

    GTA 4, a map more like SA. planes. 

  • moejoe69

    u should be able to buy clubs, bars etc, then hire either ppl u meet during game in story who aint doing so well or ppl u have had a fight with, so say u have a punch up with some huge guy and he gives as good as he gets, but u dont kill him maybe hire him haha, also customize ur cars with nitro etc, and if u have a convertable u should be able to put roof up and down with the touch of a button, also plains is a must as its quicker to get around large spaces in a short time?

  • moejoe69

    co-op would be brill as iv wanted that in a gta game since san andreas when u could run around with a m8 and cause mayhem lol, would be cool helping each other out!

  • BlackBible

    Truth Be told I want GTA V to be the Hottest GTA ever. Still I feel that innovations is need to the new game. A lot of Games felt they got Less in GTA 4 then in the others before it. Heck I’m still mad they took out Tanks and the military.

  • Trioxin_Zombie

    Offline Splitscreen CO-OP mode would be awesome. Look at how playable and replayable the Left 4 Dead series is due to being splitscreen co-op. I don’t mean this crappy link up co-op I mean SPLITSCREEN so if GTA 5 did it splitscreen then it would piss all over Saints Row’s co-op mode which is link up or online only. LEFT 4 DEAD got it right by allowing folks to do it offline splitscreen. That’s the way forward. Not link up.

  • Jesse Valor

    I really want GTA 5 to have wayy more Civilian gameplay. Intended or not, GTA 4 was the best driving simulator I ever had.

    I want 100’s of Enterable buildings, and beautiful, drivable cars, 4-lane highways (like the real thing) and loads of Countryside road….. I mean LOADS (which they seem to have promised). I want it to take 20 minutes to get from Point A to Point B, not 4 +/- 10 due to weird traffic.

    Updatable Behaviors. What do I mean by that? Well, in GTA 4… the Taxi Driver would throw out his coffee cup, adjust his mirrors and yes, scratch his balls. Well, wouldn’t it be cool if Rockstar continually released updates that added to that… like every month????

  • Eric Garcia

    GTA 5 should have split screen ZOMBIES 

  • Luke Joyce

    While I love the single player story’s of Grand Theft Auto games, and hope that stays, a separate co-op part would be really good, like Portal 2 had, a co-op side story based off a couple of minor characters you see in the main story.

  • Theman25

    yeah just make it the game like roaming around with a group and stright up muredering and facing off other gangs to claim respect

  • Mackenziefleming42

    Turning signals

  • Mackenziefleming42

    Have interior view of car, lots of different weapons. buy clothes,  cars possibly, houses, food, drinks alcholol cigarettes. when you eat, smoke or what ever it should take a realistic amount of time. not just a couple seconds.  there’s so much i could list, but im not trying to list all that shit..Lol

    • joey the gangsta is hear

      u r right wot u r saying lets hope they make it so real

    • JohnDoe

      Why would you want it to take a realistic amount of time to eat? That’d get pretty annoying to me…

  • Hunter714

    All games available in free mode. robbing banks; dancing around camp fires; praying at your local maasq; going to clubs downtown; houseparty’s in the hood; sky diving; street racing; gang fights; shooting across the city on the swingset; chillin at the airport. rockstar has a typical nostalgia theme. theyre going to bring gangs back too :)

  • dr.crain

    I sent an email to rockstar requesting they bring back gangs and gang banging. i also requested fighter jets but they probably already had that in mind. i asked them to allow drugs to be abuse by the player, and for there to be a swivel cannon on the helicopters. your clothing choices should also be more various. even gang apparel…. youre welcome 😉 

  • Blue39

    Multiplayer Tow Surfing 30 foot waves at the beach.
    I see the jet ski and the surfboard in the GTAV trailer.
    So all you need is the beach and waves. There hasn’t been
    a good surfing game for years. Rockstar did make one years ago.
    I hope they incorporate the beach lifestyle in the game.
    Bikinis, surfing, etc…..

  • Anonymous

    I hope they sort out the police in this one, i can’t be the only one who gets annoyed when a pedestrian can punch you but as soon as you hit back the police are on your ass straight away. Or, when for example you are under the motorway and fire a gun off. How the hell can the police chase you if they didn’t see you do it.

    Also, it would be nice to hide from the police like running into a building or driving down a side street and if they didn’t see you they just carry on past you leaving you free to go the other way or wait it out.

  • Alialnasan2

    Custumizing yur crib that wud be awesome