GTA 5 amusement park mini games

The excitement towards GTA 5 will not go away anytime soon, as fans of the franchise will keep digging around for every little morsel of information until the games release in 2012 or later. The recent trailer has been dissected that many times you would have assumed we would have heard it all by now, but it’s not the case. It seems in one of the scenes there could be the possibility of an amusement park where you can take part in some mini games.

One of our readers certainly has some eagle eyes, as they noticed a roller coaster in the far distant in the shot with the exercise equipment. There have been hints to an amusement park when listening to the radio stations in San Andreas, so could it really become a place where you can soon go instead of just hearing about it? If this is the case, then we might want to listen to a few more things while listening to the radio in the game to see if there is anything else we can look forward to.

However, because the setting is meant to mirror that of LA, you have to ask if there is actually a roller coaster near the water in Los Angeles? If there is, then they will have to make it the same as the real one, but if not then the developers can have some fun with creating their very own park, which could come with a host of mini games.

The imagination can start to run wild when thinking about these mini games, as the main character could either go there for fun or earn themselves something a little extra. Some rides that we would like to see include a roller coaster, carousel, ferries wheel, waterslide and much more. However, these are just rides that you sit on, so not much interaction with you the player. We do like the idea of taking part in mini games where you get involved, such as pitching a ball at a target, or trying to shoot metal ducks to win a prize. What rides or games would you like to see brought into GTA V?

Update: Another of our readers has informed us that there is a small roller coaster on the pier at Santa Monica. So what will Rockstar do?

  • Rob Dank

    There is an amusement park next to the water in Santa Monica on the pier. They have a roller coaster and a few other rides. Not to mention a lot of over priced food!

  • Sad

    Lol Rob!

  • Luke Joyce

    So what about the banners shown in the trailer for Pleasure Pier, with a Roller Coaster and a Ferris Wheel on it, that not enough of a hint?

  • Purelife

    Wouldn’t see why not, they did it in Bully.

  • Lol

    this is rct3

  • Tpa

    hoteee yoteee hot dogs, free mustard!