Skyrim mods: Nexus tests limit with children

During our review of Skyrim, if you can call it a review now that we’re around 100 hours in, we’ve seen many children that are normally found in towns, although you’ll find limits to what you can do when it comes to kids.

The thought of killing children in a game has never entered my mind, no matter how much they can annoy you sometimes, but this thought would’ve entered some gamer’s minds. When there is a need you’ll be sure to find a developer finding a way to fill it, and this is the same when a gamer in Skyrim wants to kill a child.

One of the latest Skyrim mods lets you do just this, and available to download on the popular mod website, Nexus. It’s fair to say that this mod has been classed adult only, and you have to be a registered member to gain access on Nexus, but the thought of killing children in a game still seems strange.

Bethesda didn’t add this feature for many reasons including ethics, and while this is only a game it’s just out of good taste. Will you download this mod to allow children to be killed in Skyrim? If the answer is yes, we wonder if you have children yourself and do you think Skyrim Nexus should allow mods like this on their website?

We have to also remember that gamers expect freedom, especially when there is an age limit, and without certain features a gamer may feel Skyrim is unfinished. We’ll leave our readers to decide on this one.

  • Derp

    Get over it. It’s just a game.

  • Anonymous

    My feeling is that if a dragon takes out half a village, children should
    die too.  I don’t have kids, but quite frankly, I don’t see how that
    invalidates my opinion in any way.  TESnexus should allow ANYTHING while
    staying within the law.  I am of the opinion only material that is
    procured illegally (such as child porn and snuff films) should be
    prohibitted, I think freedom of expression is CRUCIAL in ANY medium.

  • Anonymous

    double post.

  • Brad Rockwell

    Dunno i mean is there really any need to ? 
    it just seems kind of messed up having a desire to see kids die strong enough to make or demand a mod that lets you do just that

    • Anonymous

      well, it just makes more sense to not have them invincible.  I’d install this just to have the peace of mind that kids aren’t little deities with infinite health, doesn’t mean I’d actively seek them out and kill them.  It just seems odd and out of place to have them invincible and it’s an immersion breaker.  Furthermore I think content like this has a right to exist.

    • Tim Portalatin

      It’s not a mod that fills people’s desires to see kids die. It’s just a mod that removes unrealistic invincibility from child npc characters in a video game. When a dragon swoops down into a town  and breaths fire, torching all who stand in it’s way is it normal for the children to be fire proof? It adds a sense of realism and puts the choice in the players hand. It’s a game designed to give freedom for roll play. Blatantly unrealistic things kill the immersion. Besides, they are not actually children. They are just rendered images in visual story.

  • Dickbutt

    Actually, you can set children as nonessential and kill them in game through the use of console commands, no mod required.

    Aside from that, get over it. Fallout 3 had this, and so did New Vegas. This is hardly new, nor news worthy.

    • Anonymous

      The console command is the king immersion breaker. Besides, I wanna see my axe connect to their head before their lifeless body hits the ground. I would find that entertaining, which is why I play games — to entertain myself.

  • Common Sense

    Easy answer that covers all of life. Leave ethical decisions up to the people involved, if it harms nobody, people should be free to make their own choices. Aside from that common sense, they are a bunch of pixels, people need to grow up.

  • OP

    Unfortunately in Skyrim they are not nice children, most of them are insolent brats! However, although I’d like to give some of them a smack killing them is sick. A mod to make them essential as opposed to there being no effect from a blow would be much better. As it stands at the moment if you accidentally hit a child (if they get too close when you are fighting an adult) then those that like you start chasing the child endlessly trying to kill him or her, in cluding your companion. That is not the same as being essential.

  • Bob

    I have to question the morals of Daniel Chubb if he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to murder a pretend person in cold blood as long as they’re over a pretend age threshold, but murdering a pretend person under said age threshold is “out of good taste”. Your values are completely out of whack, man. They’re either both “out of good taste” or neither of them are out of good taste. There is no middle ground here. 

    For the record, I have 2 kids and love them very much, but this sort of mod does not bother me at all. Why the hell would it? It’s all pretend. You’re not going to turn into a murderer or deviant for killing pretend adults in a video game built around murder, why would it be different for pretend kids?
    Hell, you might not think you’re killing kids Daniel, but have you ever thought that some of the people you’re killing in this game might be parents? Their kids are likely going to starve to death now because you killed their livelihoods. 

  • Rampart

    yes i will download it !

  • Tim Portalatin

    It’s not a mod that encourages torturing children. It’s a mod that removes invincibility from in game children.

    WHY? If you are playing the roll of a tyrant and an in-game child witnesses you commit a crime the only way you can stop him from reporting it is by killing him. It is a moral decision for the in-game character to make… However if the kid is invincible, then you have no say in the matter. He will report you to authorities who will kill you or lock you up.

    It’s a game, not real life. It’s equally wrong to kill adults…so should games be censored completely?

    Also the author of this article needs to grow some. Did he have to stir this pool of dung as a journalist and then conveniently distance himself “The thought of killing children in a game has never entered my mind”. I don’t often hear reporters or read of journalists try to proclaim their innocence before even being accused.

  • Tsjb89

    This comes back to the old arguement about whether video games are bad or not and the simple fast is, if you can’t tell the difference between reality and make-believe then you are going to have massive problems with or without video games.

    Killing video game children is make-believe and I dislike it for the same reason I dislike not being able to kill Maven Black-Briar or Ulfric Stormcloak, it takes choices away from me in an open world game.

  • Nou

    I’m just going to point this out, because I feel some of you have forgotten – they’re not real children.

  • Eloking

    I like this mod.

    Not because I love killing children, far from it. I love it because of the drama is add is a children is accidently caught in a brawl or pass in the line of a arrow.

    I’m not installing this mod so I can kill children, I’m installing it so they won’t “miraculously” survived if a dragon breath fire on them so I can have a real reason to kick that dragon ass!

  • Squiddie

    Plain and Simple, Yes this mod is fine i mean you don’t usually run around slaying dragons in real life as well? if your going on the Killing kids is immoral ? so is killing Adults and animals so is stealing but you don’t see them banning that I am a parent myself and i see no problem in killing kids and quite frankly it annoys me that some people are so prudish as to go to the point where games cannot kill kids because “killing kids is wrong” well so is the above mentioned topics but that doesn’t stop us *yes i know my grammar sucks i do apologise* 

    • Squiddie

      I am talking about in game I don’t condone killing real kids haha just read my comment might have come off a bit blood thirsty towards murdering children this is not the case :)

  • Mr Omega

    I have a 10 month of daughter, and this mod doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I can understand why they can’t/won’t add it into the final game but at the end of the day, it is a game, and games are mainly about player choices if one of those choices are to kill a child for whatever reason (evil character, child stole something of value, or was just being an irritating little brat) then it should be left down to that player.

    What you need to worry about is when people start trying to mod the nude patches to apply for the now kill-able children :

  • Peter Singer

    “…the thought of killing children in a game still seems strange.”

    But killing adults doesn’t?

    “Bethesda didn’t add this feature [killing children] for many reasons including ethics, and while this is only a game it’s just out of good taste.”

    While killing adults is in good taste and isn’t a matter of ethics?

    I don’t ask for much, but I do have a penchant for logical consistency when it comes to the formulation of ethical systems. The above arguments are bunk.

  • Noneed124

    Looks like all the journalists are seriously late to the party with this topic.
    Seriously, there is no debate here. It’s a game, a work of fiction and not having it in is a serious immersion killer, for a lot of very good reasons. Anyone who complains about this needs therapy to help tell the difference between fact and fiction.

  • Prat

    Idiotic post. Child killing in real-life is worse than an adult in real-life because they’re more defenceless and haven’t lived a full life. However if you’re fine with freely murdering adults in a game (ie. you realise it’s not real) these points are moot and it’s no worse. I’d also like to add that just because I don’t plan to go around killing children (or adults for that matter) doesn’t mean that I want invincible children. What if an accident happens or they’re attacked by a dragon? Come back to me when AIs are fully sentient.

    • Prat the II

      There’s an annoying and slightly disturbing side effect for the mod though, the children can now use things, and they morph to adult size when they do.

      • Grayson Brafford


  • Kilroy238

    Must have been a really slow news day for the writer to come up with something so ridiculous to write about.

  • Charmedsnakejack

    What people do in their own homes is sacred. You create a realistic game and let me worry about ethics! Nudity, murder, drugs, my fantasy life, my decisions.

  • ParentandGamer

    i have kids… but hey the kids in the game pose certain issues. Say i play an evil character.  i murder people in their sleep.  that’s ok because its the games mechanics right? but oh no! the kid sees me! i just killed his parents! he’s a witness.  a witness i can’t get rid of, because hey, he’s a kid, and its just wrong for me to play the game sooooo evilly that i kill a kid… shame on me.  whatever.  if i’m bored i kill people, then i reload the game before it ever happened, and voila its like it never happened.  its a game, whatever.

  • Drew Perreault

    downloaded this the day it came out. knew it would happen before the game launched too lol like many other people have said, it’s a video game, not life. alot of people get so butthurt over things like this in video games, but seriously. it’s a video game. Mass murder of whole towns, bar brawls, slaughtering animals and throwing them off cliffs. but a child dies?!?! OH NO!!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Haha, QFT. I read your post after I posted mine. The similarities!

  • xpownz

    seems to me that people keeps finding videogaming a emotional way of life…cmon, let’s just have fun, skyrim is there along with one objective : be free. so…

  • Fdel71

    Its not about me killing a Children but a Dragon killing one. Imortal doesn t happen. I wont download it unless i stumble upon it there s so much more interesting mods and tweaks.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a deluded attitude to be “ethically” against this. I can butcher a woman, take off her clothes and throw her down a cliff; I can steal from the poor; I can slaughter domesticated dogs; I can watch as a dragon annihilates a village while only I can make it stop; I can spend hours and hours murdering hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of men an women also by putting them on fire first because that “does more damage” …
    But I can’t kill an annoying kid?

    The point is, because I can do almost all the above-mentioned unethical monstrosities of actions it doesn’t mean I’ll even remotely think of doing anything of that in real life. So why, I ask back at you, can’t I have the gaming pleasure of seeing a dead kid floating downsteam after I throw its burned corpse down a waterfall?

  • Sfbdfb

    hahaha i bet you regret writing this artical now daniel chubbby.

  • Guest

    The game allows you to kill people, it’s like most any other video game.  Just because they’re children doesn’t mean they need to be made invincible.  It’s a sandbox game, it’s not like it’s advocating the killing of anyone in reality.

  • Joshua Macneil

    Ahhh, I remember getting labeled a childkiller in fallout 2, memories.

  • Lolster

    The only reason they didnt include such a feature is because a 15 rating sells more than an 18. But to say that it’s barbaric and amounts to nothing is a joke. Some of the greatest franchises of videogaming could have killable kids like deus ex and fallout had killable children, and worse. Ethics aside, if bethesda had made it possible, people would have modded invincible children and vice versa.
    Theres no stopping people having different opinions, regardless of whos right or wrong, prude or sick, and thats why we need the creation engine as soon as possible so we can all attune skyrim to be the way we want to play. Mine’s bumraping kids while fireballing their moms and stabbing the dads while i shout with glee. Joking people seriously.

    • Grayson Brafford

      Fallout had killable children? Wasn’t that made by Bethesda too?

  • mv

    I was actually very happy they made the children unkillable; I thought it was a tasteful way of doing it. And yes, I believe there is a huge difference between killable adults and killable children. I also agree however with the point about the dragons not being able to kill children, or what if they witness a crime, shouldn’t they be killable too? I understand the point, but also it just seems to me like there’s a huge difference between killing an adult and a child.

  • Frosty

    It’s a game. Everybody should be killable, but the obvious reasons behind why they did it I don’t really mind. I am adding this to my game though, I’m not into ethics and whining about features you don’t HAVE to use anyway.

  • anonymous

    it would add to the realism to have this mod.. if i had it, i wouldnt go killing children myself, but knowing that you could be more of a hero by saving them from dragons would be pretty sweet. and i think that if you yourself killed a child in the game, the prison time should be an ungodly amount as well as the fine. 

  • Tuf Kyle

    So I return to the starting town to get the free metal the friendly ol smith leaves by the forge for me. The guards start screaming and shootin arrows in the air. A dragon lands on a house. Being level 6 with fur armour I run of course. I see flames from a distance. I return to find the bodies of 2 guards, the smith and his wife in the street. Their daughter stands, untouched, near her dead parents. Shame on the game makers for LETTING her survive.

  • Anonymous

    Its another one of these preference things, If you want to have the mod download it, if you don’t want to have the mod don’t download it. 

  • Firestorm2154

    I just want it to make it more realistic, to simply allow for the possibility of them dying if the dynamic events of the game logically lead to that, instead of them simply going unconscious then getting back up, a la Fallout 3. But then, maybe I will indulge with one of the extra annoying ones. As been repeatedly stated, it’s a game, it’s not real. I love kids, I have a large family of entirely younger siblings, etc. Part of the point of a role-playing game in particular is playing a character, a role, and a life that is fantastical, in large part in the literal sense of it being completely not-real.

  • Grayson Brafford

    I completely agree with Firestorm. Look, I understand why they didn’t allow it in the real game. But honestly, I find nothing wrong with this mod. It’s not like I would go purposefully killing children for the fun of it, (though some people might) it’s just more for the possibility of it actually being there. And as for the nude mods:
    Nerd porn.

  • Juniorsoprano

    It is a joke for children to even be in this game if they are on permanent god mode.  Give me a break, it really ruins the game for me when a town gets wiped out and children are still running around like nothing happened, nevermind ma and pa were just killed.

  • Haddacall

    I don’t have a problem with this mod since it’s just a game, and we play these games to escape the monotony of our real lives anyway. Hell, I’ld like to see a mod that let’s you snatch these little monsters up, bend’em over your arrow ridden knee, and light up their little world with the flat of your blade, let’em go tell that to the city guard. Well actually, I’ld like to do that in real life, with some of the little thugs and hoodlums that prowl my neighborhood, something their parents should have done, but then again, if they had, their little brats wouldn’t be thugs and hoodlums now would they! I have to agree with other posters though about the Dragon Breath thing, and no witnesses to crimes, I like playin on the darkside myself now and then…Besides, that orphanage in Riften would get majorly overcrowded, if someone hadn’t taken the initiative, I own a house there, gotta think about my property values, you know what I mean? Then again, come to think of it, you don’t see any kids running the streets of Riften! Hmmm! Maybe someone should mod orphanages in all the major cities, with a special truancy guard, to hunt the little nippers down, or better yet, let the beggars hunt’em down, that’ll give’em a way to earn some cash, instead of hitting me up for it every time I pass by one! I’m surprised no ones modded them in standing at the crossroad signposts yet, with a parchment sign saying “will work for food”!….In my opinion, no one should be essential, or unkillable in this game, except my character of course, since he obviously drives the storyline, and I didn’t see Bethesda cut me any slack! So save your morality for the real world, but while your here in Skyrim, have fun!….

  • Jimmy John

    Many NPC’s (mostly main-quest NPC’s) were immortal in Skyrim, and that annoyed me to no end. In Morrowind, you could kill anyone, and if they were important, the game would pretty much tell you ”You just messed up your main story progress. Do you want to keep playing anyway?” and if you did, the game did nothing to stop you. Making NPC’s immortal because ”They’re important to the main quest!!!” or because ”THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!” is immersion breaking, to say the least. To say that murdering (lol, jail time and a few hundred gold fine isn’t a punishment) only certain types of NPC’s (adults, that is) is fine if you don’t get caught, but exempting others from harm (children, that is……….I have a ‘that is’ fetish, don’t judge me) is equally fine is (again) immersion breaking.