Skyrim unplayable on PS3: Lag fixed after restart or patch

Over the next few days we’ll be posting more details about Skyrim quests, weapons and other findings from our 100+ hour hands-on, although now that we’re at level 32 and have a save file on the PS3 approaching 9MB, the lag is becoming unbearable.

Those that play Skyrim on the PlayStation 3 for many hours will know all too well what we’ve experienced, and while we keep going back for more Skyrim fun, after a few hours the gameplay becomes almost unplayable. Imagine the worst kind of lag you find with bad online gaming, and you get close to what PS3 owners are experiencing thanks to Bethesda’s coding.

We love what Bethesda has given us in the form of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but the extreme lag gets ridiculous and shouldn’t be there in the first place, although Bethesda could never have known about this unless they played a version on the PS3 for many hours, which would allow the save file to increased and memory problems start to show.

The solution for now is to stop playing every couple of hours, save and restart your PS3 to clear the memory. This fixes the lag issues for a short time, and while it’s really annoying, we guess it is good to have a break from this addictive game.

Hines has confirmed on Twitter that the upcoming PS3 patch will improve performance for “long-term play on PS3”. So at least we know the upcoming update should fix the lag issues, although those playing the PS3 version right now have two choices: Restart every now and then, or wait until the week after thanksgiving for the PS3 patch.

Have you found the lag on the PS3 version of Skyrim unplayable after time?

  • SlickCoderz

    How can a save file even reach over 1MB? Only some poor coding standards would allow such an occurrence. It takes under 256 Bytes (Under 1KB | 1MB = 1024KB | 1KB = 1024 Bytes) to store the X, Y, Z Co-ordinates, so thats save location sorted. Items in a backpack etc can be allocated an ID and saves in xml form for example. (102,23,88,249) so thats 240 Bytes for 4 items in a back pack. You most likely get the jist of how badly Skyrim has been programmed now. (Overall, you could store around… 262,144 Items in that backpack only using 1MB)

    • Tyler

      Positions of all items are also stored, where a character is and their state, for example, you can kill a character in one city, go across the map, save, restart, walk back and they will be in the same position – or at least, its like that when playing on the PC.

    • playitagainsam

      How can you tag yourself slickcoderz and comment on bethesda’s standards when you clearly have no idea of the complexity of what’s being stored and saved in the game? EVERYTHING in the “world” that gets moved has it’s location saved. Check the number of movable objects and storage locations there are within skyrim. You most likely get the jist of how clueless you are now, slick.

    • Mike Ockizard

      Yeah, like the others said, try playing the game before commenting.  The game saves not only your position, but all the items you have on you, all the items you have stored in chests around your houses and the world, every item you have picked up and dropped, what houses you own, how they are decorated (down to where every book on every bookshelf is located), everyone you have killed, every quest you have completed, every person you have interacted with, tons of stats and leveling info, peoples disposition toward you, etc, etc, etc.  

      I have seen thieves killed by guards in the middle of a town, and their bodies remain there for literally a week!  If anything, the game stores TOO MUCH data, and that is why the file sizes are getting out of hand.  As you can see, this game is about a LOT more than just your coordinates and a couple of items….

  • Anonymous

    “…although Bethesda could never have known about this unless they played a
    version on the PS3 for many hours, which would allow the save file to
    increased and memory problems start to show.”

    Unless they played their own game before releasing it? How can they sell a game after years of development and not play it first? This is a joke. I don’t see how a company can be so disconnected from their own game, and not even be aware of issues that crop up after 20 or 30 hours of use. That’s less than a single work week. This comes down to complete ignorance or negligence, or both. I just don’t see how the public could have noticed such a game-crippling bug before Bethesda did. If they knew about it, and still chose to release the game with the bugs in it, they should be issuing refunds or sued. If they really didn’t know about it, that just shows a complete lack of quality control and care. Either way, this has ruined the Skyrim experience for anyone who really loves the game and plays it a lot. What was a beautiful, immersive experience eventually becomes a frustrating ode to the empty promises of under-developed software. I was ready to call this the best game ever made, but that’s only if I can actually play it. If this memory bug isn’t fixed this game will be the biggest tease in history.       

  • KrazyFace

    Pixemated has it right on the money. After FOUR YEARS of production, how can they possibly not put in the time to check the game runs fine after the save file reaches a certian size? More to the point, how can they release a game on PS3 that suffers this bug when it also occured in Oblivion and Fallout 3… Oh, and New Vegas as well!? In all honesty, this is pretty obviously a product of a “shurrup an’ gimme yer money” attitude.

     I’m VERY disapointed in Bethesda for allowing this to happen a THIRD time on this platform. As much as I love this series of games, I think I’m going to have to pass on the next one they release for PS3 as right now I feel like a toddler thats had his lolly snatched off him violently by a bigger, angry child.

    Oh, and you can forget about my monies for your inevitable DLC packs again Bethesda. also, when exactly is Thanks Giving? I’m from UK so I’ve no idea when that patch might be coming!

    • Donald J. Sullivan

      Nov 24th or better yet your on a comp Google it how can you not know! You do have a 4th of July in your country right?

      • Highgrohler

        Really? you seriously think we celebrate YOUR countries freedom? I suppose separating from the Americans is as good a reason as any to celebrate….

        • Gary

          So there’s no 4th its just goes right from the 3rd to the 5th of July in your country ? that’s weird ……

        • Prototype

          well blow it out your ass.  do you really think your better than us?  

  • Millditch

    Why are Sony allowing there followers to be fobbed off with this rubbish?