CastleVille review: Won’t revolutionize social gaming

Build up your kingdom from a tiny bit of land, become a force in CastleVille, and discover the magic and mystery involved with this addictive fun game. Similar in fashion to FrontierVille and Ravenskye City this may not be a unique game but there could be more in store.

In an article on BBGSITE they have had a look into a game they say doesn’t remake the wheel or have any crazy ambitious concepts although it has many of the same great features that are included in the games mentioned above. In addition, with some new features they have also classed this as arguably the best audio and visual experience on Facebook.

The reason this will not revolutionize social gaming is mainly because it doesn’t seem to be original and reminds the user of movies like Shrek and Tangled with a great use of solid animations giving this a captivating feel. The aim of the game is to uncover new areas using a selection of features including magic crystals, clearing valuable space, cutting down trees and much more; all this to open up a kingdom enclosed by gloom.

This game has more in the way of discovery and exploration as opposed to other titles. Meeting new characters is a fun part along with finding new items and resources. The fantasy soundtrack made a great impression, although rapid energy depletion did not and neither did the dependency of requiring friends for assistance. CastleVille got an overall 9.9, and sounds to me as if it made a good impression.

Briefly, this is the sort of game that will be welcomed by new players, but very much like other games. Will you enjoy a game that is reminiscent of other games? Sometimes this can be a good thing for those who are accustomed to a certain style of game.