Eden Eternal: New races shown

The Open Beta for Eden Eternal was released on 15 June 2011, this is a free-to-play Fantasy MMORPG that will be getting a massive update this month, and publishers Aeria Games has released a trailer video of the new races.

The video trailer shown below this article shows off two new races that will be added to the Eden Eternal game, the two races are called ‘Ursun’ and ‘Halfkin’.

The Ursun race will allow players to gain special items that will boost the gamers stats, they will also have the ability to craft glyphs according to MMO Games. The Halfkin race is a little different, this one allows players to create special enchantments and Trophy Enhancements, and these are used to enhance trophy items.

Once the trophy items are enhanced players can raise their fame in each of Eden Eternal towns. For more information about the anime based Eden Eternal game, please visit the official website to register and play.

Watch the video trailer below of the races and let us know what you think. We will keep you updated when these go live.


  • Colleen

    i found this game really intresting and a good game,can you download enternal eden for the computer