GTA 5 character update

You may have already seen this coming but we have a GTA 5 character update for you, as it seems like Luis Fernando Lopez will not feature in the new game. Fans of Grand Theft Auto IV will know that Lopez was the bodyguard for Gay Tony. The voice actor who plays him has confirmed that he is not part Rockstar’s new game.

There has been much speculation as to which characters will appear in GTA 5, and the likes of Gay Tony, CJ, Niko Belic, and Tommy Vercetti have all figured, but NowGamer said that this is the first time that nightclub entrepreneur Anthony Prince has been linked to the game, or not in this case.

We all know that naming the characters that will appear in the next Grand Theft Auto game is all speculation, and some have already been ruled out, but surely new characters will be a better direction for Rockstar to go in? However, we have seen in previous versions of these games that characters have returned.

Most of our readers have been asking for CJ to return, but we think this would be a mistake, we need a fresh start but would you agree?

  • JR

    Niko, Tommy and CJ WILL NOT be in the game together. This is because the era of games that these characters exist in a different. Niko won’t meet Tommy, because Tommy doesn’t exist in the GTA IV continuity, as it was a reboot. Liberty City is completely different in the new era. 

    Unless Rockstar decide to mix and match, or return to the gone era of GTA 3 (which they won’t), then the only way you’ll be seeing Tommy or CJ is via an easter egg/reference. As seen in the trailer, Los Santos is no longer looking like it did in San Andreas, and seems to have recieved the same treatment as Liberty did. Niko may appear because GTA 5 likely continues the GTA IV continuity, meaning Gay Tony also has a chance. 

    • Patrick Turner

      Yes, but Niko stayed in Liberty at the end of the game in GTA IV, so didn’t Gay Tony. It might be CJ since he never had anything wrong with him. (Ie. Murdered/Suicide,Etc.) Tommy is unlikely due to the fact almost everyone say’s he got so hyped up on cocaine he OD. Claude will NOT make it, ’cause he can’t speak. Once they release the map information, I’m sure people will start to guess alot better. This is all my opinion.

    • Guest

       its useless these ppl still think even after rockstar has explained the eras in how they are creating characters that CJ and Tommy are going to appear in the game

  • Dominator805

    Bring CJ back!

  • Carson J Gallo

    Niko’s character was the most interesting, and begging to be get some additions onto his story, so we’ll definitely see him for at least a cameo, after all IMDb has confirmed the voice actor is returning to play him in GTA V. And according to them its not rumored but in fact confirmed.

    • Ted_mongel

      IMDB confirmations don’t mean anything. The voice of Niko also had a public fallout with R*. The chances of him returning are very slim. His name was removed from IMDB as it was just a fan who submitted the information.

    • Ricardo

      imdb can be edited by its users just like wikipedia. i doubt that niko will make an appearance in V. i wouldn’t want him to return anyway, they should leave his story as it is.

    • Shady05eddie

      gta4 was boring niko sucks 

      • Suksdbcdjxjvsdkj


        • Patrick Turner

          Dude, Makarov can suck BF3. GTA is better than CoD,Halo,and BattleField. Get off this site.


    they need to some ghetto stuff in gta >_> to make it gangster hehe not many gangster/thug/ghetto games out there 😛

  • Callum_0901

    i know everyone loves CJ , but they cant bring him back because he was like at least 25 in 1992 SA which would mean he’d have to be atleast 45 years old in GTA5 and no one wants to play some fat old guy, besides its not like you can be too ‘Gangta” when your that old…….Unless your name is Charlie Sheen lol

    • SomeOldFatGuy

      No matter who the main character is, I will be playing as an old fat 45 year old…  Just sayin’

    • Patrick Turner

      Uh……….. He was 16/18 in that game (I have never seen a 25 year old THAT skinny{when you play as him in the beginning of GTA SA})


    I dont think CJ should be the main character. I think there should be a DLC about the hood, and you play as a young gang member, and CJ is one of the OG’s of Grove Street. GSF FO LIFE!

    • moejoe69

      i agree that would be good, maybe cj son working for his father for grove street haha

  • Joeyfusco

    i think they should bring back a younger CJ or his son or some thing like that, i like the fact of having a younger more athletic character, it makes more sense when running and jumping and doing other criminal acts like the story seems to follow. From the trailer it seems like the main character will be a white guy in his 40-50’s , im hoping its not going to be that way

  • maccadoolie

    one thing everyone seems to forget is CJ has no hands, he blew them off in gta 3 wich is set after san andreas in the gta timeline

    • Anonymous

      That was 8-Ball

      • moejoe69

        yeah it was that was 8 ball DEFFO

    • Andres Salgado

      that was 8-ball

    • Essex

      That ain’t CJ dude, you mean 8 ball

  • HBZX WebCams

    super mario is lead char.

  • @$$hole!

    Go jack off and get over C.J. already. Besides, what’s he like now, in his 40’s? 

  • anonymous

    Stop asking for C.J so much. lets get someone new. For everybody dickriding C.J jus hope you get to be friends with him or something.

  • Guest

    CJ was the best GTA main character and had the best storyline! Bring back an older CJ and a more advanced storyline with those awsome graphics!

  • Matt

    Cj and his story was great but that needs to end and they need to create new characters and a new story line to make for something different. I don’t know why everyone wants the same game again, if a few people make an appearance then cool but just give me a new game lol.

  • Shaady05eddie

    cj has to come back with all the eses make the game life like with actual gangs from la grafitti bank jobs maybe bring new characters an use cj as a rival or partner?

  • Luke Joyce

    CJ and Tommy are finished, this is a new Generation in the GTA franchise, we may see hints to and cameos from some IV characters just as we did in the III generation, depends whether they consider V a new generation all of its own, or still in the same generation as IV, but I for one hope the story and main characters are fresh and new.

    • Mista_swerve2000

       i truly do not get why all the tards on this forum don’t realize that

  • joey

    yea but cj and tommy cud be part of the game like the big bosses the main part cud be gerry mcreary or pakie mcreary

  • sophakon

    i think they should have some old guy in the game with prostetic hands and further down the story line they should have some kind of indacation  that it is cj

  • sophakon

    oh ya and its player custamization becus every few seconds its a whole new charecter like running from the cops or the guy hiking or the beginning guy

  • brandon

    i think they should have c.j’s son as a main character

  • higaredaangel

    I believe that they should give you a choice of who you want to play as. But i think since CJ basicly ruled the streets of San Andreas he NEEDS to be in  GTA 5

  • Nbalive06

    the main character should be a CJ’s cousin, or a hot Chick

  • Telamon

    Your guy haz a buz cut and you get to cutomiz him and hes white! I have the game I bought it form the website for free!

  • faizan17

    cj needs to be in the game

  • Sergio

    i dont agrre CJ needs to be the main character, he was the best character in all games of Rockstar Games, so we wont cj as gta 5 main character.

    • Mista_swerve2000

       rofl best character? CJ was one of the most unrealistic characters rockstar has created. it is in my opinion Niko Bellic is the best protagonist GTA has ever had to date. but this is just opinion just like yours is. just know not everyone feels like CJ was the best character

  • Essex

    They need to start to bring all the characters stories together. How cool would it be for CJ to meet up with Jacob the rasta, or for Niko and Claude to do a heist together. How dope would it be for Gay Tony to move to the west coast and set up shop with a new bodyguard who is really out to get him, And Luis comes to the rescue. 

  • Mista_swerve2000

    their are multiple different eras in the GTA world including the GTA 3 era and now the GTA 4 era the GTA 3 era is closed you wont be seeing CJ or Tommy or Claude again the only characters that may pop up in GTA 5 are characters from 4

  • First Last

    why can’t y’all create  ps2 version for gta 5.ps2 can’t handle the greate improved graphics, but just downgrade the graphics and other qualities so it can be on ps2! please do it