Skyrim: Best stealth and mage race

There are so many factors to consider before you even begin your Skyrim campaign, which begins with your choice of race. Looks like you only get slight extras for each type of race and the way you want to play the game, although these slight benefits are still there along with a debate on what makes the best stealth and mage race.

There is no easy answer to this, but we will endeavor to find out for you. Three choices to consider for Battle Mageare are High Elf, Dark Elf or Redguards, but those are just a few personal preferences from our readers. So many questions are being asked as to which race is best for certain tasks, such as “Best Human Race For Stealth Character” or “Best Race for Battlemage.”

Now we could enter a debate and get it all wrong so before you start to get too confused about which race would best suit these needs you should remember something, races are only important at the start of Skyrim, As the game goes on it will not matter which race you are because you would have built up your skills, weapons and armor for whatever type of warrior you wish to be.

If you could give our readers some advice we would be most happy, and as a little treat we just had to show you this video below. Now we are not certain if it is possible or not, what do you think?