Xbox Live accounts hacked, counting the cost

Remember the hassle that Sony had with PSN being hacked last year, well it seems that Microsoft is now a victim because Xbox Live accounts have been hacked. The company will now look at why this has happened, but it is gamers who will be counting the cost. Some have had around £200 stolen but on average that figure is £100, which is a nightmare.

According to The Sun, Xbox executives were now looking into the issue, and it’s easy to see how Xbox Live users were conned into this cyber fraud. One way where these “phishing” crooks managed to make away with money from users was by sending an email with a link to a bogus website asking the victims to enter their details, such as name, address and credit/debit card information.

Most victims will not even know that money has been taken from their account, as the criminals will take small amounts each week over a certain amount of time. The only time when users found out that something was wrong was when they tried to log in to their account, only to find that they had been locked out.

Microsoft will now be counting the cost in the long run, as they will refund the money taken from these accounts, but only to those who can prove they did not hand over password details. Although this is sad news for those who had their accounts hacked, you have to remember that you need to be vigilant.

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