MW3 Elite update and clan levels/perks

There has always been debate over Activision making loads of money from Call of Duty games, and that their focus was more on the money than gamer experience. This wouldn’t make good business sense, and it makes us wonder how games like Modern Warfare 3 have become so popular if this were true? Bottom line it cannot be, do you love Activision games?

Following the MW3 launch, we now see Call of Duty’s Elite service has accumulated over one million subscribers, and they’re all paying money for the new service ($50 for a year), which gives the gamer access to exclusive information and MW3 maps over the next year.

These COD Elite stats are impressive considering the service has only launched just over a week ago, and adding to the impressive paid stats are over 4 million people already registered for Elite and around 3 million people login every day. You can read more on these stats in this article.

Another trend we see happening is one of Call of Duty Elite clans, and how the gamers are spreading the message in forums, which normally starts with a post saying “Inviting you all to a PS3 MW3 Elite Clan“, or “MW3 Elite Clan Recruiting“. Do you belong to a COD clan, and if so how do you spread the message?

You may also want to read a guide on Call of Duty Elite clan creation, perks and levels, which can be found in this article. They list each level and perks on offer.