PS3 firmware 4.0 desired with PS Vita improvements

The recent news of an upcoming PS3 update to include certain features has led to a few hopes that this PS3 firmware will be 4.0, which would be the next major update for Sony’s games console.

Sony normally moves to a new X.0 number when there are many little updates pulled into one new firmware, also this is a good chance for the PlayStation 3 to get some massive new features that gamers have been crying out for. Do you have some changes in-mind that you want the next major update to include?

The specific features rumored for an upcoming PS3 firmware are for the PlayStation Vita, which according to this article, include the ability to have PS Vita remote play for all games. This would make a pretty cool feature and one that would encourage some gamers to own a Vita, although the resolution is said to be only 480×272 that is then upscaled.

Would you like a PS Vita to interact with your PS3 via remote play, and what other ideas can you think of for PS3 and Vita interaction? The TGS featured a few demonstrations with the Vita, and these included co-op play with PS3 games, which saw Little Big Planet 2 on the PS3 interacting with Vita.

You can see a video below that shows Killzone 3 remote play with Vita at the Tokyo Game Show.


  • James Johnstone

    A couple of things I would like for the next update which is a password protected username not for playstation network talking about the actual name on the ps3 and cross game chat and other stuff

    • Anonymous

      Cross Game Chat is NEVER coming to the current versions of the PS3, the CEO explained that, because the RAM is partitioned the way it is, it is not powerful enough to support it