Best sword in Skyrim

A few days ago we were shocked to learn that there was a bow in Skyrim, which could cause over 1000 damage. We did not believe it at first, and assumed it was some kind of PC mod, but reading our previous post you will see otherwise. This has got us thinking, what is the best sword in Skyrim you can make with smithing?

From what we can gather the answer is the Daedric Sword, but there are a few things that you will need to do first in order to create your new powerful weapon. You will have to go to Whiterun and then visit the bar that looks like a ship at the top of a hill. Once inside you will need to go down and head right, then another right down some stairs. Once through the doors take another right and head down the hallway.

You will then enter a room, head left and look on the plate for the Daedric heart, but it could be on the floor for some reason. You will have to steal this item and then run out of the building. If you have some Ebony ore then you have saved yourself a trip to a mine or store. You will then have to head to the blacksmith, but please make sure you have some leather strips.

Make sure you have 100 smithing before you attempt the next step, which is to forge. You then select Daedric and then the Daedric Sword, once you have created your new weapon move over to the grindstone and make it Legendary; the damage is then increased to 50.

This might not be as powerful as the Bow that we mentioned earlier, but there are ways to increase the damage even further. You can improve it by wearing a ring to improve smithing, or even drinking a potion. You can even go a step further than this and enchant your sword as well to give you a truly special weapon.

What is the most powerful sword you have made in Skyrim?

  • Skyrim Sucks

    We were socked?  Do you mean shocked?  Edit your junk before you post it.  Very unprofessional.

  • MT

    Dmg 127 from 100 smithing and 100 enchanting.

  • Df

    450 dmg

  • Me

    So what do you do with the daedric heart??

    • chmook77

      It is one of the materials used to make the daedric sword