GTA 5 houses and Skyrim type missions

Those gamers that put enough time into GTA IV would have had some police fun in the game, and those that just love to do mindless things could spend hours just shooting police and seeing how many will come after you, and at what extremes the police would go to apprehend you.

While it’s only a game, this is something that Grand Theft Auto became known for long ago, and that’s letting the gamer have total freedom to complete missions or just travel the streets by a variety of vehicles just having fun.

GTA 5 needs more freedom than any of the previous titles, and while we all know that a next-gen system like the Xbox 720 or PS4 could bring a lot more graphic power and gameplay that isn’t possible on this generation of games console, you still cannot underestimate what’s possible right now with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Having put 150 hours+ into Skyrim since its release, we’ve seen the way quests can be handled to make a world that is almost never-ending. Now think Grand Theft Auto V, and how houses and missions could be used like houses/caves and quests in Skyrim, imagine the limitless potential here?

In Skyrim you could be looking at an old bookshelf in some cave or house in the middle of nowhere, which then leads to a new quest thanks to exploring that new area. Now with GTA 5 we could have many more houses opened up to allow us to explore inside, and we could lock pick doors that then allows us to burgle those homes, which could lead to new missions/quests.

Everyone has their favorite GTA game from the franchise, although most of us will agree that houses and buildings need to be opened up more, which will allow a lot more freedom in GTA 5.

While other ideas like upgrading cars with rims and audio equipment, and a lot more, sounds good we feel the hundreds of homes in GTA need to be opened up to allow the kind of freedom that makes Skyrim great. Both of these games are very different but Skyrim can show GTA a thing or two about immersion.

What ideas do you have for houses in GTA 5 and the ability to find missions or items by entering them?

  • Breg_24

    gta needs to take a page out of bethesda’s skyrim. gta 4 is my favorite game and dragons and magic arent really my cup of tea but skyrim really is an amazing game and hopefully gta 5 will have a similar mission generator.

  • Philipmccomb


  • JR

    It all depends on the direction of the story. The reason house robbery, personal grooming and car customization etc were removed from GTA IV was because they had no place, due to the more mature story. Unlike CJ, Niko Bellic isn’t the type to go robbing peoples houses and style his hair and isn’t interested in blowing money on pimping out his ride. You can’t just say they need to put these things in the game for it to be any good, because it depends on the direction of the story for any these features to make sense. 

  • Sk8erforlife420

    why is niko in that car

    • Blah, Blah, Blah, !

      Maybe because it’s Liberty City, not Los Santos

    • Kjhkjbkb

      cuz its gta 4 with enhanced graphics.

  • d-wop

    The main character should be one that you create. The characters rockstar make are kinda boring. It would be cool if they made it more personal like bioware does with their games

  • jermaine

    this is awesome. i don’t what anyone wants to say all the GTA games are great in fact they are the best games ever created ad great job rockstar.

  • Andrew McBride

    You know what i miss in GTA IV para-shoots, I mean comon they had them in GTA san andreas. I would have thought that would have been an add on in gta 4, Hopefully there is something similar to this in gta 5…. 

    • Xboxgamer969

      ummmm there is parachutes in GTA IV dumbass, its in The Ballad of Gay Tony add-on

  • nignaddynane

    1st person driving !!!

  • Christoffer Treyz

    These are all just theoretical arguments about games giving you soo much freedom and whatnot. The truth is that just being able to do stuff doesn’t mean the player really wants to do hours and hours of the same routine (in how many different ways can you pronounce “dull”?)… I call this fake-freedom and fake-neverending stories. As soon as all scripts in a game were launched and you are only able to fullfill automated stuff anymore – that’s where the fun stops. To be honest.. the fun stops always way before that point.
    At least i have no intention to spend hours if not days wandering around GTA5 lockpicking my way into every house just to get some cash and a leftover quest that, when overseen, adds nothing at all to the general gameplay. After the 10th house my brain will refuse to do another one because it will be repetitive like hell.
    So, my wish to developpers, especially in the case of Bethesda: try to become better at your graphic-engines and for the love of god: get some decent storytellers who are able to pull an interesting story for a rpg and not for the 100th time the same 0815-bullcrap i’ve been “forced” to play for almost 30 years now 😉

    • As

      best comment on here

  • Xboxgamer969

    this game is gunna be this generation of consoles For Your Information

    • Xboxgaymer69

      Learn to spell.

  • Chillichoc

    How about an ipod so you can listen to the different radio stations whilst walking around

  • Paradox_428

    …if Rockstar made games consoles…

  • Alexanderbean

    for a sec, that picture looked like it was from real life! Basically, GTA 5 should have more interactivity and stuff to do in genereal. GTA 4 was great in terms of graphics, physics, voiceovers and all that but the missions kind of got repetitive (theyre usually: drive from point a to point b then shoot people) and some thing that were awesome in past GTA games were removed like: having to eat, flying planes, some aspects from character customization (ex: getting fat). Now, I think that GTA 5 should re-introduce all this stuff in the game but also add new mechanics and things so that they won’t pull another Call of Duty (as in: Copy and paste things from past games). Maybe they could make more buildings accesible. Or let you buy furniture for your home or something. One thing I would like is if they would make a few characters from past GTA games appear in GTA 5 (ex: Tommy Vercetti, or CJ) because I think that we all think those characters were awesome.

  • Callumknowles123

    rockstar should try there hardets to put a mini moto or mini motor bike like get the quad back in!!

  • Deez Nutz

    I think Microsoft is the reason why GTA IV left such a lackluster impression. I mean, they had to pay R* millions of dollars to keep the game from being a PS3 exclusive (and received priority for DLC in the process), so the game had to be designed with the XBOX 360’s small storage space in mind. Just my speculation. GTA IV felt like it had been stripped down. If that was indeed the case, I hope R* learns from that mistake and give the XBOX’ers 3 discs to chew on. 
    I hope that the DLC for V will be expansion packs in the form of San Fierro and Las Venturas.  But as for the main entrée itself: I hope R* goes balls out on this one; I want the freedom to customize everything from cars, to weapons, to my pubic hair. Due what Saints Row has done and then some. 
    I’m one of the few people who enjoyed the darker feel and realism of GTA IV. However, I think they got a little carried away with it. What ever happened to the blow torch and the 50 cal? If any game needed the freedom to set a crowd of people ablaze with a blow torch, it was GTA IV, having the most realistic NPC’s and environment out of them all. 
    Hopefully R* is reading.

  • tulipface

    yummy lets hope its not a snorefest like 4 was

  • Jay Griffiths

    GTA definitely needs more sandboxy elements.  I’d love to be able to establish a business empire, legitimate or not.  Hire underlings, hitmen and thugs to do work, take out enemies, and take control of areas of town.  Own businesses and build them up.  Own houses and pimp them out.  I really didn’t enjoy GTA IV all that much so I’m hoping they expand things quite a bit with GTA V or I’ll probably just skip it.  Skyrim has ruined me for linear gaming (and no, I don’t want to spend my time keeping my idiotic gfs happy by visiting them all the time).

  • Omidhercule

    have some main buildings which can be accsesd:
    school: with all the teachers and kids
    university: can visit inside the campuses
    airport: packed with people rushing from a t b with their luggage
    shopping mall: a huge hyper store where you can buy everything i there. e.g. tv and furniture to decorate the houses you can bye to guns and clothes.
    hospital: a huge hospital with all the doctors and patients.

    • The Boss!

      that’s a fantastic idea!

    • Chris

      The shopping mall would even open up a whole extra category;

      allowing the character to have an inventory and be able to customise safehouses to his/her own liking.
      Good thoughts man.

  • paintballing

    have PAINTBALLING as a sport which can be played in the woods shown in the trailer!!!!

  • The Boss!

    Actually enter the restaurant when on dates etc and choose your meal when fine dinning

  • Ephaseone

    This isn’t the sims its GTA. If you could customize your houses people would just get bored of  the game as i imagine that would take forever. What i want is to actually have something other than guns to spend your endless supplies of money on when you finally finish the game. Perhaps purchasable houses, cars, planes, maybe even buy a business. I agree that car customization should return and im incredably glad about the return of jets and planes as they were my favourite part of San Andreas.

  • Ephaseone


  • Rizvi Malik

     i want it  on ps 3  not ps 4 i am wast  my money 

  • 8======D ~ ~ ~ ~ O:


  • joey

    cant wait but it wud be gud if u cud decrate youre pad yore way like in sants row i wish they wud bring sum of the old gta games for the xbox 360 or ps3 or wii

  • Armaddajam

    safes, computers, tack boards, closet stashes, fridges, freezers & attics. Oh dog houses could be bunkers!

    • Armaddajam

      never know what green houses can be or yield?

  • Armaddajam

    progression at the airport on other sites would be cool too”visit a map” passably? thrown in progressively as updates internationally? race monty carlio or buy ‘n manage smuggling opp’s

  • Armaddajam

    bodyguards that suppress attackers & take orders

  • Armaddajam

    pilot license A130 upgradeable transport/Havoc, Comanche, Su-37  mutable. With trainable hot chicks as you desire recrutable &
     fully capable expendable but progressive.

  • Armaddajam

    collectable swag, on the driveway & else “trophies”

  • Armaddajam

    drive through, grub on the go! Pay off the cops! Inst. escort 4 trouble making at a cost $ & rep.


    the lock pick/burgle houses idea is great, i hope they read this!

    • joey the gangsta is hear

      brill idea i like it buddy

  • joey

    go on his laptop but he can tark 2 peolpe fase on web cam and a lot more beting shops and casions

  • Me


  • Me

    But seriously, what R* really needs to think about in Grand Theft auto 5 is Money. In GTA4 all we could to with our money is buy clothes, snacks, dates and medical bills! By the end of the game I think I still had about 80 000 dollars by the time I’d died countless times and bought all the clothes in the game! I mean 70 percent of the fun of playing missions is the satisfaction of getting more and more money from them, but then you finish the game and realise you have nothing to do with your money but lose it slowly every time you die after another pointless police chase (which got boring fast in my opinion) What I’m getting at is that there was nothing to do after you finished the game :p We need more things to spend money on and more things to do after we finish the game.