Mass Effect 3: Forecasting content

Keep updated on what’s in store for RPGs and the new imminent Mass Effect 3 coming early next year. The popular franchise will continue with Commander Shepard’s story arc and we are eager to find out the news from a couple of different perspectives.

A review on AtomicMPC writes about Mass Effect 3 and the future of genre. Generally, role-play-shooters have two markets to impress: The RPG fans and the shooter fans, although accommodating both is not an easy task. Mass Effect 3 will be the last chapter of Commander Shepard’s story even though this might not be the end of Mass Effect games. BioWare are focusing on combat quality trying to make this version larger than previous games.

The Unreal 3 engine will still be used and a better particle system will be introduced to make combat more dynamic and involving more movement throughout the 3D battlefield, including gap jumping and climbing ladders. The captivation of emotion is a main point giving gamers a feeling of connection and purpose. An audio overhaul has been made, as previous versions were not so good.

In an article by LazyGamer there will be cut Mass Effect 2 content included in Mass Effect 3 to complete the trilogy as Shepard was meant to go back to the Citadel. As Mass Effect 3 comes out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2012, there is more good news for RPG fans as there will be more all-star Kingdoms of Amalur and Skyrim due February.

There is no reason to be concerned about the current state of PC gaming. Do you think that the use of previous title stories help make a decent trilogy? Are you a fan of the others?