PS3 users split on Skyrim framerate issues

The current framerate (lag) issue that is hounding the PS3 version of Skyrim has users split. The reason for this is because some are still experiencing the problems after the update, while others are not. We have to wonder what is so different from one user to the next, and it cannot be the save file size, as there are inconstancies there as well.

Some users have said that they have not had many issues with framerate (lag) but you can tell that it exists. In other cases there are no such problems, but then again Skyrim has been known to crash on them. There are occasions where the game becomes unplayable, and it is times like this where those with the PC or even the Xbox 360 version will have a huge grin on their faces.

The framerate (lag) is not as bad as it was before the patch, in some cases it was unplayable, but now the issue is sporadic. However, we you do get affected by the issue it will usually come at the worst possible moment, the only way to resolve things is with a restart.

A worrying article on Attack of the Fanboy has been looking into what a developer for Fallout: New Vegas was saying about Skyrim, where he said these issue that have been dogging the PlayStation 3 might not be avoidable, which is due to how the hardware works with the software.

It is said that the main cause is with the engine, and the solution is not a simple one, as it’s all to do with how the game data gets stored. The reason why the problem affects the PS3 more than the Xbox 360 or PC is due to the “divided memory pool.” Skyrim has yet to comment on these findings.

  • Anonymous

    I can tell you why some users have problems and others not.  It’s the same reason why some users report firmware updates bricking their consoles or slow PSN downloads, or YLOD.
    It’s because many of them don’t own a PS3 and are just lame Xbox fanboys creating noise in forums because they have nothing better to do..  Microsoft are in there too, stirring the hornets nest with their paid viral shills.

    Everything about gaming this gen has been about Microsoft catching Sony by whatever means necessary.  Most of those means unethical, some downright illegal, others borderline (E3 Xbox Slim bribes anyone?)

    • Mark

      Yeah all those people on the Bethesda forums are just lying….

      get real pal. and comparing a massive open world RPG to a linear game like uncharted is just stupid.

      • Arch

        Alright, maybe he did compare it unfairly, let me compare it to a Playstation Sandbox, Infamous, while I admit different genres, they do have a similarity in the levels that have to be loaded, and the multiple directions thing, the point is that it’s maybe not comparable, but they screwed up, they gave PS3 players broken games, I remember in my youth companies were attacked at all sides for this, sales, Pr and what not. Welcome to the current age of gaming, where you can produce garbage and get money, I think it’s time we open up a shop…..

  • Novelty987

    The game is broken.  Bethesda shipped a broken PS3 game intentionally. 

  • Hi to ya

    Lazy developers blaming the PS3 hardware rather than his own tools. Thats all there is too it. They say it’s due to PS3 only having 256 Mb of GPU memory? ( Not true ) as the PS3’s XDR RAM that is 5 times faster than DDR3 running at 3.2 GHz can also be used by the RSX ( GPU )

    It comes down to Bethesda not using the PS3 hardware. Simple as that.

  • Ocera

    Just a lame excuse from Bethesda again. There are a lot of other open
    world games that run fine. They had issues all along with their game
    engines on PS3. Fallout is also a good example. You just get a feeling
    they are lazy somewhere in their development or they decided upon a
    engine to use before developing/testing it properly on all platforms and
    the easy excuse now is to blame the hardware.

  • VergilPrime

    Well ladies and gentlemen, this is why I made the decision to boycott Bethesda after Fallout 3. It really chews my heart out since i love the games so much, but I refuse to pay for any of Bethesda’s games after they decided not to patch the game breaking glitches to the console versions of Fallout 3. That was so bad in my case, a new disc, new Xbox 360 and starting from the beginning three times didnt help. Now i only buy used copies of the games, or in Skyrim’s case it was a birthday present :3