Skyrim confusion: Best weapon for damage

While playing Skyrim it is all well and good being a nice person and completing all the quests you are offered, as well as not trying to upset any locals. However, no matter how friendly you are, you need to always have the instincts of a warrior, but what use is it without a decent weapon? This has caused a great deal of confusion in Skyrim regarding the best weapon for damage.

In the videos that we have for you below we are certain some of you will not agree with these choices, and this is what we are talking about when we mean confusion – has anyone actually come across the best weapon yet? The best on-handed weapon in Skyrim is called Chillrend, well this is what the guy in the video believes, as it can do 100 damage. However, other players say that the Chillrend sucks, as they have one-handed weapons that can cause 256 damage; but in the defense of the weapon above, there are some cases where they can do 527 damage.

A few days ago we spoke of a bow that could inflict more than a 1000 damage, and we were amazed at how this can be done without any mods. Imagine our surprise when we came across another bow with a base damage of 700, but will reach an attack damage of more then 22,000 with some work. It can get pretty involved to get your bow to achieve that kind of damage, but the video below helps explain it easier for you.

It’s always a hard thing when choosing the best weapon, as they are all good in their own right. What good is having a bow with a huge amount of damage, if you are in close quarters? We have seen people try to do this, but have paid the price in the end. If you see a sword with much less damage than a bow, chances are it will be far more effective in certain conditions.

One final thought just to try to confuse matters; you can get yourself a Daedric dagger and make it even more powerful if you have a sneak level of 50+, which will multiply the damage by 15. However, by using shrouded handwraps courtesy of the Thieves Guild, then the damage will be multiplied 30 times in all, which makes it a worthwhile weapon.

We are still no closer to learning what the best weapon in Skyrim is, and we may have even added to the confusion.


  • chris

    shrouded handwraps are from the dark brotherhood.