Skyrim 200 hours later: Time to cheat

What a journey our first 200 hours in the world of Skyrim have been, a game that has changed the way we live each day since its release, and now find ourselves being pulled back to this world, which includes our virtual books, weapons and wife.

The review system we use is PlayStation 3, and the well documented framerate issues have caused us problems but did not stop the pulling power of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and we managed to spend many hours experiencing the game our other life. One quick restart solves the kind of lag that seems to happen high in the mountains when snowing and before the patch, almost anywhere. This issue is not acceptable but doesn’t stop the fun and addiction of Skyrim, although we understand each user has a different take on these problems.

We started Skyrim in the fighting frame of mind, killing almost everything and stealing their gold, weapons, lock picks and more. This helped us gather a nice collection of weapons and money, which also led us to the 100-skill level in one-handed combat, archery and blocking pretty fast.

Our focus then turned to making the weapons ourselves and selling them, and this itself has been such a learning experience. Trying to build up our Smithing, now at 100, and also increasing our speech to get better prices for the items we sell. Finding a balance here was tricky but fun along the way, and now being able to build and sell armor has brought the game into another dimension.

Our story in Skyrim continues to be fun and challenging, and now we’ve entered the world of magic with the College of Winterhold, talk about Skyrim continuing to reinvent itself for us. We’ve started to get to a tiresome point in Skyrim, and after spending many hours building our skills and climbing the perk tree, we don’t want to wait so long between points to unlock another perk.

This has led to hurting horses and healing them again to increase our magic skills and gains perk points faster, which can be seen as part of the game or cheating. This helped gain perks a bit faster but can be boring itself, and we’ve currently stopped ranking up certain skills this way, although it’s worth pointing out we didn’t try this until after 200 hours of playing.

Once you’ve done the legwork in Skyrim for many hours, is it really time to find advantages without mods to rank up in certain areas faster? This could be called a “cheat” or finding solutions to save time on your journey in Skyrim. What do our readers think?

  • Snoofiedoglovesme


  • DjR

    I suggest rolling a new character with a different journey. Maybe avoid the main quest this time and become a vampire/bandit/assassin. I think with all TES games, once you hit the wall with your main character, it’s all downhill from there. That in my opinion is the only downside to the epic sandbox game.

    The good news is that replayability for Beth games (like Oblivion and Fallout 3) is super high. You can take a break and come back a month later and it still rocks.

  • Sesimie

    The beauty of This sandbox game is that you can choose to “box” yourself into an archtype or  just do whatever spontaneously. Personally….. I like having a Summoned army/minions/pets and followers doing my bidding…..I’m comfortable with that style… next character will be the Thief/Assassin route….. And I’m very happy i have this choice!

    A word of advice….take your time with this game…it offers so many of the “little details” that you may miss if you just go for Level cap ASAP.

  • SpaceWillie2000

    Here’s the secret.  Beat the main storyline first.  While you’re going through doing the stuff to beat Alduin, get as many quests as you can.  Then do the Dark Brotherhood storyline if you like bows.  Fereniel’s End is the best one I’ve found so far and the Ancient Shrouded gear you get is epic for any style player.  Give it a shot!  Once you’re done with the main quest you’ll be level 25 before you know it and can do the side quests at your own pace without running in to much that gives you any trouble.

    • Daniel Chubb

      Currently at level 55, although I know there is months of gameplay left yet.