Updated: MW3 patch 1.06: Details on next update

The first patch for Modern Warfare 3 has come and gone, and although it fixed a number of issues, for some the developer did not go far enough. Thankfully details on the next update (MW3 patch 1.06) will address a few more of these. The one thing we do not know is the time scale on when we can expect to see this update released.

Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward has been discussing a few things on the Call of Duty forums, such as patch notes for 1.06. However, we should not read too much into these just yet, as we know they have to pass certification processes by Microsoft and Sony. MP1st has been going over what to expect, and we have to say they will be welcome – when the patch goes live that is.

For those of you who are upset about lag on MW3, you will be pleased to know that this will be one of the things on the list to be fixed in the next patch, along with melee jump, loss of stats, host migration logic, as well as clan tag validation. But that’s not all; rebalancing and reticle fix for certain weapons is also on the list.

It’s no secret that there still needs to be more done to get Modern Warfare 3 right, and as a result players will still be annoyed that Infinity Ward are dragging their heals a little on this. One thing high on the list is Move support, but as yet there are no details on this. We can only suggest that this feature will not be coming any time soon.

What else would you like to see in the next patch?

UPDATE: Post MW3 patch 1.06 troubles

  • KungPoo

    Fix the damn spawns. Look all over youtube. Get someone spawning literally 5 feet from you in a team based game mode. That is ridiculous.

    • bigdog

      no kidding halo had you spawning next to team mates years ago wtf

      • Marshalldj36

        wat mw3 is better than any halo and nothing is wrong with the spawning its just u u suck at mw3 and halo

  • http://thecorruptworld.blogspot.com/ wayneinnh

    This will be the last COD title I ever buy. The lag compensation is miserable for those with good connections. The spawning is also a joke.

    Sloppy work in order to get a money maker out the door.

    • Anonymous

      Robert Bowling = EPIC FAIL!!

  • killafoops

    something that fixes this cut and past game did i buy it because it plays like all the other ones fore it ? eh? you made me waste my monieeeeeeeeees

  • JJM

    they need to make sniper shots one shot kill. then the game will be perfect

    • smd

      so i have to put 3-6 bullets into you to kill you. and if you get off a lucky no-scope is it fair. you are probably 12

      • Dylan

        ye and how often do you get that lucky no-scope, i think bolt action snipers should be 1 hit kill. especially against a automatic ar/smg, when i am using a bolt action gun that is very difficult to use at close range and only have time to shoot 1 bullet in the time that you can spam 30.

      • Boss

         lol yeah I understand hating on QSers but btw. I am one 😛 and I get around… what… 3 hitmarkers for every kill? also i always hit head/ high chest. Which is why i have 2k headshots out of my 5k kills. Don’t complain about it it actually takes skill. If it was so easy everyone would do it. Trust me I used a type 95 once. only ever ONCE…. 26 killstreak moab never using a assault rifle again lol its easy as hell.

    • Bob

      Yeah… the most unrealistic thing in the game. I’d LOVE to see people try to qs in real life. I’m pissed they left that dumb crap in MW3.

      • Anonymous

        I agree! All they did was cut & paste MW2 with new maps and a couple of new things. All the crap is still in this game that was in MW2, in fact, I think they have taken a step in the wrong direction. Also, the simple things that worked from previous COD games were left out like the A & B on bomb sites would disappear as not to obstruct view while aiming and looking for the enemy. Let Treyarch get a chance with modern weapons and not WW1 or WW2 guns and see what they can do. Robert Bowling is in over his head and Activision should see the error of his way.

  • RichardH2k

    working voice chat on the PS3 would be nice. Even if they simply copied the code from MW2 which worked.. that would suffice. 

  • Fender65mustang

    I’ll tell you what I want to see fixed… I have had this game for one month and have never played it because of the disc unreadable error plaguing hundreds of people. Xbox had a 20 page forum on this and they deleted it… my Xbox plays every game and DVD I have except mw3. I have returned the game 3 times and it will not play. Xbox says its activision… activision says bad copy, and gamestop says to buy a new Xbox… this is a known issue according to Xbox call center and it has yet to be fixed…

  • page saunders

    I have played ALL the CODs and know a good deal about gaming and gamer behaviors. I think if IW or SH games would follow this “patch” / update / design, it would make MW3 a MUCH better experience! I like the game but this would make me LOVE it. Here goes…

    Fix that to the best of your ability. Simple, right? No, The second patch SH games released made it worse but you live and learn. I love the fact that we got 4 patches in the first month or so of the game’s release. Great support = GREAT but I want more of that! I know lag is really hard and tricky to fix so I just encourage the devs to continue to work hard on that.

    Not only does MW3 spawn people that you killed in your general area but they will spawn you close to the opponent. This is at least for me bad. I would start off with a 5-8 kill streak then go on a 3-6 death streak… Why, because of the spawn system. Sometimes I spawn right into gun fire. I think (after they patched it) Blops was good. If you cannot fix it then please go back to that. I love the effort to fix though.

    Weapon Balancing:
    Buff all ShotGuns at close range. For some reason when I shoot directly at someone at close range they don’t die but sometimes they do. Must nerf the striker. The striker is great but tooo good. Any gamer can just “SPAZ” out with the trigger so to fix this slighty nerf the range Proficiency and add a ton of recoil to this gun. So that it takes some time to learn how to play with this gun. The Spaz Shotgun pump is way too slow and even if you equip SOH perk the pump speed doesn’t really change. Do the same to the Model Shotgun. All pump shotguns are painfully slow to “c0ck” another shell.

    Akimbo FMGs
    Nerf accuarcy, range, reload time, clip size and recoil. Did anyone notice how fast this is to gun reload?? This gun is fun but WAY tooo good which makes it OP.

    Type 95
    Sorry guys this gun is great and is fun but needs to be nerfed. When you account for the power of this gun and lag. One shot is all you need. I think 4.5 bullets should kill someone not 2 and not quite 4. I think 4.5 should do the trick. But one burst to the Head should kill no problems. And this justifies rapid fire for the gun.

    Nerf the Range and add more recoil.

    Snipers and QS ing
    Most sniper riffles should require head or at least chest shots for one hit kills. I killed other gamers with one leg or arm shots when they had full health.

    I hate QS ing but if you are going to do it, it should be done with this “PERK” set up and this set up only…

    PERK 1 What Ever you want
    PERK 2 Quick Draw “FASTER” Aiming
    PERK 3 STEADY AIM “Pro” “FASTER” Aiming after running
    This actually makes since

    Must have perk 2 and 3 a combo perk to balance out the cheapness of QS ing. Im not saying you should “not” be able to do it. But it just needs to be balanced. If you are quick scoping I should be able to see you on when a call up UAV or AUAV. So that’s right no more assassin pro for you QS ing guys. Sniping should go back to what it really is not some run and gun thing. But still have the option to do it.

    Add Light Weight as a Proficiency. The movement is way too slow. Still make the speed to aim after running the same but player movement must be faster.

    Noob Tubes or Grenades:
    How they are at the moment is fine BUT must be buffed. But this buff must be designed into the maps themselves. Check it out. Areas on every map must have HIGH Explosive damage. I’m not talking about barrels.. Im saying is some areas (camp spots/closed rooms) should just give YOU the “camper” more damage if someone noob tubes the area.

    Example: Map: Fallen… The sniper rooms located in the building located everywhere should NATURALLY have high damage when noob tubed or grenaded. This makes the game more run and gun. If you are camping you better kill me before I blow you up…. So for open areas noob tubes are good the way they are but closed off camper spots they should be more effective. This goes for kill Streak as well.

    In fact High kill streaks such as the reaper and the large cannon for the AC 130 should be able to penetrate building. YES I said it. I hate people who hide instead taking down air support. This will both balance high kill streaks and air support defense. Because people will actually take it them down instead of hiding. The first rocket launcher you get should have 2 rockets not one.

    Again if you play this way thats fine just needs to be balanced. If you stay in one area too long you should automatically show up on the radar until you move out of the area (no UAV required). I guess 10 seconds is good enough for sitting on your butt. 10 seconds is a long time if you think about it. But if you move to another “area” ROOM and go back and forth between spots thats C.A.M.P. ing which stands for Controlled Analysis Map Patrol. You won’t show up on the radar if you time it correctly and always move. UAV and AUAVs still have the same properties. 

    Head Glitching AREAs SH Games or IW go into the maps, I’m sure you know where they are or at least know where the most popular ones are. Make those spots “WAIST” high. Give run and gun style gamers a chance.

    Bring back infinite run, but reduce the Knife lunge distance but keep the same if opponent has his back toward you. The Knife Lunge should be canceled if shot. So if Im running head onto someone at close range but they shoot me with in the knife lunge state, my movement should be “HALTED” or stopped in my tracks….

    All these changes would GREATLY make a difference in the game and make it more enjoyable and rewarding for all players. Campers can still camp, Quick Scoopers and still do what they want to do it just wouldn’t be so easy to do. Type 95 would still be powerful (with rapid fire) and finally the LMG would more popular. No more people complaining about being knifed from across the map.

    • Fasdf

      So, nerf everything YOU cant use?

    • Trolololol

      u mad bro?

  • Kuhner

    I’m happy to see they’re doing this and thanks for the article.  But I hate to sound like one of those guys, but you spelled “heels” incorrectly.  Dragging your heels, as in the heels in your feet.  Not the heals you would receive on your heels from dragging your feet <3

    • Bob

      LOL. They are “dragging their med kits around” on this one. BAAAAHAHAHAAHAHHA

  • Sammmmy-_


  • Golden_jones_23

    What they need to do is “Nerf” everything. I’m sick and tire of literally dying every 5 seconds.
    Sam turrent sucks.
    Scoping is a joke.
    This game still have commando knifing.
    Hard as hell to see people.
    Online mode sucks far too many flaws.
    I’m selling my game. Worst birthday present ever.
    Black ops is better. I don’t cae what none of you battle field, mw3 fans say.
    Last IW game I’m ever buying/holding/trading/ask for.

  • Conzay755


  • Guitarhero1039

    buff the shotguns and the sam turret!!!!! all the shotguns suck except the striker and that shotgun is marginal. 

  • vass

    voice chat it sucks when you cant hear your team , you have to work as s team but when your friends keep droping in and out it sucks please fix it

  • Evilgenius009

    Seriouslly, what do they care? All parties involved have gotten their money. They’ll fix things up here and there, espically when the dlc nears their release dates, then… I’m seeing signs of a MW2 fluster cuck. It seems as TREYARCH are more dedicated to their projects than IW is.     :(