Winter Stars for Wii: Review shows frustration

What better way to spend your time this festive season than playing a few winter sports in the comfort of your own warm home. Winter Stars for Wii involves many of those great activities played out during the snowy season.

In an article by Nintendo Universe, this game’s review shows frustration so we wanted to know the reason behind this. You start off as Jake Otis skiing downhill and end up suffering an injury when a jump goes wrong. From there on Jake has the job of coaching his colleagues called the Flames. There are 16 cups to compete in with the opportunity to improve the abilities of your athletes with upgrades on experience.

With 11 various disciplines including downhill skiing, ski flying, figure skating, snowmobile, curling, bobsled, snowboard cross, and more each team member will have there own category. The para-skiing and ski flying sports are said to be humorous when a jump goes wrong but other than that the problems occur with the inconsistency of control and response.

The AI can vary from backward to professional sometimes and the tutorial is not very explanatory. Some of the less popular sports have no real guidance to assist with progress. Levels of difficulty can also be inconsistent and the Adrenaline meter that will give the user a boost is definitely needed. Family mode is easy for newcomers although movement can feel automated, creating a distance from the game.

This mode will be ideal for children as minimal effort is required and there is not much actual control. Multiplayer mode has a few extra choices with split-screen one on one and up to 3 players can play on-line in the Fairplay mode. With a review score of 60% the outcome was that with the potential to offer more, this was frustrating and falls short.

Do winter sports games interest you? This one could end up left in the cold this winter. Maybe Winter Stars worth trying before you buy.