Best Skyrim mod with Kinect innovation

With so many mods available for Bethesda’s latest game it’s often hard choosing a favorite. However, we believe we have found the best Skyrim mod with Kinect innovation. This is a great way to show how the Xbox 360 can be used for games, but it’s not without its issues, as some of the voice commands still need some work done.

The capabilities of the Kinect have only come to light thanks to a recent SDK, and this Skyrim mod is good in so many ways. The first is that you can react differently while playing the game, notice how the guy demonstrating on the top right of the video stands back when being attacked – a human reaction.

However, the part we like about this mod the most is how it gets the player off the chair. We have seen for ourselves how some gamers will sit there all day playing Skyrim, only getting up for a wee and a drink. It will be interesting to see what the developer thinks about this mod?

You may be asking what kind of tasks you can perform with this Kinect version of Skyrim, and the answer is almost everything. If you walk up to an NPC you just say hello to start a conversation. To get a weapon out you just say what weapon you need. You can also call up the map or your inventory list. However, the only downside is how the guy in the video holds his bow, it’s truly shocking.


  • Paul Middleton

    interesting. needs work by the looks of his ability to use the longbow. but its great idea. shame we couldnt have it on pc cause the graphics mods on pc are awesome.

    • Rudy

      Actually, he is in fact playing on PC. He’s got his Kinect plugged into it.