SWTOR loyalty equals early beta access

Being a loyal gamer always brings good rewards, and those who entered Star Wars: The Old Republic beta access will be rewarded generously. If you are one that pre-ordered your SWTOR game, which releases December 20, 2011, you will be gifted with early access to play the game 7 days before it releases to the public.

Bioware announced that they would give loyal customers who pre-ordered the MMO game a chance to enter on December 13th at 6:00 AM CST and you will be privileged with early access.

You can still be in with a chance by pre-ordering your game, if you do so you can redeem your code, please visit the official SWTOR website and begin your journey.

Video Game Writers reports that VGW staffers believe that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the one to knock World of Warcraft down a peg or two. Could SWTOR dig into a few WoW subscribers?

Stats so far: 78,000 guilds and 725,000 participants accumulated so far in SWTOR, and 2.4-million players are registered and ready to enjoy The Old Republic.

  • Imax

    Not everyone who pre-ordered will get to play on the 13th. It sounded to me like a gradual (first come first serve) system. The people who ordered the game earlier will get to play sooner.

  • Ashlotte

    @ff47bdaaf8f8cf8499a8b6639fb53827:disqus Right-o. First come first served. :3

    Oh, don’t look at me like that!(Viewers) Better this fair method than the “random number generator” method that they used during beta were your name was picked completely at random to be picked.

    I pre-ordered about 3-4 days after the game was available to be pre-ordered so I’m 95% certain I’ll be in on the 13th as soon as I log on Tuesday.

    I’d think those who pre-ordered about a good 1-2 months after pre-order availability will get in on the 14th, and it goes down to those who pre-ordered on mid November- threshold December may or may not get in on the 19th(depending on how full the servers will all be)

    I speak for Americans, not for our beloved EU gamers.

    Just a guesstimation. <3