Team Ninja reveal new Dead or Alive 5 gameplay

Another game from the Dead or Alive franchise is releasing sometime in 2012. Dead or Alive 5 is an upcoming fighting game that fans are eagerly awaiting and there is some news on the gameplay that we want to share with DoA fans.

In an article on News10, a little insight into the characters and gameplay caught our attention. Game developer Team Ninja shares new Dead or Alive 5 gameplay details and an exclusive first look at two of the female fighters known as Hitomi and Ayane. Adding to this Hayate and Ryu Hayabusa will also be playable in this new edition.

With the girls keeping their signature sprints there is a promise that the unique types of fight styles will be partnered with martial arts skills for a high quality action fighting experience. With totally new 3D stages, Dead or Alive 5 has managed to keep its identity of characteristic style and will feel new and exciting. The backgrounds are visually captivating with locations from all over the globe.

Backdrops will change according to the interaction of the characters and obstacles will be available to help and hinder each fighter. Classed as a breathtaking new fighting experience Dead or Alive 5 has some new characters and unique styles with familiar feelings amongst fans of the series.

Have you played any of the previous titles? If so, what do you think could be added to the gameplay? we hope that more information will be available soon so we can update any specifics.