Dead Rising 3 to release zombies in California

Dead Rising 3 is situated in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, California and the main character is an auto mechanic called Rick. As the town is locked down to contain the zombie infestation Rick and a few survivors will have to show their worth.

To get an insight into what else is involved we have looked at an article by Siliconera and viewed the comments left by gamers. Unlike the character Frank West, he is not so confident with the zombie apocalypse that is occurring and plans to restore a plane and flee Los Perdidos before a bomb goes off.

One of the main objectives is to get this plane off the ground. The story has elements of immigration with a character called Red who is the leader of an underground group of “illegals”. His girlfriend is a runaway who cares about the infected. These are just a few characters with others that can be more of a hindrance than a help.

The core of the story revolves around the Phenotrans and reasoning is behind this outbreak in Los Perdidos. A new villain known as General Hemlock has his part to play along with Marian Mallon. Many gamers were interested to see if this was a sequel and want to see Frank West back in action. A few commented on similar protagonists being a bit clichéd.

One wanted to see a Mad Max style outfit, what’s next masses of baron land and dodgy acting? From what is gathered from the previous games is there are some crazy events that occur and this seems to be one of the features expected in Dead Rising 3. In general, there is a lot of response to this eagerly anticipated title.

What do you want to see from Dead Rising 3? Maybe some new improvements compared to the last title.