Fortune/Boom Street: Wii review

Fortune Street or Boom Street as it is known in Europe is a computer board game series originally created by Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii. Containing Mario and characters from Dragon Quest, we wanted to see what the thoughts are with a review on the Wii.

In an article by Nintendo Life, the history of this game dates back to 1991 but it was only available in Japan, so this Wii version is the first that gamers from around the globe will get the chance to play. Fortune Street is similar to the Monopoly board game where properties are bought and fines are collected from players stopping on owned spaces.

This game also allows users to obtain stock in other property by investing and profiting from what other players own. To get stocks you will have to collect four suits of cards and then your transactions can be done at the bank. With numerous boards to play on, the routes and chances to win can change regularly. To get a grip of the strategy involved it would be worth having a quick go with the CPU players as an informative guide considering single player mode is the way to unlock added features.

Shaking your control and pressing 2 will activate the die, from then on, the control pad is used. There are a few mini-games and a cool soundtrack based on Dragon Quest and Mario games. Generally, this is a fun game although Mario Party was preferred and gamers that are easily bored may not spend the time needed to get into the strategy of it. Overall, 8 stars was given and the complexity can take some time, although there is plenty of fun potential.

Do you enjoy this style of games? When it comes to Monopoly type games patience can be an issue.