Post Skyrim Patch 1.3: Additional issues

When Bethesda released their first patch for Skyrim last week, v1.2 did solve a few known issues, but there were still a few that persisted. Thankfully the developer has just released Skyrim Patch 1.3, and there seems to be a repeat of last time, as there are additional issues. Since going live yesterday we have been hearing reports that a few new bugs have arisen.

One such issue is not being able to run while you are dual-wielding spells, but Just Push Start reports that only a small percentage of people are experiencing these issues. For the most part they suggest that the game is now running stable. Well, if they were to read what GameSpot are reporting, then they may have to take that back.

It seems after updating to patch 1.3 the game is still crashing on the PC, this does not fill us with confidence once the Xbox 360 and PS3 get the update. However, some readers have suggested that the crashing issue is due to certain PCs and not the patch, as this seems to be an isolated incident. We do find it funny how one player said that the tens of thousands of issues that were experienced with patch 1.2 was down to his computer alone – maybe there is still an issue with v1.3 after all?

Let’s try to put things into perspective, yes there have and still are a few issues with Skyrim. However, you have to remember how big of a game this is, you fix one thing and it can have an adverse effect on something else. The developer will get it right soon enough; they have even said that the framerate/lag issue will be solved with patch 1.4 for the PS3. However, we do have a few tips to help reduce this issue for now, which you can read here.

Has patch 1.3 improved things for you or created new ones?

  • RaphiteAlustro

    Added new ones. Setting the custom controls for a more intuitive use of my USB 360 controller on my laptop (A is jump, X is interact, B is ready weapon/magic, Y is character menu, the rest are default) disables A and B in the menus. X and Y work (kind of).

  • LionOfNarnia

    (i7 PC, 12Gb RAM, GTX560 GPU, game heavily modded – complete STEP plus quite a few more I just ‘liked the look of’.)

    I’ve just had a couple of hours playing patched to 1.3.7

    I didn’t have TOO many probs with 1.2.13 apart from the annoying ‘super slo-mo’ (usually going from indoors to outdoors)

    All I can really say is that 1.3 doesn’t add to the problems, not that I’ve seen so far.

    So go ahead, allow the patch.

    • galt

      Similar here:
      i7 processor
      4GB RAM (32-bit windows vista)
      GTX275 with latest drivers from nvidia
      500 Watt PSU
      1500VA/900 Watt UPS
      No game mods

      Running at high settings with distances maxed out. The GTX275 can’t handle ultra in all environments; on ultra there I get very low frame rates when changing locations (~0.3 fps).

      In Patch 1.2 I experienced a few issues: game crashing every so often, unkillable backwards-flying dragons, added 18 recipes to a shelf only to have them disappear and the shelf become unactionable.

      In Patch 1.3 I haven’t had any new issues, I was able to kill the unkillable dragon, but the bookshelf still refuses to show me all my recipes. Guess I’ll be hitting up the internet for some alchemy spoilers now and stacking new recipes on the table. :(

      • PonderingGuest

        This may seem like a stupid question, does windows vista recognize the fact u have 4gb running on a 32 bit operating system?  64 bit optimizes and recognizes the extra 2gb of ram.  Not to mention, ur power supply is very stinged out for the graphics card and processor.  Thats just my opinion.  You should check computer management and see if it even recognizes the fact you have 4gb of ram.  That seems odd

        • Agbkumar

          Please tell me just one thing,You
          are playing Skyrim,so can you tell me when having lots of empty gems
          and enchantments, I am not able to find much monsters.Are the number of
          animals and monsters limited in skyrim?
          I can’t trap souls because i came across a very few wolfs while wandering….Plz help

  • Fred Ramsey

    More graphics glitches, more crashes. Quest pointer not always showing on map. (PC)

    • Jimenez Jesus30

      The quest pointer issue is also on the xbox 360 and i havent updated to any of the patches and im runninh it straight from the disc

  • Dude

    Mine’s running absolutely fine now on PC, and I don’t have a powerhouse PC. 

  • Nite

    Random CTD no error could be after 30 mins could be after 3 hours no discernible pattern I can see

    ATI 6970 
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance
    i2500k not overclocked 
    Win 7 
    All Drivers are up to date 
    Game is running with no .ini modifications tryed reverting to 1.1 no helpGame settings are default auto detect which is everything maxed and with my rig it should be playable on max or I would like my money back for the game.I have no issues with the dozens of other titles including BF3 running through the dreaded Origin Beta, Deus Ex HR or even Metro 2033 to name some of the most system taxing games.

  • Watchdog

    PC version: Can’t run while dual-wielding weapons. I thought I was encumbered the first two times it happened, but discovered I was well below my carrying capacity. Now that I read this article, I now know it wasn’t just my imagination during the heat of battle.

  • Kev

    Do you think Bethesda will learn their lesson?  I’m sure someone in the company is preaching – No more Elder Scrolls for PC.  The PC world is so complex.  You almost have to build a custom patch for each PC player.  So many issues are isolated, but the process is slowed because someone has an old video card with old drivers, and causes the game to crash.  Consoles are simpler and problems tend to affect a broader audience.  Someone is going to get cut off on the next Elder Scroll.  That is my prediction.  Will it be the PC, or perhaps Playstation or 360?  However, the bottom line will decide that, and the bottom line is revenue.  But if the cost to maintain the product over-weighs the profits, it’s not worth it.  Greed will prevail.  That is the world we live in.  Just accept it, and stop downloading the patches until you know it’s good.

    • Chadachada123

      But the console versions are the ones with the worst glitches!

  • Zanarkand2009

    it’s high time game companies stopped throwing games at the public that are patently not finished and adequately tested.These games are netting in millions from a more and more irate public,who cannot afford to waste good money on unplayable crap.Would you spend money on a table with one leg missing,or a car with its wheels missing?.That’s what software houses are expecting,and it’s time to call them to account.

    • Ultra-Humanite

      Likening Skyrim to a car with a wheel missing is not only highly inaccurate but incredibly insulting.

      • Nadircamper

        Its really not unfair. Every year the gaming industry has grown exponentially and every year more and more games are being sold UNFINISHED. We’re not talking about a few minor glitches, we’re talking about out and out game breaking bugs. Of course they cant get everything in a game this size…but they put the interest of their investers way ahead of their consumers(no surprise). Look, I dont mind the occasional levitating dagger, or the awkward immersion killing house decorating issues that much(although it bugs me a little) But constant freezes, lag, broken main quests, crashing, etc should not happen in a 60 dollar game when these are things that they HAD to have known about if anyone actually playtested it at all. No, this game could one day be the best rpg ever, but now…its just too screwy to play.

        • Wolfwing0100

          You have to understand the game is HUGE and the coding is extremely complicated to actually hard to manage what happens if you change one code. Im guessing the only reason why the game is glitchy because they didnt get some Testers to try it.

          • Gnirob

            But they SHOULD have tested it, it’s expected by default, especially when the game is complicated, so they can at least get some things fixed before it’s released.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            They tested it quite a bit.

          • Electro-lite

            “…WE TESTED THIS GAME FOR FIVE HOURS… IT WORKS FINE, IT IS READY FOR (early) RELEASE …” check the brackets, they realeased the game EARLY… i actually asked GAME when it SHOULD have been released and they say “… the game should have been released in the late first qaurter of 2012… they pushed for the early release because the whole 11.11.11 thing… and to throw off the competittion of Batman and Modern Warfare…” The above quote (THE FIRST ONE IN CAPS, LIKE THIS) is from one of the Devs at Bethesda…

        • Falcon D. Stormvoice

          It must not be too screwy to play because I’ve been playing it for about 400 hours.

  • Coho1

    The PC CTD should be fixed when usable memory goes to 4GB next week from currently 2GB.

  • Forgeshield

    My video card crashes about every half-hour to hour of play – usually to an aqua screen or all black screen.  Alt-Cntrl-Del or any other combination of “escape” keys don’t work and one must turn the power off to re-start the computer.  This is the ONLY game I have a problem with.  I have 10 gigs of memory and a Nvidia card that is well above the minimum requirements.  I have read that there is a problem with the memory cache which basically uses all your RAM as the game progresses.  I’ve used the workaround to allow up to 4G and that helped but it still crashes; almost always outside, but sometimes when buying / selling from merchants, making potions or enchanting.  Very very frustrating.  I’ve tried all manner of video setting combinations and play in a windowed screen.  Waiting for patch that makes this game playable in the state it was meant to be played in….. 

    • galt

      Is your power supply (and upstream the UPS) rated for the wattage your computer is drawing?

      • Electro-lite

        Did you not read the post? he said SKYRIM IS THE ONLY GAME HE HAS ISSUSE WITH

  • Ultra-Humanite

    I skipped 1.2 but I patched 1.3  Working fine so far.

  • Ed_furse

    Will patch 1.3 sort out the game breaking bug i have at sky haven for the alduin’s wall mission on xbox 360?

  • Aquateen7448

    Like seriously who else is pissed off at the fact that this new patch does nothing like seriously a bookshelf thing, way to ignore the game crashing bugs and broken quests Bethesda in favor of a pointless bookshelf. I would be happy if Bethesda came out and straight up told us that the game is broken and unfinished and that they just wanted to be cool with an 11-11-11 release. But instead they are hiding from us. I’m starting to get the feeling that payed Bethesda $60 to be their beta tester, I bet I could get every single materia in Final Fantasy 7 before this game becomes playable.

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      Collect all the Materia? So, what, 5 hours?

      FF7 is a small game compared to Skyrim. It’s amusing how people’s propensity to complain causes them to have false memories about how good other things were. Morrowind had many glitches. Oblivion, F3 and New Vegas had at least as many glitches as Skyrim does (New Vegas, more).

      Wake up and realise it’s not 1997 anymore; games are infinitely more complex than they used to be and we’re at the end of a ridiculously long console generation besides. Of course games are going to start pushing the capabilities of these outdated systems, especially the most ambitious game of them all.

      And computers are just consoles that are incredibly hard to develop for because of the nearly infinite combinations of hardware and software that this massive, complex game has to work with.

      • Electro-lite

        you have a valid point Falcon, but, you miss the point… The point is this…: Games Dev’s should STOP creating games THIS good, if the technology is not ready for it (this is not sarcasm by the way), That is what is happening with skyrim. E.G. Bethesda has created an amazing game, one of the most immersive in the history of games, but, is the computer technoloy ACTUALLY ready for something like this? NO we are not ready, we wont be ready for about another 6-7 years (honestly speaking). Why don’t bethesda just say to the public “OK we made a mistake, the technology is not as ready as we thought it would be, we are sorry to have offended your intelligence, we did not do this deliberately… We are puting out a recall for Skyrim on ALL platorms, if you return the game to us, we will give a full refund OR a free copy of the game once we remarket it OR a free bethesda game/game bundle of your choice…” Basically they should own up to the fact that they were WRONG and do something simmilar to the above before people return their faith into bethesda

  • Hap_hazzard69

    Not gonna lie, my PS3 version is quite mad. I get stuck in the environment and I have yet to get the new patch. V1.2 I skipped…. I am starting to regret getting the game; which is sad given that I TRULY ENJOY IT (still only lvl 3 due to a new game, and still not aid on the “bugs”)….

  • Astrotek

    1.2 broke my ability to look up/down in the game, and it still doesn’t work after the 1.3 patch!  i guess for most people they just had to turn their sensitivity back up but this does nothing for me. Frustrated that I paid $60 for a game that’s now completely unplayable.

  • Wayne Flournoy

    Interesting read…Thanks.

  • D…

    Yea the game’s just so big, why should we actually expect it to work? Crazy consumers we are spending cash money expecting a product to function. The nerve.

  • Q306005

    I have ye to download this patch… But I know that after downloading v1.2, almost every quest I went on glitched in some way and I could never finish anything in the game, not even the main storyline. Never had a problem until I updated. I hope that v1.3 doesn’t break my game even further… as if that were possible…

  • Jviscusi88

    for me everything worked fine until 1.3. i logged 88 hours and since 1.3 it crashes within 15 minutes of play……playin BF3 till they fix it HURRY BETHESDA!!!!!

  • jin

    will the 1.3 patch fix the ae quest aela keeps giving?

  • Akbruiser

    Ever since the new update came out I’ve been having problems with the map and peoples armour being a pinkish purple color and when I try to load a game it freezes, I understand it’s a big game but is there anyway to fix this problem for the 360?

  • Jordan Lee Webb

    Patches are for pirates. Come on Bethesda, sort it out.

  • Soe8484

    Post 1.3 patch and my game crashes now every time I load a game

  • Alton Vandiver

    I’ve seen a few graphical mishaps, but nothing frustrating. Last night my character was suspended in mid-air for about ten seconds. After he landed, all was fine again. I have not seen any backwards dragons with any of the patches. The worst so far has been a CTD now and again. (PC version) Flaws and all, this is a great game. The issues break the immersion but hey, it’s a game and not real life. Wait…. :)

  • Q306005

    I myself never had a problem with Bethesda until now. I played Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and never had a single glitch or bug to speak of (I did however get the Red Ring of Death WHILE playing Fallout 3, but I can’t be sure Fallout 3 was the cause, I doubt it was however.) 

    The thing is, I didn’t have internet available to patch these games, and still play Oblivion in it’s original state, but the minute I patch Skyrim, it starts going bonkers on me everywhere I go!!

    I think the patches are more of a problem than a solution…

  • Elcor

    I play with graphics on ultra, no lag all drivers up-to-date. I’ve spent 115hrs on this game so far and CTDs were happening once every hour or so prior to 1.3. With 1.3 I CTD almost every 20 minutes. I got tired of it and installed the 4Gb patch I found on skyrimnexus. No more crashing in about 15hrs of gameplay. Now the issue is since I’m starting the game via a different exe file, the occlusion lighting feature nvidia added is not working as well as it should (ie, shadows are not nice anymore).

    This is getting to be as bad as the initial release of Daggerfall back in the day. The main quest was bugged; a messenger that was supposed to show up never did. I think they released like 6 or 7 patches (including a save game fix utility…one of the patches broke the save files). In Skyrim I’m getting missing textures all over the place (not since using the 4Gb patch though) and menu choices are not highlighted properly. I also got the bug where if you visit a location that is used by 2 quests one of the quests cannot be completed.

    Here’s hoping 1.4 corrects the memory size (the 2Gb vs 4Gb thing) issue as it seems the most glaring problems are related to that.

  • Kay Saha

    Skyrim was seriously great… but the lag issues caught up with me and now I give all my time to Rayman Origins which is Actually Amazing – defo 9/10 NO crashes / No Glitches / No Problems  !!!

    I also lost my house-carl Lydia So0o0 annoying as shes’ got most of my Arcane Weapons

    : (

  • Malkiot

    I bought Skyrim (PC) on the release day, and have been playing with all settings maxed out. No bugs/glitches safe a mammoth suddenly jumped 10m into thair, no graphical glitches, no crashes, no stuttering… I guess I’ve been lucky then.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had crashes from day 1 or 2, but it’s not been that big of a deal for the most part. There WERE two days (either the Thursday after release, or the one after that) that I managed 6 crashes in, and I’m not sure why. (TWO in like 5-10 minutes. Apparently my computer doesn’t like a burning Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.) If only there were crash reports…

    Anyway, I think that the biggest bug past that I’ve seen was this one dragon who either flew very fast or “flew in place” (during patch 1.2). And of course that selling store stuff to the store. I did have an amusing bug though where Shadowmere sort’ve moved without me, I was just kinda riding the air (and not moving), and I had to go back to get off, it was still hilarious to get screenshots of me “riding” (sitting on) the air next to a horse (like I was on a horse). The best shot though was me “on the horse”….backwards. =D

    People should learn to calm down though. Granted, it’s probably not quite as difficult as they might make it out to be, but they still have to figure out what’s causing the bugs and a way to fix them without breaking something else. And that’s just for one version. Then they have to do the same thing for the other systems. I can’t imagine their job being simple. Because yes, they have to find out what’s causing this problem, see how bad it actually is, come up with some solutions, see what causes the least damage, see if they can fix some of that damage too, and then move on to the next problem. When they have enough problems fixed for a patch (or they’re tired of people complaining like they get paid for it), they release a patch (for that system). On top of that there are problems that they can’t do that much about, like hardware problems. If a computer just can’t handle Skyrim (mine only set it self to medium, but occasionally goes slow. Out of those times it’s rare that I go “Wtf, man!”) or something in the system config simply doesn’t agree with Skyrim, that’s not exactly something they can work on.
    (Basically: People, calm down. If you want it fixed, I’m sure Bethesda has an application for you to fill out. Otherwise, learn a little patience.)

    Anyway, I haven’t noticed any new problems with 1.3. I HAVE noticed that I don’t need to heal multiple times as a Breton with a 50% fire reduction shield against firebreath, which is wonderful. (I’ve got a 50% fire shield, 60% frost shield, and 40% thunder shield, and can’t make my own “Magical Resist” shield because my enchanting isn’t quite good enough yet :P)

  • mymomsyo

    My blacksmithing is 100 and with 1.3 it seems that even making a simple iron dagger is maxed out only to flawless rather than legendary…Also so there are rare instances I am not able to absorb some dragon souls.

  • Bulldozier360

    I put my Mehrune’s razor in the bedroom of Hjerim when i bought it… and now it along with a dagger of devouring are stuck in those cases and its saying they arent even in the case… i reallyyyyyy need that dager back lol