Skyrim races, abilities and stats

There is one game that has taken the market by storm, not in terms of sales but the dedication made by gamers. Skyrim has so much to offer as a game, and is nice to know that you will still be playing this game in a years time – well unless you grow tired of still traveling the wilderness looking for items and trying to complete tasks. You would have thought that everything has already been said, but we haven’t even scratched the surface on the Skyrim races, abilities and stats.

Thanks to the diligence of one Bethsoft forum member, he has managed to locate some interesting details on some hidden statistics for the different races, and it seems like they do have differences, which could affect the overall game.

These races have a scale, and these have been compared to the Imperial base scale 1.00. The higher the number the greater the melee damage they can cause. The Wood Elf has a scale of 0.98 and a melee damage of 49, Imperial is 1.00 and 50, Nord 1.03 and 51.5 and finally High Elf has a scale of 1.08 and a melee damage of 54.

If you have yet to play Skyrim, then might we suggest you take a little time to read up on the characters abilities and stats first? This information is not easily available, so a Reddit user had to do all the legwork himself. You will find all the information you need, such as what skills they are naturally good at, what they are resistant to, how fast they can regenerate etc.

IGN also has a similar list, so it’s up to you whose word you would rather take. Each race has his or her own set of skills, and we have already discussed which character you should choose if you wish to become an assassin. Let us know the character you have chosen and why.

  • Alexander

    Well i chose the nord because of course, well Skyrim is home to the nords! And they’re like the vikings of elder scrollls, nords ftw

    • Deathslayer00127

      I chose Dark Elf For Fire resistance and because im evil

  • Robchristian4777

    umm…i chose breton. racial bias?

  • paul smith uk