Skyrim DLC to have a lot of meat

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as we all know is a massive game, it does come with its glitches and bugs, but some of these are funny and well worth keeping within the game. Game Director Todd Howard mentioned that “arrow in the knee” and even “buckets on the heads” are popular, Skyrim’s lead programmer wanted to fix the problem but Howard said that this is one that should be left in.

Now there are plans for DLC and this comes with mixed feelings with gamers, Howard reported that there will be more focus on making the game better, this comes down to improving not making Skyrim bigger, the game is already large.

Skyrim DLC to have a lot of meat according to Howard, many commenter’s’ have had their say over at Joystiq, after reading some of the comments one stuck out from the rest where multiplayer and MMO was mentioned, do you think Skyrim should have any of these?

Howard did mentioned that they wish to improve the game and not make it larger, one gamer said “Screw that make it bigger”, bit harsh but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Do you think DLC should come with making the game better or bigger?

Many players have experienced glitches and framerate problems, we would like to know if you are still having these issues, and if so should these be fixed before new DLC’s are released?

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  • Starofdarkness1229

    I feel that dlc that would make the game moderately bigger as well as ever so better would be a very welcome notion… the addition of unicorns, rainbows, and bright and colorful faery creatures would be interesting… seriously. :-) Maybe The addition of a variety of different ingredients that could be gathered to make potions with a more entertaining effect… like the potions in the dlc on Fable 2… you could grow and shrink with them… or a new spell class with a whole new set of spells that have a more entertaining effect when cast on ones self or another character in the game.

  • chilledt

    Although Skyrim is big, it hasn’t taken me long to explore most of it. I wouldn’t mind exploring new areas, or going back to old ones like Morrowind or Cyrodiil. I personally would like to see a Falmer invasion you have to fight against, taking the fight to the Thalmor or rebuilding Helgen and making it a new hold. I also noticed no mention of Jyggalag, I would enjoy doing a Daedric add-on helping Jyggalag regain some of his old power.

  • Michael

    Make it bigger more content means more play time just making the game better doesn’t make me want to play the game again, think about it if you get a dlc and in it you get to go to morrowind and adventure that’s awesome. But just fixing a bug that makes that one dead body in that one room in that one town not get stuck in the kitchen door isn’t much of a stretch.

  • matthew

    new armours and weapons are always a cool addition. also finding yourself in a tropical setting would be pretty cool because of the scenery and what the team could do with it. The cold of Skyrim is becoming a reminder of the cold outside now, help your canadian players escape bethesda, I implore you. 

    • Xyameax

      Well it is the Canada of Tamriel, so in truth, its kindof our home, if anything, make it playable to head to previous provinces, and do it almost like a Halo CE Anniversary. Keep the game exactly how it is, just change the graphics

  • Monkeynutz

    I Would love a mod that we would get to slaughter the entire Thalmarian nation .. and new armor and weapons would be cool .. .. maybe a ring or necklace that doesn’t suck with a long drawn out quest for it like the one we did for the sanguine rose perhaps a visit with the pyijic … phijic… sidjik … bah those monks that stop time and stuff ya them guys 
    that and we have alot of cats yet I’ve never seen there home .. Elswere would be a great place to visit .. half desert half jungle all awesome . We could see were Miaq hides out when hes not running aimlessly around Nirn spouting vague references to devlopers idiosyncricity’s … ya its a word…. I just made up .. deal with it ….