We Sing: Rock review roundup – Nintendo Wii

It’s that time of year when your console probably gets the most use and with a new edition to the We Sing series, we wanted to get an overall review of We Sing: Rock for the Nintendo Wii. For those who already own previous titles this could be the perfect addition.

To start our review roundup we have looked at an article on Brash Games. In a similar style to, We Sing: UK Hits this version contains mainly rock songs with 40 titles spanning the rock genre. These include Kasabian, Limp Bizkit, Alice Cooper and many more. Brash Games felt the best mode is Blind, as singing on when the lyrics and sound goes is an entertaining feature. Regarded as the best one of the series this only got 5 out of 10 as there was nothing new.

GodisaGeek would prefer more downloadable tracks and questioned some of the songs for not being totally rock with artists like KT Tunstall, The Cardigans, Coldplay and Elvis Presley. The song list may not overly impress the real rock fans although they are all fun to sing. The familiar karaoke style is dependable and a good score of 7 out of 10 was given, viewing We Sing: Rock as good value for money.

Dealspwn has noted the best experience is the four-player multiplayer that include the music videos. The pitch detection works well but like the other critics they felt there was not much in the way of extras. Their favorite part was the ability to add various amusing effects to your voice. The karaoke track lists are one of the best containing unique songs, but they also felt that there are some artists that had no place here. A score of 7 out of 10 for We Sing: Rock, overall everything you could want from a karaoke game.

has the opinion that this version is the same as previous releases with a new track list. Some of the tracks have censored swearing to the point that the actual song can suffer. The single player mode was not highly rated in accordance to helping players with their singing skill. 6 out of 10 was awarded for We Sing: Rock viewing it as limited even though the 40 songs are good value for money.

The round up given relates more to the choice of song titles containing a few artists and songs that do not belong. Do you think it is still nice to have some fresh songs that break away from typical rock tunes? Having a variation can be more appealing at family gatherings.