MW3 sales update

In just 16 days Avatar made $1 billion, and looking at the most recent MW3 sales update we see that the game hit that milestone 1 day before James Cameron’s blockbuster movie. This is no mean feat, and underlines just how much of a powerhouse the franchise is – even though Modern Warfare 3 is considered to be weak in a number of areas.

You have to laugh at people when they say gaming is just for kids, we don’t consider $1 billion a child’s hobby. One has to wonder if the franchise can sustain those sort of figures, as there are those who believe that things are starting to stale a little. There might be some truth to that, but it has not stopped fans putting their hands in their pockets.

Sales for Modern Warfare 3 hit the 6.5 million figure in the US and UK in the first 24 hours, which earned the franchise $400 million. It was obvious that sales were going to slow, as it took another 15 days to make another $600 million.

The movie world is suffering due to a lack of cash by the consumer, but the gaming market is on the rise. One reason for this is because people would much rather spend time at home, as it’s cheaper, also you get a lot more for your money when you play a game. Take Uncharted 3 for instance, when you watch the movie sequences it’s as if you are watching a big blockbuster movie, and this will become an even bigger part of games when we make the transition to the next-gen consoles. Thanks to Activision for this update.

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