Rayman Origins review, how Mario should be

In a post last month, we let gamers in on a review roundup on Rayman Origins proving it to be a rather decent game. Recent reviews on Rayman Origins have shown that there are other great platformers to rival the likes of Mario.

Gaming Target suggests Rayman Origins to those who love side-scrolling games with a good co-op this is the game for you. With many other big titles out this year the weird world of Rayman may be a great change of scenery as Origins is a well-designed game.

A mixture of great gameplay, animation, music and background complete the ideal adventure game. Mario games can be stuck to the same standards and rules although Rayman has the available room to use creative freedom and at 60 fps, this was classed as a magnificent technical package with simple yet satisfying gameplay. The multiplayer experience for Origins is smoother than Mario’s

Unlike Mario, there is a drop in drop out option along with the opportunity to obtain a power that no one requires instead of constantly fighting friends for power-ups. Starting from the last checkpoint when you die, is better as there are no lives. This can be a bonus for those who are tired of redoing whole levels especially to gain lives. Levels can be replayed in Origins to gain secrets or challenge the time trial.

The fact that the characters do not bounce off each other like in Mario is a better feature when it comes playing with others. More characters are in Origins with hilarious animations and an individual look that is easily recognized. Hilarious singing Lums add to the atmosphere along with a varied soundtrack. Rayman has been thought of as consistently engaging here as well as rare, clever and humorous with an overall score of 9.0 and a final note saying Mario could learn something from Rayman Origins.

Do you love platform games? When it comes to great games out this Christmas Rayman Origins could be a welcome addition.

  • Kay Saha

    Rayman Origins is Amazing !! very colorful and just a whole bunch of Fun !! 

    Also a Huge Range of Levels to explore, never gets repetitive or boring  – 9/10